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The three best non-GMO health food brands available in 2013: An independent review

(Hat-Tip Bill Wise for the forward. Thank You, Bill!  I miss you!)


Wednesday, January 02, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com



(NaturalNews) I want to take a moment out of our hectic investigative journalism schedule to recognize three non-GMO, organic health food companies that deserve top recognition in the new year.

These brands not only provide some of the very best non-GMO organic grocery foods available today; they’re also engaged in activism for important causes such as GMO labeling.

Each of these three brands wins the “Editor’s Choice Award” from Natural News for their organic foods activism, their avoidance of dangerous ingredients (such as MSG), and their dedication to providing high-quality, reasonably-priced foods for health-conscious consumers everywhere.

#1) Late July

You might not have heard of this brand because it’s not in all the mainstream stores, but this company is winning the hearts and minds of people everywhere with its amazing dedication to producing MSG-free snack chips that are incredibly delicious and USDA organic (meaning they don’t use GM corn).

The Late July website describes the company as follows:

Late July is proud to be an independent, family owned company dedicated to making delicious organic, NON-GMO snacks! It’s our mission is to ensure that future generations of families always have access to delicious food free from GMOs, toxic persistent pesticides and antibiotics. Founded in 2003 by Nicole Bernard Dawes & her late father Steve Bernard, we’re excited to be celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2013!

I have personally tried numerous products from the Late July product line and found them all to be nothing short of remarkable in their taste and recipes. It’s incredibly exciting to see the company doing well in the marketplace, and I want to help support them to grow even larger.

Try their Mild Green Mojo snack chips for an organic taste explosion that completely avoids MSG and yeast extract. Their Sweet Potato snack chips are incredibly delicious (and almost addicting). They also offer wholesome crackers and cookies of various flavors.

Late July was a big supporter of Prop 37, and the company is run by a health-conscious mom in Cape Cod, Mass.

Watch a video about Late July here:

Where to get Late July products

You can find Late July at Whole Foods stores, but given the questionable ethics of Whole Foods these days and how their employees have been caught lying to customers about GMOs, I recommend a better source which operates with far higher ethics: Green PolkaDot Box.

Green PolkaDot Box has much better prices than Whole Foods, plus FREE shipping on most orders. The small annual membership fee is usually offset with your very first order. Green PolkaDot Box has been in business over one year and is shipping out order every day to their thousands of satisfied customers including myself and many Natural News employees and writers.

Click here to try the Green PolkaDot Box $10 trial membership right now, and see how much you can start saving on organic, non-GMO foods and groceries.

#2) Nature’s Path

Nature’s Path is, without question, the single most ethical, healthful and remarkable organic cereal company on the planet today. Their dedication to GMO labeling, all-organic ingredients and providing delicious health foods to consumers is truly remarkable.

There are a lot of cereal companies offering healthy-sounding cereals today, but none of them stand up to the scrutiny of Nature’s Path. For example, did you know that Barbara’s Bakery cereals are NOT organic? This means they could be using genetically modified corn in their popular cereals like Puffins. But Nature’s Path avoids GMOs across the board. All of Nature’s Path cereals are USDA organic — the entire product line! So you can buy Nature’s Path with confidence that you don’t even need to check the ingredients label.

Get healthy discounts right now on Nature’s Path organic cereals and other products from Green PolkaDot Box.

I am now buying Nature’s Path cereals almost exclusively. I’ve dropped all non-organic cereals completely, and I’m recommending the same to others due to the risk of consuming hidden GM corn in other brands of cereal. If you want truly non-GMO cereal from a trusted, celebrated and high-ethics company, choose Nature’s Path.

#3) Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen is my third top recommendation for top organic food brands. Amy’s played a key role in supporting Proposition 37 in California, and their frozen organic foods are widely available in grocery stores across America.

Amy’s labels their products with words like “No added MSG” and “No bioengineered ingredients.” They are achieving huge awareness success among health-conscious consumers.

Here’s some exciting news about Amy’s: Green PolkaDot Box just recently announced frozen food shipments, and they are now carrying a large assortment of Amy’s Kitchen products. You’ll pay an extra $5.95 for a frozen foods shipment due to the need for freeze packets to keep the food frozen, but this small fee is a small price to pay for the convenience of being able to buy organic gourmet meals that might not be available in your local grocery stores.

It’s easy to save money on organic foods with Green PolkaDot Box, too. Click here to join now and start saving with your very first purchase.

I’ve been using Green PolkaDot Box for over a year, and their dedication to customer service, reliable shipping and quality food selection is truly amazing. Plus, unlike other better-known health food retailers, GPDB is dedicated to avoiding foods containing GMOs and other harmful synthetic ingredients. They carry hundreds of brands that you already know, like Nutiva, Bob’s Red Mill, Eden Foods and many more.

For the record: Growing your own food is ALWAYS best!

Just for the record, I want to be clear that I strongly encourage Natural News readers to grow your own food as much as you can. Fresh, living food right out of your garden is always superior to packaged food. But growing all our own food is just not practical for most people living today, either due to time restrictions or a lack of actual yard space (or suitable climate).

That’s why packaged food remains the next best option, and when you’re shopping for packaged food, you can’t do better than companies like Late July, Nature’s Path and Amy’s Kitchen. In my view, these companies represent the best of the best that you’ll find anywhere today. This is vastly superior food, made with organic, authentic ingredients rather than the typical synthetic chemical additives you’ll find in conventional food.

Bottom line? If you can, grow as much of your own food as possible. After that, buy fresh from local farmers markets and food cooperatives. Buy organic fresh produce at the grocery store, too. And when it comes to healthful packaged foods, reach for these brands: Late July, Nature’s Path and Amy’s Kitchen.

You can get them all at Green PolkaDot Box or your local health food retailer.

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