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NJ Mayor Offering Citizens $1,000 To Tell Them Who Has Guns

*Apr 11 - 00:05*

TWG:  How very Hitleresque.  Cory Booker has always been an attention whore,  but these politicians are foaming at the mouth over our Second Amendment today.  This is something the Nazi’s did in 1930’s Germany.  Americans did not learn from the horrors of the past. We’re repeating history, folks.  Only THIS time, it’ going to be FAR worse than anything Hitler was able to do.  

  1. Doyle Pritchard
    January 7, 2013 at 16:35

    My Word !!! These gun-grabbers have gone rabid ! They are literally licking their chops ! They think this is it: the disarmament of America , the capitulation of the American People, the Establishment of the Dictatorship in America ! The end and the total destruction of our Constitution ! They think they have established the logistics to defeat resistance, with the United Nations waiting in the Wings ! If this comes about, it will be Climatic, with the stakes clear: Freedom or Slavery ! I believe the nation has become a tinder-box awaiting the spark to usher in another Dark Age !

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