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How is MoveOn.org gun owner ‘a proud defender of the Second Amendment’?

TWG: A well known, common tactic of the glassy eyed left.  Pretend you care, then debate yourself with bias against whatever a Conservative stands for.  I’ve seen those beasts, thick as thieves, slithering throughout the gun, military, Veterans, hunting and sports websites and forums, pretending to be on the side of Liberty while using psyops to try and convince the members they have the solution.  They shut down anyone who posts opposing views after relentlessly ridiculing and demonizing them.   Sadly, many Conservatives haven’t the experience to counter their tactics.  Traditionally polite and considerate, Conservatives will usually just end the debate rather than deal with confrontation.  Glassy eyed leftists PREY on the civility of Conservatives.   Some of us aren’t so polite anymore……. their alinsky never taught them how to react when a Conservative fights back.  


How is MoveOn.org gun owner ‘a proud defender of the Second Amendment’?


The “progressive” activist group MoveOn.org posted a television commercial to You Tube yesterday featuring a self-proclaimed gun rights proponent warning politicians of electoral consequences if they don’t support more “gun control” laws.

“The six-figure ad buy is running for a week on national cable and will air during the Sunday morning political talk shows,” The Hill reported.

“I’m a gun owner and a proud defender of the Second Amendment, but for years I’ve watched Congress take money from the NRA and then oppose any kind of reform that helps keep us safe,” a man identified in the video as Ohio gun owner Jerry Thompson declares….

CONTINUE READING: http://www.examiner.com/article/how-is-moveon-org-gun-owner-a-proud-defender-of-the-second-amendment?CID=examiner_alerts_article




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