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CAIR, Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, et al., Following obama’s Lead….

TWG:  I see the obama klan of islamo-commie-marxist terrorist cuddling nazis have been consulting with their fellow terrorists within CAIR, teaching them the Goebbels way in the new “social engineering”…. er.. “social networking” methods.  I look forward to the day these beasts are put back where they belong.  Their cult is not compatible with civilization, and We, The People will NEVER allow their laws to be imposed upon us.

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CAIR Missouri—“…prosecute…anti-Islamic content on the internet…”

Tune in to our national “free speech” webcast Monday, March 11th


While the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) works relentlessly to get nations to criminalize speech that “denigrates” Islam, here in the U.S. some so-called “Muslim civil rights groups” are demanding the same thing.



Check out the post (below) that we found on the website of Hamas-linked CAIR-Missouri (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

We’ve highlighted one particularly offensive section for your edification.

Do you agree that “enough is enough?”

Then join us on Monday night, March 11th, for our National Webcast announcing our “Americans United to Defend Free Speech” campaign.



Social Media Task Force
Written by Executive Director Faizan Syed


Need for Muslim Social Media task force

As for those who think may have realize by now the power of social media, especially in recent days when mainstream electronic media boycotted the carnage of Rohingya Muslims. Experts are saying that the days of Electronic and print media are numbered, very soon social media will take over and it will play a vital role in shaping public opinion.

US military is fully exploiting this new technology to their advantage, read this article published in New York Times last year in November: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/18/world/us-military-goesonline-to-rebut-extremists.html?_r=1&;;pagewanted=all

Rand Corporation a think tank that works for Pentagon released a report a while ago suggesting that US should invest 20 billion dollars in coming years to drive the public opinion in it’s favor especially in war zones like in Afghanistan, Iraq and anywhere else where the anti western sentiments are high.

The need now for the Muslim community is to take heed and realize the urgent need to establish Muslim Social media task force which will monitor internet and counter the negative and anti Islam and Anti Muslim narratives instantly and in an efficient manner,

One lesson to be derived in this regard is the strategy adopted by Israeli government, it is training Jewish students from around the world and training them in Journalism and media monitoring.

Here is one example of the training American Jewish organizations is offering in US: http://www.theisraelproject.org/site/c.hsJPK0PIJpH/b.2540123/k.318F/TIPDC_Media_Fellowship_Details.htm

I have few suggestions to make in this regard.


An association of Muslim Youth should be created, they be trained in media monitoring and response and in media relations (See above link of Jewish organization for further details)These Youth should be encouraged to be passionate, aggressive and prompt in their responses.

There need at least one such team in every country (I know it’s a daunting taks, but one small steps takes us to bigger one)

They should coordinate with other Muslim youth operating in different countries.

Report anti Islamic and anti Muslim content on the internet to appropriate authorities to take action to remove it and go after those who post it online and prosecute and take actions according to the Shariah ruling.

Highlight the inconsistencies of the mainstream media and spread it across the web using social networking and all other platforms available to us.

Highlight the bias of media in reporting issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims

Write to editors and journalist reporting on Islam and on Muslim issues (Believe it does have an impact)

Send mass emails out promptly urging Muslims to respond on news reports that is bias and anti Islamic in nature to the editors and journalist and TV anchors.

Promote books, documentaries, movies that is of beneficial to the Muslim youth.




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