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Joe Pants On Fire Biden: “Go buy a shotgun”

Ok Joe, you lying, race-whoring, bumbling idiot. REST ASSURED, JOE….. WE WILL BUY MORE SHOTGUNS.



  1. February 28, 2013 at 10:49

    Way too funny. Words fail. Well, almost.

    Actually, an AR chambered in .223 is an *excellent* choice for home defense. The .223 is really a pretty wimpy round, so recoil is light, far lighter than a 12 ga., as the video demonstrates. Furthermore, the .223 round is highly frangible, particularly with civilian-grade hollow point or soft point ammunition. (For this reason, most hunters use the .223 as a *varmint* round.) This means that if you miss the bad guy, there is less likelihood that your errant round will penetrate through multiple interior and/or exterior walls, endangering others in your home and your neighbors. A 12 ga. slug, or even buckshot, is going to sail through drywall like it wasn’t even there. There’s a reason why the 12 ga. shotgun is recognized as an effective defensive choice against bears, but not the .233.

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