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McCarthy Was RIGHT. We Should Have Listened

TWG:  We hear the name “McCarthy” being spewed today as if it’s dipped in dog crap.  Watch how the glassy eyed commies demonize that man, and how they ridicule anyone who dares point out the truth about the festering communist infestation we have in DC and throughout our Nation today, and the FACT that McCarthy was right.


Sooooooo, the next time you hear some glassy eyed commie attempt to demonize Mr. McCarthy and the warning we ignored years ago, just tell them “MCCARTHY WAS RIGHT” and tell the ignorant beast to read the VENONA REPORT, in which the Soviet Union ADMITTED that McCarthy was right and that our government is crawling with those beasts.


The results of their “work” here are clearly demonstrated when one reads the 1963 Congressional Record titled “Communist Goals For America”.   Reading that list is like reading a nearly completed to-do list for how to destroy the United States of America by rotting it from the inside out.   Read it and weep.  If you want to see how our children have been destroyed by the so-called “Educators”, just read down from line number 17.  Care to read about our own suicide?  It’s all there in black and white.


Please read the VENONA FILES and the COMMUNIST GOALS FOR AMERICA, print it out, roll it up and shove it down their snouts the next time you hear some glassy eyed idiot spew McCarthy’s name as if it’s been dipped in shit. 


We should have listened to McCarthy.  We didn’t.  And we allowed the Communist Government “Educators” in the so-called “Public Education System” to erase the truth about history in so many ways and to rewrite it in order to serve their diabolical schemes for us all. THEY ARE LIARS.


And now We will ALL pay for our apathy and disregard.




After the collapse of the Soviet Union, documents from the KGB and Comintern Archives in Moscow became available to researchers and the public for the first time, corroborating the facts of McCarthy’s underlying premise. In the United States, the Moynihan Secrecy Commission was empowered by statute to investigate and secure documents from the National Security Agency and the FBI which had remained classified for more than 40 years. The Secrecy Commission’s Final Report found that,
“     But for every accusation there was a denial. … For all who could agree there were Communists in government, there were as many who saw the Government as contriving fantastic accusations against innocent persons. A balanced history of this period is now beginning to appear; the VENONA messages will surely supply a great cache of facts to bring the matter to some closure….

The first fact is that a significant Communist conspiracy was in place in Washington, New York, and Los Angeles, but in the main those involved systematically denied their involvement.”

Hayden Peake, curator of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Historical Intelligence Collection has stated, “No modern government was more thoroughly penetrated.”…..



THE VENONA FILES: http://www.conservapedia.com/Venona_files

COMMUNIST GOALS FOR AMERICA: http://www.uhuh.com/nwo/communism/comgoals.htm

  1. Cheryl
    March 1, 2013 at 14:22

    I’ve been saying for years that McCarthy was right – even when I was a democrat!!!What do we do now that they’ve taken over everything. Another civil war?

  2. CounterRevolution
    March 1, 2013 at 15:04

    Food for thought!

    I have the following books that you might find supportive of this thesis:

    “The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Diares”, Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrohkin.
    (Guess which Governor of New York State was actually a KGB member? Surprised?)
    “The Venona Secrets: Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors”, Herbert Romerstein and Eric Breindel.
    “Red Star Over Hollywood: The Film Industry’s Long Romance with Socialism”, Radosh and Radosh.
    “Blacklisted By History:the Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and his fight against America’s Enemies”, M. Stanton Evans. (He was right and the media elites set him up for disgrace and infamy as you have guessed.)
    “The Penkovskiy Papers” , Oleg Penkovskiy.

    Some books by insiders in the media:

    “The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture”, David Mamet (ex-liberal playwright, screenwriter, film director and essayist)
    “Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News”, Bernard Goldberg
    “Dictatorship of Virtue: How the Battle Over Multiculturalism is Reshaping Our Schools, Our Country, Our Lives”, Richard Bernstein.
    “The End of Sanity: Social and Cultural Madness in America:, Martin L. Gross
    “Spin Cycle: How the White House andand the Media Manipulate the News”, 1998, Howard Kurtz. (Primarily about the traitorous Clintons but applicable to others, not surprising Clinton and now Kerry were/are Secretary of State, you could see this coming a decade ago.)
    “Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity”, 2004, Lawrence Lessig

    Some books on where this all started:

    “Public Opinion”, 1922, Walter Lippman
    “Chrystallizing Public Opinion”, 1923, Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud’s nephew).
    “Propaganda”, 1928, Edward Bernays. (from the Catholic Church’s “Society for the PROPAGATION of the Faith, literally, how the Catholic Church maintained control of their believers for 15 centuries.)
    Public Relations”, 1952, Edward Bernays.


    “The Dirty Dozen: How Twelve Supreme Court Cases Radically Expanded Government and Eroded Freedom”, Robert A. Levy and William Mellor.
    “The Tyranny of Tolerance: A Sitting Judge Breaks the Code of Silence to Expose the Liberal Judicial Assault”, Judge Robert H. Dierker Jr., Twenty Second Judicial Circuit of Missouri ( a good ‘ole boy from my town, St. Louis , MO).

    A fun book:

    “Now Tell Me I Was Wrong: 15 Years of Unheralded Wisdom and Warningd in the Battle for the Republic”, Tom DeWeese.

    And let us not be hasty and forget:

    “The Communist Manifest” Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels,
    “Revielle For Radicals”, Saul Alinsky
    and last but not least,
    “Rules For Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Practical Radicals”, Saul Alinsky.
    “You Don’t need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows”, 1969, Karin Asbley, Bill Ayres (Obama and Clinton Mentor) Bernardine Dohrn (Obama and Clinton Mentor) John Jacobs, Jeff Jones (Writer of the Stimulus Bill that Obama passed), Gerry Long, Home Machtlinger, Jim Mellon, Terry Robins, Mark Rudd, Steve Tappis
    “Reclaiming Revolution: Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM)”, 2004, Van Jones.

    I’ve got lots more on this subject but this will get you started,

    “Know Your Enemy”, Sun Tzu

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