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Gun Grabber obama Pardons Man Convicted of Firearm Charges

President Obama issued his first series of presidential pardons today, including one for a man who was convicted of possession of an unregistered firearm.

Larry Wayne Thornton of Forsyth, Ga., was sentenced to four years of probation for possession of an unregistered firearm” and “possession of a firearm without a serial number.”  He is one of 17 people pardoned today.

The pardon comes as Obama is emphasizing, as part of his gun control push, the need to know who is buying weapons.

“If you want to buy a gun — whether it’s from a licensed dealer or a private seller — you should at least have to show you are not a felon or somebody legally prohibited from buying one,” Obama said in January, adding that “We should get tougher on people who buy guns with the express purpose of turning around and selling them to criminals.  And we should severely punish anybody who helps them do this.”

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  1. CounterRevolution
    March 2, 2013 at 16:57

    I think that if you have an un-serialed firearm (unless you made it yourself and even then you should mark it) you should turn it over to your local sheriff. No excuses, only criminals grind off serial numbers and it should be surrendered to authorities, you shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

    Just sayin’…

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