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As America Burns, obama Regime Redistributing Even More Dollars To islamic Terrorists

Hat tip Mantenga for the forward.  Thank You, Mantenga.
In addition to the M1 tank fleets, F16 Fighter Squadrons, High Powered Weapons, military training and BILLION$ the obama regime is redistributing to their islamic terrorist pals, we have even MORE money being shuffled out while our own people are suffering.  Our Veterans have lost benefits, our air traffic control towers shut down, our schools shut down and thousands of dangerous illegal alien criminals being released from prisons, along with a plethora of budgetary cuts in other critical areas.

obama’s Dept of Foreign affairs have announced that they have awarded the Palestinian terrorists another $500 MILLION




$200MILLION from this years budget will be handed over as direct aid to the Palestinian terrorists.

The money has been released to coincide with Obama’s visit to the Middle East.

As if that wasn’t enough he also gave $200 MILLION to Jordan.

(Keep an eye on Jordan.  The obama regime will topple them next in order to continue installing their islamic caliphate they so desperately need. )


Of course, obama’s propaganda whores wouldn’t think of disclosing this TREASON to the American people.  We have to get the news from other Nations.  Thank God there are bloggers out here to share this information.

Clearly, America’s laws against TREASON have been eliminated.


The entire world is either laughing at us or crying for us.


I am so ashamed to be an American today.  This Nation is full of idiots, created by the so-called “educators” we’ve allowed to raise our youth into nothing more than glassy eyed sheeple, advocating for their own serfdom and for the death of this once great Nation.   And the common core scheme will lock this down to perpetuity, with nary a whimper from “caring parents”.


The “educators” continue to churn these idiots out by the millions into our society.   One does not need a tempest prognosticator to see where we’re headed.


If you haven’t already, say your goodbye’s to America as you know it.  We will soon see the bloodiest, most violent war this world has ever seen.  God help us all.  We’re finished.


And we deserve nothing more. 

Shame on us.




  1. AJ
    March 23, 2013 at 21:36

    The more I talk with and hear ‘representatives’ they know little of what is going on, its like they are doped or hypnotized that ‘all is well’ and America will survive this…..Have some ideas of what power is being used against them…Simple minded fools

    • March 24, 2013 at 06:38

      This Nation is finished. People aren’t waking up. Try talking with someone who has no clue what’s going on and they treat you as if you’re a nut case. Even many people who are out here “fighting” are just swinging blindly. They’re the one’s who actually believe we’re going to have another so-called “election”! Most Conservatives won’t even change toothpaste brands in protest, while the leftists turn out in hoardes to vandalize and boycott companies simply for supporting heterosexual marriage!

      The nice, polite, civil Conservatives still think they can “engage” the left and change their *minds*. The left is PREYING on the civility of the right. And the right is dangerously naive and misguided about what, exactly, they’re facing.

      Glassy eyed idiots on both sides of the aisle. Stupid Americans deserve exactly what’s coming.

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