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obama Regime To Sign UN Gun Grab… Here we go AGAIN.

The punishment for treason is death

Here we go again…. this relentless threat goes on and on and on.

Apparently, john kerry intends to sign the UN gun grab tomorrow.  Yawn.  Where have we heard THIS before?

And before you whine “That can’t happen here! Treaties have to be ratified!”  Not any more.  Here’s just one of many ways in which they will try shoving this trash down our throats.  It’s called “CUSTOMARY LAW“. Read up and stop all your denial.  ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE IDDRS.

Hey kerry, et al…… Tell you what, you damned beasts….. If and WHEN you sign this crap, YOU and your entire cabal of fascist pigs will be responsible for starting the bloodiest, most violent war this world has ever seen.  YOUR blood will be flowing like rivers across our soil.

This shadow boxing is a bore.  Stop all the threats and GIVE IT YOUR BEST DAMNED SHOT.  We are waiting for you.


  1. CounterRevolution
    September 24, 2013 at 17:43

    All I gotta say is: Molon Labe

    • September 24, 2013 at 18:04

      Yeah, we keep hearing these threats, and just waiting for them to try walking all this talk.

      Thing is, they WILL try. Here’s my questions and concerns:

      1) How far will the clintons get with their relentless attempts to relinquish our veto rights at the UN cabal? With 152 member Nations standing AGAINST our gun rights, it’s not hard to see where that is headed.

      2) How will obama’s MASSIVE weapons trafficking come into play there? With the obama regime trafficking weapons, finances, food, medicine, training and other war supplies to their islamic terrorist pals in the middle east, South America, and wherever else their terrorist pals are slithering around, there will be no surprise WHEN the UN cabal uses that against us. We signed the CFR a long time ago. When we did that we agreed to obey the UN if it was in the interest of “global peace”. Well, the obama regime certainly isn’t promoting “global peace” by trafficking so many weapons to their terrorist pals, are they?

      3) This order will not have to be ratified. It will go forward under “Customary Law”. Forget all this nonsense about 2/3 ratification. They don’t NEED it to try and take our guns.

      4) Anyone who has not read and understood the IDDRS has no knowledge of what, EXACTLY, they plan to do, how they’ve already laid the tracks and how their beady little eyes view us gun owners. We are to be “Detained, Disarmed, Resocialized and EXTERMINATED if we show signs of non-compliance. The documents are very straight forward. They’re doing it “for the women and children”, but they are “sympathetic” to the rest of us they are planning to slaughter. I don’t want to hear anymore nonsense about HOW they plan to do this to us. I’ve seen EXACTLY how they plan to do it. And it’s frightening. These vermin are ruthless in their efforts to disarm Americans. Without disarming us they can’t reach their little utopia they want so badly.

      5) How will the 1968 Gun Ban come into play? We’ve ALREADY relinquished our gun rights. People just don’t know it yet.

      6) How many UN troops will it take to disarm us? It won’t be our fellow Americans bashing down our doors. It’ll be serbian mercs, russian soldiers, islamic terrorists and other vermin of the world. People are sadly mistaken if they believe for one minute that this regime is going to trust such a large operation to American military members and police forces, who may or may not obey their commands to disarm us.

      7) Will they just avoid all this mess and wait until we old folks die off, leaving nothing left but the glassy eyed IDIOTS being churned out by the millions into our society by the the public “educators”. When we die, there will be nobody left to fight them. How can they fight when they have no idea what all of this means? They won’t fight for our Constitution and Bill of Rights, because they’ve been taught to see them as “evil”, “racist” and “suppressive”. How can they fight when they know not what Freedom & Liberties actually MEAN?

      I pray this happens in OUR life time, CR. If they wait, all future generations will live in a world as slaves to the unaccountable, untouchable, unelected, and evil terrorists squatting on UN gold plated thrones that WE have provided to them. How very shameful. This is how our generation will be remembered…. As those who put them in chains and took away their God given right to defend themselves from this tyranny.

      We’re in for some very dark and dangerous days ahead, my Friends. This will not end well…. for ANYONE except the tyrants (including the CLINTONS) at the UN.

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