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Shall We Wait Until They Come For Us?

Shall We Wait Until They Come for Us?

American Revolution Shall We WaitMilitia News – by Andrew Reid

The first American Revolution started with a few brave people. In the beginning most colonists were not ready to take on the world’s best trained and equipped military. And we forget that most of the people who pledged at the signing did lose either their lives or fortunes before it was all over but none lost their sacred honor. Today, few understand the concept of sacred honor.

As I write this there are forces drumming the concept of sacred honor out of the military. Every day another right is quietly transformed into one that requires permission in order to be exercised. And still we go on thinking that things have not quite risen to the level requiring us to take action.  

So far, we cannot speak out of turn at a public meeting or we are arrested; we cannot wear apparel that has politically incorrect statements or pictures on it particularly in school; you cannot pass out literature on a college campus without permission even if it is a copy of the Constitution and it is Constitution day; you cannot shoot an imaginary gun at your own home from your own property without being expelled from school; we cannot carry a gun – even in States that have open carry laws- if it frightens someone; we cannot express our religious beliefs in public; if you are in the military you cannot discuss your faith with another soldier even if you are a Chaplain; if you say anything derogatory about Islam you are islamaphobic, a term invented by leftists who want to write laws banning this breach of politically correct etiquette but there is no such word as Chritianophobic or Christophobic; If you are a Muslim you can teach lies but if you are a Christian you may not teach the truth.

Few remember, I am sure, that as Nazi Germany began to rear its head, one of the first manifestations was that school children had to fill out a questionnaire about their families. Among the questions were a few about each student’s ethnic origins and that of their parents and relatives. The kids had to take them home and have them back the next day. Many parents recognized that what looked like a simple survey was indeed trouble, especially the Jewish parents. The Jewish parents were afraid to buck the system because by this time everyone had seen what the Brown Shirts did to people who did not comply and the parents who were of Aryan origins understood that this was not about them.

Not long after those papers were turned in, parents of the Jewish children were notified that their kids would not be allowed to go to college and later the bar was lowered to eighth grade and later still to 4th grade. Along the way they had to turn in their guns then they were made to sew a star on their clothes so they were easily identifiable, then Aryans were not allowed to patronize their shops; then Jews were forced to sell their shops to Aryans for whatever they could get; then they had to sell their chattel to Aryans and give the money they got to the government and so on. The last step for many was a Notice of Deportation which for most meant they were going to a camp from which most did not return.

Today the accusation of an infraction of an environmental or USDA law can result in being descended upon by armored personnel carriers loaded with heavily armed police in helmets and flack jackets and may result in employees standing against the wall not allowed to ask questions about their status while storm troopers rummage through file cabinets collecting evidence. Now I realize this has not yet happened to you but I hope you know that these demonstrations of force are meant to let you know that if you do not stay in line, this and worse can happen to you.

We are witnessing the same progression today that occurred in pre second World War II Germany. Your rights are being curtailed a little at a time and you are being shown what will happen if you resist. Members of the press, and elected officials are being threatened implicitly and explicitly. Every day another protection fades. How long do you think we should wait?

Written by Andrew Reid.


TWG NOTE:  Many of us, at some point, have asked the question “What’s it going to take before the American people have had enough?”  Well, we thought that time would come when they started disarming and abusing our Beloved Veterans.  Clearly we were sadly mistaken, because that time arrived long ago and we haven’t done a damned thing about it.   (We also see several Veterans and active members of our military supporting this marxist regime we have today, but that’s another blog post.)

I wonder what it’s going to take before the American people will stand and prove AG eric holder wrong when he said “America has become a Nation of COWARDS.”  What we’ve tolerated thus far is absolutely shameful.

(How many of you know that obama’s racist weapons trafficker, eric holder, is an armed terrorist who participated in an armed takeover of the military offices at his college?  You didn’t know that?  I didn’t think so.   If you care, go HERE and see what he did.)

WHAT IS THE UNITED STATES MILITIA?  Have the media, “educators” and other terrorists within the White House and Pentagon got you spooked about using that word?  You can learn the truth about it here:  http://www.awrm.org/mission.htm

What’s it going to take, America?  How much history are we going to repeat?  Did we not learn from the past?  Was AG holder correct?


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