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Giant Hornets In China Have Killed Over 40 People Recently

YIKES! These giant hornets have killed 40+ people in China recently!   As someone who has been battling thousands of the standard sized, but very aggressive, meat eaters here where I live (My house is surrounded by hornet nests this year)  I can not imagine having to fight off a swarm of these monsters.    This is a nightmare! 




The Chinese city living in fear of giant killer hornets

Jonathan Kaiman visits Ankang municipality where swarms of highly venomous hornets have killed 41 people in three months


Link to video: China: surge in fatal hornet attacks in Shaanxi province

Chen pointed with a shaky hand at the small plot of cabbage, spring onions and corn where his friend, Yu Yihong, had been stung to death by giant hornets.

“When he got to the hospital, there were still two hornets in his trousers,” said Chen, a farmer who, like many villagers, declined to give his full name to a foreign journalist. “The hornets’ poison was too strong – his liver and kidneys failed, and he couldn’t urinate.”


CONTINUE READING:  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/04/killer-hornets-chinese-city-living-in-fear

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