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Montana Ballots In Total Disarray. Thanks, Linda McCulloch.

[TWG Note: Imagine that…  We know our Montana Secretary of State, Linda McCulloch, was up to no good when she and her grunts pushed so hard for the fraud-filled, mail-in voting schemes.  It’s like watching the snake guard the mouse cage.   Montanans need to vote her (and her little grunts too)  off her big, fat, throne.]

From the diaries by Erick . . .

In at least two counties in Montana, the home of a competitive U.S. Senate race that could tip the balance of power in the upper chamber, massive mail-in absentee ballot irregularities have been uncovered by Media Trackers Montana, a non-partisan investigative research organization with operations in five states across the country.  In Broadwater county alone, where Sen. Jon Tester received only 35 percent of the vote in the 2006 general election, up to 600 erroneous mail-in ballots have been reported. Over a dozen Billings-area voters have complained that they received incorrect ballots.  Yellowstone county officials have also reported numerous complaints from voters receiving the wrong ballot.

And to top it all off, even a sample ballot available to individual voters on the Montana Secretary of State’s website is incorrect (this particular ballot allows the voter to select a state representative in two separate districts — districts 68 and 83).  A majority of Montana voters are expected to vote by mail this November.

The Media Trackers investigation found state political officials in total disarray.  One county elections supervisor gave Media Trackers Montana several conflicting reasons for the ballot snafu.  Broadwater County elections officer Rhonda Nelson, a Democrat, told Media Trackers that the county experienced a “computer glitch with the software vendor” which resulted in numerous ballot anomalies. But when pressed for more specificity, Nelson seemed to contradict herself, stating, “This happened because I was in the hospital the day the ballots were approved and while my deputy was watching things, it was one less set of eyes on the process.”  Despite the widespread and significant ballot problems, Nelson told Media Trackers that she was confident in the integrity of the mail-in ballot system and that she planned to “personally call everyone who received a bad ballot and let them know they will be getting correct ballots.”

Scott Aspenlieder, a Republican seeking to unseat current Secretary of State Linda McCulloch, a Democrat, issued a scathing press release after Media Trackers first reported the ballot irregularities.  “I call on our Secretary of State to begin a comprehensive audit of all of the 2012 absentee ballots to identify every single error, and immediately take steps to fix this process so a Montanan’s right to vote is never threatened again,” he wrote.  “This failure of leadership is simply unacceptable, and Montanans deserve better.”

Montana’s primary is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5.  Follow Media Trackers Montana on Facebook and Twitter to receive breaking updates on this developing story.



Montana Secretary of State, Linda McCulloch…. The Snake Guarding The Hen House

January 7, 2012 Leave a comment

[TWG Note:  Hilarious.  DemoRAT  Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and her goons, starting a special website for election fraud.  I wonder how much this meaningless, worthless publicity stunt cost the Montana taxpayers.  It’s like telling Satan that hitler was a meanie.]


Secretary of State Linda McCulloch on Friday unveiled a new website for Montanans to report potential state election law violations.

McCulloch said the website,, will make it easier for people to file reports with her office’s Fair Elections Center when they believe they have seen violations in voting or signature gathering for ballot issues. 

Her similar effort in 2010 drew more than 50 reports of election violations, with most of them over signature-gathering. The secretary of state’s office forwarded on a handful of them to local law enforcement officials. None resulted in an illegal election complaint, she said.

Although the secretary of state is the state’s chief election officer, McCulloch said she has no legal authority to investigate or prosecute suspected election violations. That power resides with county attorneys and election administrators, the state political practices commissioner and local law enforcement officials.

McCulloch said the 2012 effort enhances and streamlines the 2010 effort by providing a more centralized location for citizens to turn in reports online or by phone, mail, email or fax. People also can walk into the secretary of state’s office to file a complaint.

“It’s just another way to give Montana voters confidence in their elections, while further ensuring transparency and continuing our great track record of secure, honest and accurate elections,” McCulloch said at a press conference.

She asked that those submitting the reports sign them so her office would verify the complaints with those who submitted them. 

“The system is designed to provide fair elections,” McCulloch said. “It is not an apparatus for political attacks or partisan agendas.”

However, McCulloch said her office will take anonymous complaints, if necessary, because not all people are comfortable submitting their names.


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September 25, 2012 3 comments

No Voter Fraud in Montana? Yeah, says Linda McCullough, Montana’s DIMwit Secty of State. You can also read more about this here:

Rockin' On The Right Side

How incredibly irresponsible can an elected official be?  Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch recently distributed an editorial saying, “Crying wolf about the security of Montana’s elections is an intentional and deliberate attempt to decrease voter turnout by gaining support for laws that will restrict your right to vote.”

The official Montana Secretary of State website lists McCulloch’s number one priority: “interpreting state election laws and overseeing elections.”  Her job is to identify weaknesses in our voting system and take measures to prevent election fraud.  She should be proudly and aggressively investigating complaints, auditing processes, and training personnel to protect the integrity of our votes.

Instead, she denies any responsibility.  “The results are overwhelmingly clear. Voter fraud – votes knowingly cast by ineligible individuals – does not exist in Montana,” McCulloch wrote.

I think back to my first college job, busting my butt in Nelson’s tire shop in Great Falls…

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