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GOP Will End Fast And Furious Investigation

May 31, 2012 2 comments

John Boehner 3 SC Report: GOP will end Fast and Furious investigation

May 31, 2012 By Doug Book


“We want to let them know that there is a theological responsibility (emphasis added) to participate in the political process…” said House Congressional Black Caucus chair, Emanuel Cleaver of a meeting with hundreds of black Pastors representing various denominations in the U.S. Speaking to MSNBC, the congressman added “…we’re going to have the IRS administrator there, we’re going to have the Attorney General Eric Holder there, we’re going to have the lawyers’ organization from around the country, the ACLU — all giving Ministers guidance about what they can and cannot do.”

Of course, Cleaver was referring to “guidance” in the ways churches can participate in the 2012 election without violating IRS rules concerning their tax exempt status.  Naturally, this has always been of GREAT concern to black pastors, especially nowadays given the sterling record of unbiased enforcement built by the scrupulously law-abiding Attorney General.

Yet even while absorbed with their tax code responsibilities, the attending Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights found time to address a letter to House Speaker John Boehner concerning the harsh treatment of Attorney General Holder by some of the Speaker’s fellow Republicans.  Consisting of labor unions, homosexual groups, black ministers, the NAACP, and even an Arab anti-discrimination organization, the Conference believes citing Holder with contempt for his disregard of House subpoenas in the Fast and Furious affair is “unwarranted.” In fact, it’s a downright “partisan attempt to discredit the Attorney General,” a heinous example of “accusatory vitriol and malignant suspicion” and a “rush to judgment intended to create a stain on the office of the Attorney General.”

But according to the man who broke the “Gunwalker” story a year and a half ago, threatening letters to Speaker Boehner might no longer be necessary. Sources in Washington, DC have told blogger and citizen reporter Mike Vanderboegh that Republican leaders have already decided to close down the Fast and Furious investigation and halt contempt proceedings against Eric Holder, because “they (the GOP leadership) don’t think that they will suffer for [that] failure to follow through. They’re scared of Holder’s race card. . . they’re scared of Trayvon. They think if they let Issa fail, that it will only be a story in the blogosphere for a day . . . that they can weather it. . . .” Unfortunately, Vanderboegh makes it clear that he trusts the word of these sources “implicitly.”

In short, John Boehner and other Republican big wigs are more afraid of the race card and its steady play by the Obama-owned national media than of the bitter –yet presumably brief—disappointment of conservatives, disgusted because the GOP has once again opted for the cowardly betrayal of justice and of the Party base.

If Vanderboegh’s sources are correct, hundreds of innocent people will have died, Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata will have been shot to death, the Obama Regime will have launched a brutal and deadly assault on the 2nd Amendment, and yet all will be forgiven and forgotten in the name of political expedience.

Vanderboegh was certainly right about Boehner’s work to delay Representative Darrell Issa’s contempt proceedings against Holder. We should all hope his sources have gotten this one wrong.


Source: The Western Center For Journalism

The Newest Low in GOP Mockery: Comparing Them to Anal Sex Toys

May 20, 2012 4 comments

By Paul Wilson | May 20, 2012 | 23:19

Liberals keep finding new ways to demonstrate their civility and class. NYU graduate student Matthew Epler fashioned polling data for the Republican candidates during the 2012 primary into sex toys called butt plugs – for a telecommunications class. He decided to market his creations, which met with the winking approval of left-wing outlets.

The plugs represent the polling data of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney, rotated around a 3D axis.

Epler has decided to market what he calls “Grand Old Party” butt plugs. Epler’s brainchild doesn’t sell cheap – the whole set costs $350, while individual pieces sell for $45-65.

The Huffington Post reported that Epler came up with idea when his telecommunications professor challenged students to find a way of “representing data in a way that doesn’t bore the average Joe to death.” Epler claims that he stumbled across butt plugs when a pop-up appeared on a music site. Wired News quoted Epler: “I took one look at the plug in profile and thought, ‘Hey, that’s a line graph.’ Santorum came to mind, and from there, the rest took care of itself.”

The “Grand Old Party” project was hailed by left-wing media outlets. Queerty called Epler a “genius entrepreneur,” and The Frisky called Epler’s brainchild “awesome.” Comedy Central snarked “that sudden uptick in support Rick Santorum received back in February may prove to be more painful than originally expected.”

Epler’s promotional video treats his creations as a symbol of good fun: “Democrat or Republican, election year should feel good. Happy voting, America!”

If anyone created this project for Democratic primary candidates during the 2008 election, he would be flayed by the media as disgusting.

But civility is apparently something the left considers itself exempt from.


Representative Paul Ryan OWNS obama Grunt On The Issue Of Bain Capital

[TWG Note:   Watch this video as Representative Paul Ryan OWNS obama grunt on the issue of Bain Capital.]


Video: Rep. Paul Ryan Smacks Down Former Obama Adviser on Bain Capital Attack

May 20, 2012


This is great. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) was on Fox News Sunday this morning along with Austan Goolsbee, a former economic adviser to President Obama. Goolsbee repeated the worn out attack on Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital. If this was baseball it would have been a big, fat meatball for Ryan to hit out of the park. Via Gateway Pundit, here’s the transcript.

Austan Goolsbee: This was a case where they (Bain) cancelled the pensions they drove the company into the ground. But the investors from Bain actually profited a great deal.

Chris Wallace (host): Let me follow up with Congressman Ryan because the Obama campaign says the point of Romney economics is to make money for Bain, to make money for their investors, even if all the workers get wiped out. And, in this particular case, in the steel mill in Kansas City the workers, that plant went bankrupt. 750 workers were laid off and Bain did make millions of dollars in profits.

Paul Ryan: You know what’s ironic about this, Chris? Mitt Romney was running the Olympics during this time. (Zing) He wasn’t even running Bain during the time period in question. (Zing) I think the individual, if I’m not mistaken who was running Bain is a big Obama contributor. (Zing) But, more to the point Chris. What Bain did was they used “private” capital to help struggling businesses. What President Obama is doing, is he’s gambling with taxpayer money (Zing) and giving money to corporate contributors, campaign contributors like Solyndra (Zing) and he’s losing taxpayer money. (Zing) So what we have in the Obama administration is this crony capitalism (Zing) this corporate welfare (Zing) where President Obama thinks it’s right to take taxpayer dollars to give to private companies and take bets on these private companies. (Zing) That’s wrong. What is right is a private sector where you have risk to capital. You put capital in businesses where they’re struggling or not to try to grow those businesses. Some succeed. Some don’t. On the net when Mitt Romney ran Bain they were very successful. They created thousands of jobs. (Zing) Great success stories. (Zing) But more to the point. We don’t think that government should be in the position of picking winners and losers in the economy which is the result of the president’s economics. (Zing)

I love it. Watch:

For more on Bain Capital’s record when it comes to the steel industry be sure to read the latest from Kim Strassel in the WSJ.


Source: The Lonely Conservative –

Montana GOP Primary June 5, 2012

TWG Note: Wondering about the upcoming Montana GOP Primary?  Me too.  This, from one of the TOP Gun Rights and Freedom Advocates in this Nation, Mr. Gary Marbut.  Mr. Marbut is the President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association.  We can Thank Mr. Marbut for a plethora of very successful bills, including the Firearms Freedom Act.  Mr. Marbut has been a vigilant and diligent proponent for our Second and Tenth Amendments, not just here in Montana, but across this Nation.   You can learn more about Mr. Marbut’s efforts and about the Montana Shooting Sports Association by visiting the following sites:

Gary Marbut, Montana Shooting Sports Association

Montana Shooting Sports Association





Here is Mr. Marbut’s assessment of the upcoming Montana. You can find the original text at:


Montana Republican Governor’s Primary Election Race
The View from MSSA

Usually, after pouring over candidate voting records from previous public service, and examining returned candidate questionnaires, MSSA would like to make an endorsement in a race as important as the one for Governor of Montana.

There are seven Republican candidates facing off in the upcoming Primary Election on June 5th.  Historically, to endorse any one candidate, MSSA wants to see one letter grade gap between the endorsed candidate and others, an “A” versus a “C”, or a “B” versus a “D.” (We don’t endorse candidates for the Primary who don’t earn at least a “B” grade.)

In the Republican Primary race for Governor, we simply cannot identify any candidate that is head-and-shoulders better than the rest – with a letter grade gap above the others.  So, MSSA will make no endorsement in the Republican Primary for Governor.

If I ended this message right here, I can imagine that most GOP Governor candidates would be satisfied, although maybe some disappointed.

However, I can also imagine many MSSA members saying or thinking, “Come on Gary.  You know these candidates.  You’ve worked with them, tracked their votes in the Legislature, talked with them, watched their performance, and surveyed them.  We need whatever information you can pass along in order to make an intelligent choice in the Primary.”  Right.

So, I feel MSSA owes its members at least some information about the various candidates.  In lieu of an MSSA endorsement, let me tell you what I know and what I think (I’ll mix the two) about the various candidates.

I tend to want to place political figures on a spectrum from liberal to conservative.  Because those are fuzzy terms as commonly used, let me tell you how I define them.  I think of a modern (not classic) liberal as a person who tolerates or favors shifting power, choice and money from people to government.  I think of a conservative as a person who would prefer to shift power, choice and money from government to people.  Those are generally the definitions I will apply here.  I will also discuss what is known about each candidate’s position on the right to keep and bear arms, MSSA’s prime focus.

As far as I know, there are no out-and-out liberals in this Republican Primary race, but some appear to be more or less conservative than others.  Here’s what I know or believe, working from the most conservative to the least conservative. (BTW, these candidates will ALL probably end up disliking all or parts of my assessment – comes with the turf if I’m to give MSSA members an honest review.  I know most of these candidates personally, and count them as friends.  I hope they’re still friends after they read my comments.)

Bob Fanning & Joel Boniek

The most conservative of the candidates is Bob Fanning.  Fanning has a good grasp of constitutional principles.  He’s a firm advocate for states’ rights.  He has far more time and energy invested in wolf control than any other candidate, maybe than all candidates combined.  Fanning has been a CEO and a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.  He understands economics.  Fanning returned a great MSSA candidate questionnaire.  Bob likes to describe himself as a “Montanan by choice; not by accident.”  He moved here over a decade ago to deliberately become a Montanan.  Fanning has not previously held any public office in Montana.  Bob buys big game tags every year and is an elk hunter.  He is not as acquainted with the details and processes of state government as some other candidates.  Fanning hasn’t raised a lot of money, and he got off to a late start with is campaign.  His running mate is former Rep. Joel Boniek, a philosophically-pure guy who carried the Montana Firearms Freedom Act for MSSA when it passed in 2009.  I’d say Fanning’s chances of getting into the Governor’s office are a long shot.  He’d have a steep learning curve if he got there, but would be something of a breath of fresh air for Montana in the Governor’s chair.

Ken Miller & Bill Gallagher

Former State Senator Ken Miller is very nearly as conservative as Fanning.  Miller also has a strong bent towards states’ rights and individual liberty.  Miller has FAR more effort invested in the Governor race than any other candidate.  He’s been actively campaigning for over a year and has crisscrossed Montana multiple times meeting locally with any groups of people who wanted to meet him.  Ken was Chairman of the state GOP for a cycle, and managed to shake up and out that good-old-boy GOP structure some to make the GOP a more effective organization.  As GOP Chairman, he was willing to make more hard decisions than some others who have held the post.  When in the Montana Senate, Miller always supported MSSA’s pro-gun bills.  Miller returned a very good MSSA candidate questionnaire, although with reservation about MSSA’s proposal to stimulate smokeless powder and primer manufacture in Montana.  Ken and his wife Peggy are both big game hunters.  Ken grew up in Montana, and has been a successful small business owner in Montana.  In statewide polling, Miller continues to run a close second place in terms of support among likely Republican voters.  Miller’s running mate is Bill Gallagher, a Helena attorney currently elected to the Montana Public Service Commission.  Because both Miller and Gallagher have served in elected public office at the state level, they have a good grasp of how state government works and perhaps, because of that, an enhanced ability to translate Miller’s philosophy into deeds.

I see a bit of a gap on the liberal-to-conservative spectrum between these candidates and the next two.

Neil Livingstone & Ryan Zinke

Neil Livingstone is an interesting guy, albeit a bit mysterious.  Although born in Montana, Neil has spent much of his life immersed in the murky world of international business, intelligence and clandestine operations, both in Washington, D.C., and overseas.  Livingstone speaks forcefully about his commitment to constitutional principles, and he definitely wishes to roll back what he sees as extreme environmentalists’ suppression of the natural resource industry in Montana.  Livingstone returned a fine candidate questionnaire, although he had some un-detailed concerns about MSSA’s “Sheriffs First” proposal.  Livingstone has not held elected office in Montana.  While expressing strong support for the right to keep and bear arms, Livingstone did select a running mate, State Senator Ryan Zinke, who formerly expressed a very definite opinion that “civilians” should not be allowed to own .50-caliber rifles.  Livingstone quickly explains that he and former SEAL commander Zinke have come to terms about .50-caliber rifles, and Zinke now whole-heartedly supports civilian ownership of such firearms, as does Livingstone.  Livingstone has a forceful personality.  There are concerns expressed by some, however, that he has not spent enough time in Montana in recent years to have a good sense of Montana issues and Montana culture.  Livingstone has not hunted in Montana, but says he has hunted in Eurasia and Africa.  Livingstone is supported by a number of former high-ranking military and government officials of excellent national repute, many of whom are not Montana residents.  Were Livingstone elected Montana Governor, one gets the impression he would kick ass, and that the timid and naysayers would do well to keep out of his way.  With his long employment, connections and experience with the federal government, one would hope that his total allegiance would be to Montana, rather than to the federal government or influences from D.C. or elsewhere.

Corey Stapleton & Bob Keenan

Both Stapleton and Keenan are former state senators, both with good conservative credentials, and both of them are known as proven supporters of the right to keep and bear arms – excellent guys.  Stapleton is a graduate of Annapolis, a strong recommendation by anyone’s standard.  Stapleton did not return MSSA’s candidate questionnaire, but, based on his past votes in the Montana Senate, I believe he would support most of the issues MSSA plans to have before the 2013 Legislature.  Because both Stapleton and Keenan have long experience in the Legislature, they also know how state government works and how to translate their philosophy into deeds at the state level.  They would also be realistic, even pragmatic, about what a Governor can accomplish.   Stapleton’s campaign has not been highly visible. There is a concern that because Stapleton has been (and presumably still is) an officer in the U.S. military, the federal government might be able to “pull rank” and command his loyalty in any disagreement between Montana and the federal government.

Continuing to work from the conservative end of the political spectrum gets us to:

Rick Hill & Jon Sonju

Rick Hill was formerly elected to represent Montana in the U.S. House of Representatives, and his running mate, Jon Sonju, has been in the Montana Senate.  Both are experienced hands in the process of politics.  Hill is currently thought my many to be the front-runner in this seven-way Republican Primary.  He is reported to lead in fundraising, and is known to be supported by many “old guard” Republican figures.  Although Hill did not return MSSA’s candidate questionnaire, he did speak to the MSSA Annual Meeting in Helena in March (as did Fanning, Miller and Livingstone), where he expressed strong support for the right to keep and bear arms.  It is unknown how this strong expression will translate to the details of MSSA’s legislative agenda in 2013.  I expect he would support most of those issues, but with no returned candidate questionnaire and no voting record from the Montana Legislature, that’s just my educated guess.  Hill is reputed to occasionally hunt upland game birds.  Sonju has been a solid supporter of gun issues in the Legislature, and his family manufactures firearms in the Kalispell area.  It is argued by some that the nature of Hill’s work and experience in D.C. and Montana may make him more vulnerable to attacks by the Democrats in the General Election, making it difficult for him to win the General Election, although Democrats will certainly attack whomever becomes the Republican candidate for the General Election.  Hill recently released a statement asserting need to better manage wolves to prevent negative impact on game herds.  While quite welcome, this recent interest by Hill is seen by some as being a bit late and lacking the strong intent needed to resurrect Montana’s predator-decimated game herds.

Jim Lynch & Al Olszewski

Current Governor Brian Schweitzer (a Democrat) appointed Jim Lynch to be Director of the Montana Department of Transportation.  In that office, Lynch says that he has made maintenance of the Montana highway system much more effective and efficient.  He wishes to bring the same management techniques to the Governor’s Office.  Lynch has been an insider in state government long enough to know how things work, although he hasn’t been involved in the political machinations used to turn eggs into an omelet.  Lynch did return a very good MSSA candidate questionnaire, a plus for him, although MSSA puts more credence in a voting record history than in a candidate questionnaire.  I know nothing about Lynch’s running mate, Al Olszewski.  It is said that Lynch has made numerous political donations on record to Democrat candidates, although that may just be an unspoken job requirement to work for Governor Schweitzer.  It is my fuzzy opinion that Lynch is probably a pretty good manager, but I have not heard others who know him speak of his conservative philosophy or credentials.

Jim O’Hara & Scott Swingley

Jim O’Hara is elected as a County Commissioner of Choteau County.  He did not return MSSA’s candidate questionnaire.  I haven’t met O’Hara and really don’t know anything about Jim or his running mate, Scott Swingley.


I’ve tried seven times to write a conclusion, but I’m just not getting there.  I guess you’ll have to draw your own conclusion.  I hope this has been helpful.



Boehner Is Stalling Holder Contempt Citation On Fast And Furious

May 14, 2012 2 comments

[TWG Note: Well, ain’t this a crock?  What Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy had best get through their thick skulls is that their LACK  of action and lack of spine on this issue will get them yanked off their thrones faster than they can cry ‘wee-wee’ all the way home.  This is indicative of an elite cabal of finger wagging, holier-than-thou, throne-squatting a-holes who aren’t one bit interested in doing the jobs they’ve been entrusted (and paid well) to do for the American people.  They’re too wrapped up in their own selfishness to care one bit about JUSTICE, and it’s quite apparent they consider themselves to be above the laws of this land.  Time for a “Courtesy Flush”.  Fire every last one of those spineless, selfish crooks.]


John Boehner SC 300x225 Boehner Is Stalling Holder Contempt Citation on Fast and Furious

If Darrell Issa has any thoughts of the full House voting on his Oversight Committee’s citation of contempt against Eric Holder, he will first have to clear the idea with the Attorney General’s staunchest allies and political defenders—Republican Speaker John Boehner, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Republican Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy.

Upon the Speaker’s office being provided a draft of the citation last week, a spokesman for the Republican leadership said “While there are very legitimate arguments to be made in favor of such an action, no decision has been made to move forward with one by the Speaker or by House Republican leaders.” (1)

But now it appears these stalwart souls have finally made that decision. They will “…slow [Issa’s] drive to hold the attorney general in contempt over the controversial Fast and Furious program…” for a period of “a month or even longer…” Apparently a year’s worth of testimony and documentation linking Obama Regime operatives to hundreds of deaths and the walking of some 2000 weapons across the Mexican border just haven’t been sufficient to convince Speaker Boehner that something is amiss. (2)



Nebraska GOP Senate race turns toward Fast and Furious over frontrunner’s support of Holder

The Daily CallerBy Matthew Boyle – The Daily Caller

Nebraska’s GOP Senate primary frontrunner Jon Bruning supported Attorney General Eric Holder’s nomination and confirmation back in 2009. Bruning, Nebraska’s current attorney general, was one of a group of Republican state attorneys general who pushed to get Holder confirmed at the beginning of the Obama administration.

Bruning and his campaign remain mum when consistently asked if he continues to support Holder as attorney general in the wake of Operation Fast and Furious, especially with Holder’s demonstrable failure to comply with a lawfully issued congressional subpoena. For more than two months, Bruning’s campaign hasn’t returned The Daily Caller’s requests for comment on the issue. On Friday, Bruning spokeswoman Natalie Krings tried to bolster Bruning’s Second Amendment credentials but still wouldn’t answer whether he thinks Holder should resign over Fast and Furious.

“No one has fought harder than Jon Bruning to protect the 2nd Amendment,” Krings said in an email to TheDC. “Jon has an A rating from the NRA and is a life endowment member. As Attorney General, he worked with the legislature to pass conceal-carry legislation, helped pass a Castle doctrine and has fought attempts to ban handgun ownership across the country.”

Bruning’s silence about Holder doesn’t sit well with Nebraska’s former Attorney General Don Stenberg, who’s one of a couple of Republicans running against him. Stenberg has been extra vocal about Fast and Furious over the course of the campaign and on Friday morning, he was endorsed by the pro-Second Amendment group Gun Owners of America (GOA).

“When asked by an Omaha radio station why he supported Eric Holder, Bruning said that Holder had the votes anyway and he wanted to appear reasonable,” Stenberg said in statement. “In other words, Bruning supported Eric Holder because Bruning wanted to go along to get along. That is not what we need in the United States Senate today.”

“If someone like Eric Holder is nominated to the United States Supreme Court, I will vote no even if the vote is 99 to 1 and I am the one,” Stenberg added.

GOA vice chairman Tim Macy said Stenberg “is a strong proponent of the right to keep and bear arms and he has been a leading critic of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s role in Fast & Furious, where the U.S. government helped gun runners smuggle guns south of the border �“ a program which has led to hundreds of deaths, including two U.S. federal agents.”

It’s unclear where current state Rep. Deb Fischer, another GOP candidate who’s quickly risen in the polls, stands on Holder or Fast and Furious. Her campaign didn’t immediately respond to TheDC’s requests for comment on Friday morning after GOA endorsed Stenberg. But Fischer recently picked up the support of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who demanded Holder be removed from office months ago.

“I stand with the members of Congress who are calling for Holder’s resignation,” Palin wrote in a Facebook post late last year. “I stand with the family members of Brian Terry who are demanding transparency and accountability. Mr. President, where do you stand?”



Gun Grabbing RINO’s Supporting Gun Grabber Dick Lugar

Republican ‘Young Guns’ solicited Democrats to support anti-gun Lugar

David Codrea's photo

Gun Rights Examiner


“Senate’s Most Anti-gun Republican in Trouble in Indiana,” a May 5 Gun Owners of America email alert advised.

“The most anti-gun Republican in the U.S. Senate, Dick Lugar, recently fell ten points behind in the polls to 100% gun rights supporter Richard Mourdock,” GOA reported in anticipation of tomorrow’s primary.

While encouraging news, it’s by no means a shoe-in for the challenger. Gun Rights Examiner warned against apathy and inaction allowing Lugar to retain his seat in a March column, citing the need for grassroots Indiana gun owner activism to ensure ousting the incumbent and replacing him with a friend.  Responses to that were mixed, with some expressing irate indignation at the suggestion.  Others have informed this correspondent they volunteered to help with the Mourdock campaign, although some did share the difficulty in getting fellow gun owners to step up to the plate with even such simple requests as displaying a yard sign…(Con’t)



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Some Senate Republicans Push for Earmarks and Budget Busting Spending in Lame Duck

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

[It sure doesn’t take long for the grubby GOP Republicans to say ‘Thanks for your vote, now go back to sleep.’  DAMNIT, TEA PARTIERS,  YOU BETTER GET IN THESE POLITICIANS FACES AND TELL THEM WE’RE NOT GOING TO LET THEM CONTINUE ON WITH BUSINESS AS USUAL ANYMORE.   This is more of the same crap sadnwich we’ve been fed by these rotten scoundrels for years now, and WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!   The GOP is just as guilty as the Democrats (Now Communists) for signing away our sovereignty and our gun rights.  HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE AND MAKE THEM LISTEN TO WE, THE PEOPLE.  WE HAVE WORKED TOO DAMNED HARD TO GET WHERE WE ARE TO ALLOW THEM TO KEEP FLEECING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  STOP THEM, TEA PARTIERS.]


Posted by Brian Darling (Profile)

Saturday, November 6th at 9:00AM EDT


It didn’t take long for many in Congress to ignore the will of the American people on earmarking special projects for states and districts.  The Tea Party movement has a long way to convince members of both parties that the corrupting and wasteful practice of earmarking has to end.  Later this month, Senators Jim DeMint (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ) and Tom Coburn (R-OK) are expected to have to fight against an Omnibus Appropriations bill on the Senate floor in the Lame Duck session that is expected to be loaded up with earmarks. 


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November 7, 2010 1 comment

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Don’t look for GOP to block Kagan over guns

May 17, 2010 1 comment

May 17, 9:17 AMGun Rights ExaminerDavid Codrea
Last Tuesday we looked at Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s record on the Second Amendment, including answers to specific questions from the Senate committee reviewing her earlier nomination for Solicitor General.

Since then, The Wall Street Journal Law Blog has posted a presidential directive draft on banning importation of semiautomatic firearms that Kagan co-authored in 1997.

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