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What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?

October 8, 2014 1 comment

Interesting perspective with fascinating stats!!!!

Considering the Denver Post is a very liberal paper I’m surprised they published this. This really shows how the hiring of illegals is false economic practices.

Tina Griego is a Free-Lance reporter for the Denver Post.  She writes some really good stuff and she is a strong advocate for LEGAL immigration …. Homework on issues is part of her make-up and fabric …

What if they left?

Somebody really did their homework on this one.

What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?

I, Tina Griego, journalist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News wrote a column titled, “Mexican Visitor’s Lament.”

I  interviewed Mexican journalist Evangelina Hernandez while visiting Denver last week.  Hernandez said, “Illegal aliens pay rent, buy groceries, buy clothes.  What happens to your country’s economy if 20 million people go away?”

Hmmm, I thought, what would happen?

So I did my due diligence, buried my nose as a reporter into the FACTS I found below.

It’s a good question… it deserves an honest answer.  Over 80% of Americans demand secured borders and illegal migration stopped.  But what would happen if all 20 million or more vacated America?  The answers I found may surprise you!

In California, if 3.5 million illegal aliens moved back to Mexico, it would leave an extra $10.2 billion to spend on overloaded school systems, bankrupt hospitals and overrun prisons.  It would leave highways cleaner, safer and less congested.  Everyone could understand one another as English became the dominant language again.

In Colorado, 500,000 illegal migrants, plus their 300,000 kids and grandkids would move back “home,” mostly to Mexico.  That would save Colorado an estimated $2 billion (other experts say $7 billion) annually in taxes that pay for schooling, medical, social-services and incarceration costs.  It means 12,000 gang members would vanish out of Denver alone.

Colorado would save more than $20 million in prison costs, and the terror that those 7,300 alien criminals set upon local citizens.  Denver Officer Don Young and hundreds of Colorado victims would not have suffered death, accidents, rapes and other crimes by illegals.

Denver Public Schools would not suffer a 67% dropout/flunk rate because of thousands of illegal alien students speaking 41 different languages.  At least 200,000 vehicles would vanish from our gridlocked cities in Colorado.  Denver’s 4% unemployment rate would vanish as our working poor would gain jobs at a living wage.

In Florida, 1.5  million illegals would return the Sunshine State back to America, the rule of law, and English.

In Chicago, Illinois, 2.1 million illegals would free up hospitals, schools, prisons and highways for a safer, cleaner and more crime-free experience.

If 20 million illegal aliens returned ‘home,’ the U.S.  Economy would return to the rule of law.  Employers would hire legal American citizens at a living wage.  Everyone would  pay their fair share of taxes because they wouldn’t be working off the books.  That would result in an additional $401 billion in IRS income taxes collected annually, and an equal amount for local, state and city coffers.

No more push ‘1’ for Spanish or ‘2’  for English.  No  more confusion in American schools that now must contend with over 100 languages that degrade the educational system for American kids.  Our overcrowded schools would lose more than two million illegal alien kids at a cost of billions in ESL and free breakfasts and lunches.

We would lose 500,000 illegal criminal alien inmates at a cost of more than $1.6 billion annually.  That includes 15,000 MS-13 gang members who distribute $130 billion in drugs annually would vacate our country.

In cities like L.A., 20,000 members of the ’18th Street Gang’ would vanish from our nation.  No more Mexican forgery gangs for ID theft from Americans!  No more foreign rapists and child molesters!

Losing more than 20 million people would clear up our crowded highways and gridlock.  Cleaner air and less drinking and driving American deaths by illegal aliens!

America’s economy is drained.  Taxpayers are harmed.  Employers get rich. Over $80 billion annually wouldn’t return to the aliens’ home countries by cash transfers.  Illegal  migrants earned half that money untaxed, which further drains America ‘s economy which currently suffers an $8.7 trillion debt.  $8.7 trillion debt!!!

At least 400,000 anchor babies would not be born in our country, costing us $109 billion per year per cycle.  At least 86 hospitals in California, Georgia and Florida would still be operating instead of being bankrupt out of existence because illegals pay nothing via the EMTOLA Act.  Americans  wouldn’t suffer thousands of TB and hepatitis cases rampant in our country – brought in by illegals unscreened at our borders.

Our cities would see 20 million less people driving, polluting and grid locking our cities.  It would also put the ‘progressives’ on the horns of a dilemma; illegal aliens and their families cause 11% of our greenhouse gases.

Over one million of Mexico’s poorest citizens now live inside and along our border from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego, California, in what the New York Times called, ‘colonias’ or new neighborhoods.  Trouble is, those living areas resemble Bombay and Calcutta where grinding poverty, filth, diseases, drugs, crimes, no sanitation and worse.  They live without sewage, clean water, streets, roads, electricity, or any kind of sanitation.

The New York Times reported them to be America’s new ‘Third World’ inside our own country. Within 20 years, at their current growth rate, they expect 20 million residents of those colonias.  (I’ve seen them personally in Texas and Arizona; it’s sickening beyond anything you can imagine.)

By enforcing our laws, we could repatriate them back to Mexico.  We should invite 20 million aliens to go home, fix their own countries and/or make a better life in Mexico.  We already invite a million people into our country legally annually, more than all other countries combined.  We cannot and must not allow anarchy at our borders, more anarchy within our borders and growing lawlessness at every level in our nation.

It’s time to stand up for our country, our culture, our civilization and our way of life.

Interesting Statistics!

Here are 14 reasons illegal aliens should vacate America, and I hope they are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them:

1.  $14 billion to $22 billion dollars are spent each year on welfare to illegal aliens (that’s Billion with a ‘B’)  <>

3.  $7.5 billion dollars are spent each year on Medicaid welfare to illegal aliens for illegal aliens.  <>

4.  $12 billion dollars are spent each year on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they  still cannot speak a word of English!<” target=”_blank” href=”“>;

5.  $27 billion dollars are spent each year for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.  <” target=”_blank” href=”“>;

6.  $3 Million Dollars ‘PER DAY’ is  spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.  That’s $1.2 Billion a year.  <” target=”_blank” href=”“>;

7.  28% percent of all federal prison inmates are illegal aliens. >

8.  $190 billion dollars are spent each year on illegal aliens for welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.  <” target=”_blank” href=”“>;

9.  $200 billion dollars per year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.

10.  The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that’s two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens.  In particular, their children, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in t he US.  <” target=”_blank” href=”“>;

11.  During the year 2005, there were 8 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our southern border with as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from other terrorist countries.  Over 10,000 of those were middle-eastern terrorists.  Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine,  meth, heroin, crack, guns, and marijuana crossed into the U.S. from  the southern border.  <<>

12.  The National Policy Institute, estimates that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion, or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion  annually over a five year period.  <>

13.  In 2006, illegal aliens sent home $65 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin, to their families and friends.  <>

14.  The dark side of illegal immigration:  Nearly one million sex crimes are committed by illegal immigrants in the United States!  <>

Total cost a  whopping $538.3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR !

If this doesn’t bother YOU, then just delete the message.  Otherwise, forward this to everyone YOU know!

And Obama doesn’t think we do enough for them at that!


0bama Now Global Head of Al-Qaeda

Will President order drone strike on White House?

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
March 21, 2013

President Barack Obama is now the global head of Al-Qaeda – bankrolling, arming and equipping terrorists around the world in order to achieve his administration’s geopolitical objectives – while simultaneously invoking the threat of terrorists domestically to destroy the bill of rights.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Since it has now been established that those merely suspected of engaging in terrorism are subject to targeted drone strikes, under the terms of his own prosecution of the war on terror, Obama must immediately order a drone strike on the White House.

The administration has sent nearly half a billion dollars ($365 million plus another $60 million) and is now using US Special Forces to train militants in Syria who have pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda and who continue to carry out grisly beheadingsterrorist bombings targeting innocent civilians and chemical weapons attacks against women and children.

These same militants, backed not only by the US but by every major NATO power, have repeatedly voiced their hatred for and intention to destroy America, as they ransack Christian churchesburn US flags, chant anti-American slogans and sing the praises of Osama Bin Laden while glorifying the 9/11 attacks.

As the New York Times reported, these very same terrorists killed U.S. troops in Iraq and yet western backing for the insurgency against Bashar Al-Assad has enabled violent extremists to seize power in Syria.

As multiple reports now confirm, Jabhat al-Nusra, the main Al-Qaeda group in Syria, is now commanding rebels and is engaged in “the heaviest frontline fighting” in Syria. As the London Guardian reported, rebels in Syria are admittedly being led by Al-Qaeda terrorists, who meet with them “every day” and train them how to make bombs. The top 29 Syrian opposition groups have all sworn allegiance to Jabhat al-Nusra. Sheik Moaz al Khatib, head of the Syrian National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, has also publicly affirmed his support for the terrorist group.

These same terrorists have also vowed to attack the United States once they are finished in Syria, while proclaiming their desire to see the Al-Qaeda flag flying over the White House.

In addition, while Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” have been characterized as terrorists by their own government, US citizens who openly take up arms to join with terrorists in Libya and Syria are allowed to fly around the world with total impunity.

In supporting Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria as part of the effort to impose regime change, the Obama administration is following the same disastrous policy it pursued in Libya, backing the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which also killed U.S. troops in Iraq, to overthrow Gaddafi.

That led to a country ruled by thugs who have rounded up, tortured and executed thousands of black Libyans. It also led to the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, which was carried out by some of the very same LIFG terrorists the United States had backed just a year previously.

After the overthrow of Gaddafi, NATO powers aided in airlifting LIFG militants into Syria to continue the fight to impose Sharia law across the region.

Given all this, it’s abundantly clear that the Obama administration has easily outstripped other targets of drone strikes in its zeal to support terrorism around the world.

American citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki was killed by a drone strike simply for producing propaganda videos and communicating with accused terrorists. His 16-year-old son was similarly slaughtered for merely sharing his father’s surname. Other American citizens like John Walker Lindh were imprisoned and tortured in Guantanamo Bay for fighting with the Taliban.

And yet, as Afghan President Hamid Karzai made clear last week, the Obama administration is now colluding with the Taliban while the group carries out suicide bombings in the “service of America.”

By backing terrorists in Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria, Barack Obama has carved out a role as the global head of Al-Qaeda. Wherever on the map his administration wants to dominate geopolitically, Al-Qaeda terrorists flood in to to the dirty work – and it’s all paid for with your tax dollars.

By ordering a drone strike on the White House, Obama would be targeting the primary source now responsible for most of the world’s global terrorism – his own administration.


M3 Report: Gunmen Kills 7 in Cancun Bar as Thousands Of Our Youth Enjoy Spring Break

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WHY on earth would anyone go to Mexico anymore? And WHY would any “caring parent” allow their own kids to go there? It’s nothing less than DERELICT and DESPICABLE.

Gunmen Kills 7 in Cancun Bar as Thousands Enjoy Spring Break; Throats Being Cut At “Secure” Border; Sheriff Babeu Weighs in on I.C.E. Releasing Detainees


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Gunmen Kills 7 in Cancun Bar as Thousands of Students Enjoy Spring Break

Spring Break in Mexico: How Dangerous Is It?

Police probe Cancun taxi drivers’ link to drugs

Texans put aside fears of violence, flock back to Mexico for spring break

Is Drug War Violence Scaring Away Mexico’s Spring Break Tourists?

Throats Being Cut At “Secure” Border

Sheriff Babeu Weighs in on I.C.E. Releasing Detainees
“…a couple of the illegal immigrants released were charged with murder, while others are sex offenders.”

Border Patrol to Shift Focus from Arizona to Texas to Stop Mexican Gangs

‘They are facing a danger’: Sheriff says Arizonans not safe after detainee release

The Perfect Amnesty Storm
Confluence of actions by Obama administration may prompt flood of illegal immigrants, experts say

“…groups of illegal aliens…as large as three-hundred (300) have been spotted by Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector”

U.S.-Mexico Border: Hotspot for Drug-Resistant TB

Case from Mexico reminds MDs should be on lookout for measles in travelers

U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter, Blaine Sector February 28 – March 13, 2013

Immigration Reform Could Cost Social Security Billions

DHS’s Progress and Challenges in Securing U.S. Borders

Fast And Furious Negotiations See Disagreements

The Fundamentals of Immigration Reform
To begin fixing America’s broken system, we must be guided by both our highest values and our economic needs.

Amnesty Summit Organizer – Mexicans Own US Southwest (Aztlan)

Whistle Blowers Say Obama Releasing Violent Illegal Aliens

Release of immigrant detainees has set back immigration-reform effort in House

Feds recapture 4 immigrants released during sequester terror dump

Border patrol agents face pay cuts, furloughs following sequester

Was Mexican border firefight killing 40 real?

First Mexican extradited to US under Mexico’s new leader to face drug smuggling charges

“Beyond Walls and Cages”: Liberating the Immigration Debate
(Book review)

CBP in St. Croix Apprehend 18 Undocumented Migrants

Agents save occupants from house fire

Supreme Court looks at AZ as injured men, explosives found in desert

Oregon death becomes federal drug case for five

El Paso murder case could put ICE on trial

In Arizona, border security in spotlight amid immigration-reform efforts, sequester cuts

Judge approves settlement in lawsuit involving illegal immigrants

Poached Fish – Missouri Emerges as Caviar Smuggling Center

Two Vancouver men charged in Mexico-to-Washington drug ring

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Seize Thousands of Pirated DVD/CDs

CBP Rescues Lost Couple Suffering from Dehydration


There MAY BE VERY graphic photographs that accompany some articles in the body of this report. It is not our intention to sensationalize. We include these photos in order to give to you, the American public, a clearer understanding of the seriousness of the situation in Mexico and Central America.


**Asterisk denotes death involving a police officer or a member of the military serving in that capacity. Some items may be from, or Some incidents of violence may not be included here due to the large number of death reports.

A representative of the law has assured a U.S.-based newspaper that the clashes in the recent past is a result of a power struggle within the gulf Cartel (CDG), leaving at least 3 dozen dead. The factions are loyal to leader Mario Pelón Ramírez against groups of Miguel El Gringo Villarreal. The violence crossed the Texas border, and Villareal is behind a team of kidnappers operating in southern Texas. The Gulf Cartel is linked to several executions in the Rio Grande Valley.

A group of criminals torched a business named La Cabana bar with petrol bombs, resulting in a fire which destroyed the 2 story structure. Three persons were wounded.

The bodies of 3 young men executed with bullets to the head, were found Monday morning. None have been identified.

A joint operation of municipal officers and Mexican army seized a narcolaboratory near here. Two men were arrested, one driving a pick up with radio equipment. The location of the lab was the result of an anonymous tip to police.

The Mexican army seized a clandestine narcolaboratory making crystal meth. Chemicals and equipment were seized.

A man was leaving his home at about 9:50am Sunday when he was approached by a young person who shot him twice in the head.

A family of four was killed here on Sunday. It included a man of 27, woman 26, a 7 year old child, and a 1 year old. After, the gunmen burned the bodies along with 2 homes and 2 trucks. The fire fighting was hindered by a scarcity of water in this town on the border of Zacatecas.


Peña Nieto’s Challenge: Criminal Cartels and Rule of Law in Mexico

A Mexico Border Shootout Reveals Effort to Cover Up Violence

Mexico City launches smartphone app to geolocate nearest cop

Mexico Govt Announces Guadalajara Gang Truce

In Mexico, tweeting about the drug war to fill the void of traditional media

Sacred cows no more
Enrique Peña Nieto’s proposal to reform television and telecoms shows he is serious about shaking up the economy

Four Members of Family Murdered in Western Mexico

(included a ONE YR old baby)

Press violence in Mexico increases

Death toll in Mexico fireworks blast rises to 17

Mexican soldiers kill 3 gunmen, 2 gunwomen

Mob rule in Mexico as crowd lynches alleged child kidnapper who had to be rescued by federal police

Mexico investigates alleged school bullying death

Brutal attack in Mexico ends life of expat from Seattle

Mexican police seize 9 tons of marijuana, weapons

The Urgency of Wirikuta in Mexico
“The definitive cancellation of mining and agro-industrial contracts in the sacred territory of the Wirrárika is urgent due to the serious ecological, social and spiritual effects that are affecting the indigenous and communal [mestizo] farmers of the region.”

Passengers on Mexican domestic flights have tripled since 1989
(Point being, they’re poor no more.)

Monarch butterfly numbers drop ominously in Mexico

Mexico expands pension access to 2.5 million elderly

Fugitive Peninsula couple captured in Mexico

Mexico’s Coming Gas Crisis

Exiled journalist sued once again for her investigations of corruption at Mexico’s oil company

Mexico – Aztec Tiger On The Rise?

The Story of 2 Dead Costa Rica Cops, the Drug Cartels and America’s Insatiable Appetite for Drugs

America’s Drug Appetite Helps Make Honduras One of the Most Dangerous Places on the Globe

U.S. Citizen and Canadian arrested for selling marijuana brownies at farmers’ market

‘Rising Extortion’ Signals Trouble For El Salvador’s Gang Truce

Police Death Squads Contribute to Honduras’ High Homicide Rate

Costa Rican Police Rescues Trafficked Minors

Colombian Navy Seizes over Half a Ton of Cocaine

Money laundering suspects (19) detained by U.S. Federal Authorities

Bolivia Struggles Against Rising Tide of Crime

Colombian Army Destroys Huge FARC Drug Lab, Seizes 4 Tons of Cocaine

Peru landslide kills gold miners

President Fernández is the First to Meet the New Pope

Anthrax outbreak, Laprida, Province of Buenos Aires
This new outbreak is the 4th to have occurred in less than a month in
this district, in this instance in La Florentina, in the Partido of
Laprida, Buenos Aires Province. The epidemiologic characteristics are
similar, of “sudden death of the animals with blood extravasation from
natural openings.” The affected herd consists of 400 cattle with 4
deaths to date. A metatarsal bone was submitted for analysis and
Bacillus anthracis was cultured and identified.

The herd has no history of previous vaccination or of outbreaks of
anthrax. The animals are on natural grazing with access to water from
Las Sierras de la Ventana. Link below in Spanish.

More must be done to arrest Caribbean drug trade says US

Caribbean’s first gold refinery expected to earn billions

St Lucia police arrest Dominica nationals in major drug bust

Young woman’s death sparks fears of a killer TB strain on our doorstep
(In a recent M3 Report, I included an item on a Nepalese man caught coming into the US
that had this strain of TB.)


-end of report-

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“We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

The Multi-Layered Betrayal….. By Baron Bodissey

TWG: Take a good, hard look at what muslim jihad and hijra is doing to Britain…… and to America.  Try not to cry.


The Multi-Layered Betrayal of Britain

In his latest guest-essay, the English author Paul Weston takes a clear-eyed look at the grim reality of Modern Multicultural Britain. Although his analysis is far from optimistic, he does remind us that everything in the UK is on the verge of counter-revolutionary change. There is no choice — the change has to come.

The Multi-Layered Betrayal of Britain
by Paul Weston

Paul WestonPoor old Britain is in a terrible state. Whilst the recent obscenity of a Labour government is mostly to blame for this, they were not alone in the cultural and racial war which has been waged against the British people over the last half-century. Such has been the all-encompassing assault on who we once were that it is now hard to find any social group which has not been betrayed.

For example:

The Wartime Generation: They sacrificed so much, indeed died in their hundreds of thousands in order that our generation could live in freedom. Today they are sidelined and ignored by the Socialist ruling classes, who consider the culture and politics of these aged warriors to be wildly out of tune with modern liberal group-think.

A book was published last year called The Unknown Warriors which collated the stories and concerns of this greatest, yet disregarded people. And it is a heartbreaking read. Over and over again these brave and stoic people mentioned one word — betrayal.

Their principal concerns were the submission of vast swathes of British cities to various foreign entities without due recourse to the democratic process, coupled with the bitter irony of handing over their bloodily defended democracy to an unelected, dictatorial foreign power in Brussels.

One particularly harrowing story was that of the extraordinary bravery shown by a Lancaster bomber rear-gunner, who continued to climb into his turret time and time again even as he saw scores of his friends killed in the most horrific ways imaginable. His bravery has been betrayed though, because he is now reduced to a prisoner within his own house, too frightened to go outside because of the violence and abuse he receives from Socialist-educated children as young as nine.

His despairing voice can be heard through another Royal Air Force veteran, who remarked eloquently of his comrades who had made the ultimate sacrifice for their country: “I mourned them then, but now surviving in a world indifferent to their hopes and dreams, I grieve more for the living.”

The Elderly: Mostly too young to fight in the war, they are nonetheless similarly excluded from modern liberal society. Their views on marriage, homosexuality, morality, Christianity, parenthood, etc. make them the enemy of Socialist ideology. In Africa, the elderly are treated with respect as learned human beings. In Britain the elderly are vilified for simply defying the Socialist Revolution, and as such are considered an embarrassing clutch of old dodderers who can be safely labelled as extremist whilst their views are carefully withheld from the young — who incidentally, and quite literally, frighten the life out of the elderly.

They watch in bemusement and horror as the politicians and the mainstream media force a degraded culture upon their country. They shiver in front of single-bar electric fires, wondering whether they can afford to eat and stay warm. They watch their carefully amassed life-savings eroded as the politicians and bankers artificially manipulate interest-rates and inflation-rates to benefit only themselves. They shake their heads at stories of Iraqis and Somalis living in luxuriously equipped million-pound mansions in which to house their teeming broods, all paid for by the state.

Ummah Jack

The Young: Who would be young in Britain today? Youngsters have been schooled in liberal/progressive ideology from the moment they set foot in kindergarten. Although filled with a wholly misguided sense of self-esteem, they require remedial classes in reading and writing when they go to university (as some 50% now do) and have no conception of what they do not know.

They view their historic culture as one of imperialism, oppression and racism. They have no notion of respect, civility, dignity, Christianity, duty, honour, integrity or patriotism. Propagandised all their lives in the Socialist ideologies of moral and cultural relativism and multiculturalism, they are blissfully unaware that everything they believe in can only lead to the loss of everything they presently take for granted.

When they leave university they take with them debts in the tens of thousands of pounds and compete for jobs that pay salaries that can never enable them to buy the immigration-driven grotesquely-priced houses that were once affordable to their parents. They turn to drink and drugs in the moral and spiritual vacuum built for them by the Socialist Left, and stagger around the streets of British cities and towns in a booze-fuelled orgy of tattooed promiscuity and violence that shocks and horrifies the rest of the civilised world.

They do not understand that their own world is rapidly changing. The last fifty years saw a peaceful and relentless rise in prosperity, but that is now over. Where once there were ten workers to every retiree the ratio will soon be only two-to-one. Their future is therefore bankrupt. There will be no pensions when they are old. They may well have to work until they drop, and already there is talk of raising the retirement age to seventy. They are the lost generation, and these poor, deluded, Socialist-brainwashed children do not even know it.

Immigrants in Birmingham

The Newborn: What sort of country will they inherit? In 2050 a person born today will be only 39 years old, but he will find himself nearing a racial minority status in his own homeland. In 1950 whites made up 25% of the global population. Today they number only 9%, and by 2050 a mere 5%. This might not otherwise have mattered greatly, but Britain makes up only 1% of the habitable land mass and 1% of the world population, and we have opened our doors to the demographically explosive Third World.

The history of man is war, and wars are always fought along tribal and religious lines. The mass importation of Muslim tribes and Muslim religion into Britain can only guarantee future violence. Whether it can be contained in intra-country civil conflict is yet to be known, but it is likely that what will start out as a carbon copy of the recent Yugoslav conflict must only and logically lead to World War III.

The Christians: Although the majority of the British identify themselves as Christian, our Socialist ruling class have no time for such an outdated and oppressive ideology. As Tony Blair so memorably stated: “We don’t do God” — a view shared by the unelected Socialist dictators within the European Union who refuse to recognise the influence of Christianity in the cultural formation of Europe.

Christians are persecuted and vilified in Britain, be they nurses who wish to wear a cross to work, hotel owners who would rather not let homosexuals practice sodomy on their freshly laundered linen, or people who fail to recognise the immersion of a figure of Jesus Christ in a vat of urine is an edgy expression of “conceptually challenging” art. In addition, the blasphemy laws were repealed by the last Labour government because they specifically related to Christianity and were therefore deemed “discriminatory.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn stated that “To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.” This is exactly why Christianity is under attack in Britain. Just as Communist countries feared a moral alternative to the godless and immoral religion of Socialism, so our home-grown Socialist rulers follow suit.

Religious Education in schools which previously centred on Christianity is now devoted to Multi-Religious Studies. Conspiracy theorists are not exaggerating in the least when they suggest that mass immigration and Multiculturalism were not deployed for honourable reasons, but to specifically erode Christian Britain.

A good example of this is the BBC’s attitude towards Islam, which it suggests should be treated more sensitively than Christianity. And whilst Islam is promoted as a female-friendly religion of tolerance and compassion, Christianity is obscenely portrayed as an ideology of racism, imperialism and murder. This is so perverse and abnormal one can only assume that our Socialist rulers have declared all-out war against Christianity — as indeed they have.

The Middle Class: When Vaclav Havel assumed the Presidency of Czechoslovakia in 1989, he stated that one of the most important jobs to be undertaken was the rebuilding of the middle class, which had been decimated by the Communists.

The values and morals of the middle classes are the backbone of a democratic Nation State. This is why the Communists set out to eradicate them, and this is exactly why British Socialists have done the same. The “bourgeoisie” have been subjected to vilification for the last fifty years, with the attack against them led — rather ironically — by the middle-class intelligentsia within the BBC and the Educational Authorities,

The middle class is a bulwark against state oppression, and so had to be cleansed. Elitism, independence, Christianity and morality are the enemies of the Socialists. One of the more obvious manifestations of Socialism’s enormous success in this field concerns accents. It is very rare today to find a well spoken Englishman under the age of fifty. Class warfare has won, and the traditional middle classes are out of the loop. If one wishes to work in state media or education, one must adopt an Estuary English accent à la Jamie Oliver. We are all working class now.

The Working Class: The Labour Party was originally formed to protect the interests of the working class, so it is more than a little bizarre that the worst damage wreaked upon the very people who make up their core vote was perpetrated by the Socialists within the Labour Party itself.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s the Trades Union Movement set out to systematically dismantle the manufacturing and industrial base of Britain. The Union leaders who called for more-or-less permanent industrial action were to a man Communists, all taking their orders from their comrades in Moscow. Although Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party foolishly completed what the Socialists had started, it is unarguable that the extinction of Britain’s shipbuilding and automotive industries was instigated by the Socialist traitors within the Labour Party.

But this pales into insignificance when compared to the damage inflicted upon the working class by the last Labour government. Their policy of mass immigration and multiculturalism has primarily affected the working class, who find themselves in direct competition with imported third-worlders for territory, education, housing and jobs.

The champagne-socialists who deliberately set out to transform traditional Britain have the financial means necessary to live as far away as possible from the multicultural hell-holes they have deliberately created, the means to educate their children in schools where English remains the first language, and the means to ensure that neither they nor their children ever fall victim to the endemic crime and violence so prevalent in Socialism’s disgracefully manufactured “diverse” communities.

The white working class are not so fortunate. What the Socialists have done to them amounts to the biggest betrayal in the history of this country.

The Immigrants: It is with great sadness that I compare the young blacks in Britain today with their grandparents. The rap-addicted, dope-smoking, unemployable and violent young blacks we see around us bear little resemblance to the well dressed men and women aboard the MV Empire Windrush, which docked at Tilbury in 1948.

They too have been betrayed. Encouraged to retain their culture rather than assimilate, they have been similarly let down by terrible inner-city schooling that refuses to equip them with the skills necessary to live decent and rewarding lives in a capitalist liberal democracy, because to educate them sufficiently is apparently racist.

This is deliberate, of course. Educated, assimilated immigrants are of little use to the Socialists, as so succinctly explained by education “expert” Professor Chris Mullard CBE, who had the following to say with regard to the non-education of black children:

“Already we have started to rebel, to kick out against our jailers…As more black Britons leave school disgruntled, as more black Britons discard their yoke of humility, the ultimate confrontation will become clearer…Blacks will fight with pressure, leaflets, campaigns, demonstrations, fists and scorching resentment which, when peaceful means fail, will explode into street fighting, urban guerrilla warfare, looting, burning and rioting.”

A great evil has been perpetrated upon coloured immigrants by the Socialists, who view them as mere pawns to be used in their fight against the capitalist and Christian West. Professor Mullard is a Communist who infiltrated the British Educational Authorities, and was subsequently, and unsurprisingly, knighted by the treacherous Labour government.

I have used defined groups of peoples and classes to show how we have been betrayed, but we can add some further minority groups who are absolutely essential in allowing the continuation of a liberal democracy and who were therefore earmarked for Socialist re-education or destruction — the traditional family, fathers, non-feminist housewives and mothers, and the apolitical police, judiciary and civil service.

There are a very small number of people who have not been betrayed. The baby-boomer liberal intelligentsia have done very well out of the slow-motion Socialist revolution that has destroyed Britain, as have the super-rich, the politicians and the bankers, who now look to retain their gargantuan bonuses whilst simultaneously redirecting their debts onto the shoulders of the taxpayer.

But at the top of the pile sits Islam. Imported and appeased by politicians of all parties, Islam is the real winner here and is promoted as the religion of peace when it is clearly no such thing. Polygamy laws are ignored in order that Muslims may demographically destroy us, laws are introduced to curtail any criticism on pain of exhibiting “Islamophobia”, and money is directed toward them in order that they need not work to house their multiple wives and children even as they plan to overthrow us.

The rest of us, however — the war veterans, the elderly, the young, the new-born, the indigenous population, the non-Islamic immigrants, the middle-class, the working-class and the Christians — have been betrayed in our entirety.

At the risk of repeating myself, this is totally unacceptable and totally unsustainable. Liberalism’s useful idiots need to be made aware of the error of their ideology, whilst the hard-core Socialist Left must be made to understand that one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, they will be tried before People’s Courts immediately after the reintroduction of the death penalty for treason.

If Britain is to survive the coming decades as a peaceful democracy, then we need to have a counter-revolution of the mind and a counter-revolutionary political party to effect radical change. No viable party currently exists in Britain, but to end this depressing article on a note of optimism, this matter is actively being addressed by a group of people, amongst whom I am proud to include myself.


Texas Student Punished for Refusing to Swear Allegiance to Mexico

March 1, 2013 2 comments


McAllen Independent School District in McAllen, Texas lies along the US-Mexico international border across from Reynosa, Mexico.  The school district has a policy that excuses a student from reading certain parts of the US Declaration of Independence if it is determined that the student has a conscientious objection.  Additionally, the school district has a policy that prohibits any school from forcing a student to say the American Pledge of Allegiance.

However, a 15 year old girl at Achieve Early College High School felt it was un-American to have to recite the Mexican Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Mexican national anthem as part of a class project, so she refused to do so.  The girl’s teacher, Reyna Santos then gave the girl an alternative assignment on Mexico and its independence, made her sit in class for several days and listen to the other students recite the Mexican Pledge and sing the Mexican national anthem.  In the end, the teacher still gave the girl a failing grade.

Veteran Hater, janet napolitano, Releasing Illegal Alien Criminals Under Guise Of “Sequester”

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

TWG: Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s right.  Use a 2% decrease in spending and the entire Nation collapses. Those beasts in DC caused this, and now they’re punishing US for their diabolical efforts, which we protest vehemently. Release dangerous foreign criminals into our society, hold our military hostage, demonize Veterans, children are pawns, firefighters, hospitals, national security, senior citizens…. The old parade is always the same.   Today, they’re importing MILLIONS of islamic jihadists into this Nation under the guise of the “refugee program”, they’re not defending our borders effectively, they’re demonizing Conservatives and provoking violence against them… and on and on and on….. and now they want to take our right to defend ourselves from their soldiers for jihad.   Our answer isn’t “no”.  THERE’S A HELL TO THAT NO!


DHS to release thousands of illegal immigrants, blaming budget cuts

By Judson Berger

Published February 26, 2013

The Department of Homeland Security has started releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants held in local jails in anticipation of automatic budget cuts, in a move one Arizona sheriff called politically motivated — and dangerous.

Read more:

Iran’s Death Squads Are Here

January 2, 2013 5 comments

TWG:  Those of us paying attention have known this for a while now. We KNOW that hezbollah teamed up with mexican drug cartels. We KNOW that Iran and other terrorist nations transported hundreds of thousands of Iranian Guard soldiers and other jihadists into Venezuala, along with weapons and nuclear materials.  We KNOW that those terrorists have moved through South America and slithered right across our southern border (why do you think the obama regime is so deeply opposed to securing our borders?).  We KNOW that islamic terrorist groups have training compounds scattered ALL OVER this nation, and that they’re funded not only by islamic jihadist financiers, but by the American government via the welfare system.  We KNOW that the obama regime has “legally” transported millions of islamic jihadists into the U.S. under the guise of the “Refugee” programs. We KNOW that they have transported nuclear materials and very sophisticated weaponry, along with hundreds of thousands of jihadist troops across our borders and we KNOW that they intend to use them.  We KNOW that China is flanking us on our Southern border, along with islamic jihadists, and we KNOW that Russia has our Northern border, along with islamic jihadists. We also KNOW that our very own Military have been training Russian troops here on American soil for years now.  We also know that UN Troops are poised to move in as soon as the obama regime is finished with us.  Yawn.  tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock…… America is in a coma.  It’s no wonder we will soon be burned to the ground.


Team infiltrated, assigned to attack from within next year

Reza Kahlili served in CIA Directorate of Operations, as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, counterterrorism expert; currently serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an advisory board authorized by Congress. He is the author of the award-winning book “A Time to Betray” and regularly appears in national and international media as an expert on Iran and counterterrorism in the Middle East.

Iran has infiltrated a team of Quds Force terrorist leaders into the United States to attack from within in 2013, according to a source.

The source within the office of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic regime, said the team is to create instability in America through terrorism should the U.S. fail to accept the regime’s illicit nuclear program, increase sanctions, confront Iran militarily or intervene in the Syrian civil war.

Members of the team, no more than 10 Quds Force officers, each lead cells totaling about 50 terrorists already in the U.S.

The source is risking his life not only to reveal the terror operation but to warn that Iran is pursuing its nuclear bomb program around the clock from several secret sites.

Details of the terror plot, meant to disrupt the West, have been passed on to U.S. officials, who are taking countermeasures.

The source said the team members, unlike the alleged Iranian operative Manssor Arbabsiar, who was arrested in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, D.C. in 2011, are highly trained and sophisticated.

The team leaders are all senior Revolutionary Guard officers who were recruited for this specific mission nine years ago on the recommendation of the Quds Force commander, Qassem Soleimani, and with the approval of security advisers to Khamenei.

Some of these individuals held high-level posts before joining the mission. One served as the security officer in the supreme leader’s office, another was a member of the special forces for intelligence and security in charge of protecting regime officials, two were in charge of security of ground and air transportation, another was a commander of recruiting assets, and others had experience in security and intelligence.

Most of the team members have been in America for a year; a few were successfully placed here about five years ago.

The families of the team members are financially supported by the regime, but team members are financially supported through various means as they do not maintain any contact with Iran.

Two wealthy Iranian businessmen in Iran with ties in Europe are used to finance the team; one routinely travels to the U.S.

One well-established Iranian businessman in America who often travels to Iran was approached by the Quds Force for his collaboration in return for incentives in Iran. He acts as the sponsor of the team, transfers cash to team members, hosts meetings at his residence and passes on information from the regime to the team. He also takes care of any legal issues, leases, contracts and such.

Information and pictures of potential targets have been submitted for Khamenei’s approval, the source added. They include high-voltage towers to create blackouts, cell towers, water supplies, public transportation and various other buildings belonging to the Defense Department and military.

The source said the planned attacks could be greater than what happened on 9/11 and that in the last phase of the attack, al-Qaida operatives will also be involved.

After Osama bin Laden’s death, Khamenei has taken a greater role in leadership on the collaboration with al-Qaida, and according to the source, four top al-Qaida commanders visit Khamenei every two months.

The plan is that if by next six months America does not accept Iran’s nuclear program and either increases sanctions or a military confrontation occurs, the assets have been ordered to carry out their mission. The regime feels it must act by then because current sanctions, which have already had a serious effect on Iran’s economy, could spark civilian rioting.

As reported in the Washington Times on Oct. 5, a secret memo by the regime’s Intelligence Ministry warned that deteriorating economic conditions from international sanctions had greatly increased the possibility of an uprising and urged them to take appropriate action.

The United States has set a March deadline for Iran to comply with International Atomic Energy Agency demands on its nuclear program or face much harsher measures.

The regime believes, the source said, that if the U.S. fails to accept Iran’s nuclear program, Israel will be much more likely to attack its nuclear facilities and military installations.

Previously an exclusive report in WND revealed that terror cells of the Islamic regime were on high alert to attack targets in America. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri, deputy head of Iran’s armed forces, stated that, “In the face of any attack, we will have a crushing response. In that case, we will not only act in the boundaries of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, no place in America will be safe from our attacks.”

Iranian officials also see the possible overthrow of Syrian President Bashar Assad as a red line, and with the looming confrontation over their nuclear program, they have taken several measures, one of which is to retaliate against Israel through several fronts and in coordination with their proxies, such as Hezbollah. As reported in WND, 170 ballistic missiles have been pre-targeted on Tel Aviv alone, some with biological warheads. And an attack on America from within would create economic havoc on the fragile U.S. economy.

The source warned that the IAEA has no idea that the Islamic regime is actively working on its nuclear bomb program at secret sites, that it has even enriched uranium to over 90 percent – weaponization grade – and that with the help of North Korea, it is working on a plutonium bomb.

The assumption that Iran is far from accomplishing its goals is a hoax, the source warned. The regime next year will make operational intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the U.S. Armed with nuclear weapons, it would be too late for the world, he said.

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and author of the award-winning book “A Time to Betray” (Simon & Schuster, 2010). He serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI).


Takers vs. Makers: Where to Rent Instead Of Purchasing a Home

December 9, 2012 1 comment

Posted by Brittany Stepniak  on the Wealth Wire


Americans don’t seem to settle down at young ages anymore. Their careers and relationships tend to pull them all over the United States, but once people enter their 30s, they tend to start thinking about home ownership.

That’s very good and well, so long as you understand the risk-factors associated with your home location of choice. According to Forbes, new home buyers should be cautious of the type of workers who reside in the states of interest.

Are more folks in the nearby neighborhoods reliant on government jobs and government welfare than those who hold steady jobs in the private sector? If the answer is yes, don’t buy in these areas.

In these uncertain financial times, investors have to be selective. They have to be extremely careful when dividing capital, acquiring real estate, and diversifying their portfolios. If you’re an investor interested in the benefits of home ownership, we urge you to take a look at 11 states where you should rent, not buy.

This list was compiled based upon the ratio of takers vs. makers in that statewide community. Takers are defined by Forbes as people who receive government money; in the form of employee wages, pensions, or welfare. A maker is noted as someone “gainfully employed in the private sector.”


*Photograph by Gary Cralle/Getty Images, originally published at National Geographic


*Image cortesy of Best Hawaii Travel.  


*Image courtesy of the Illinos Visitors Bureau, originally published on Trip Advisor


*Image courtesy of APWA

South Carolina
Hilton Head 

*Image courtesy of Best Beaches.  

New York
New York 

*Image courtesy of WWP, New York City, New York.  


*Image courtesy of New York Van Line.  


*Photograph by Robert Francis/Getty Images, originally published at National Geographic. 


*Image courtesy of Foreign Policy


*Image courtesy of Trip Advisor.  

New Mexico

*Image courtesy of

As the takers in these ill-fated states begin to outnumber the makers, taxes go up for everyone. Wealthy citizens begin to leave to avoid the outrageous tax-increases. As the wealthy people in the private sector are leaning on this principle, the poorer taxpayers left behind are faced with the burden of experiencing yet another round of tax-increases to compensate for all the tax-payers that left and are no longer contributing to that state.

It’s a circle of darkness for many states struggling to keep entrepreneurs from fleeing the state to more attractive locations – based solely upon key financial matters.

Although we all want to escape the humdrum lull of quiet towns from time to time, don’t act too hastily. Running away to the sandy shores on the west coast to soak up the California sun and laid-back atmosphere is great for a vacation, but not for permanency.

No matter how you look at it, California is in trouble. They keep spending money they don’t have,catering their public servants handsomely, while spending billions on people who aren’t even legal citizens. In fact, a City Journal essay by Victor Davis Hanson says that California spends$10 billion a year on entitlements for illegal aliens. This sounds absurd, but it’s true…

Even if you have money in municipal bonds in California, that’s still a pretty risky bet. All in all, it’s hard to justify buying a home or investing at all in a bankrupt state like California. So if your career or spouse takes you to Los Angeles or San Diego enjoy the experience – just make sure you’re renting while you’re living there.

Don’t fall into a mortgage death trap and end up with a home in an area unable to produce their own goods and services without government assistance. These are the areas that will be hit the hardest in the fiscal cliff aftermath.

California Attorney General: Police Can Ignore Immigration Laws

December 6, 2012 1 comment

TWG: Perhaps it’s time we shut down the borders around California.  Nearly everyone down there seems to be dangerously insane. 


by William Bigelow 6 Dec 2012, 1:14 PM PDT

Secure Communities, the federal program that deports illegal immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes, can now be ignored by local law enforcement agencies in California according to state Attorney General Kamala Harris.

The program requires illegal immigrants who were arrested to have their fingerprints sent to federal immigration officials. They would then be incarcerated until deportation proceedings were started.

Harris stated, “Secure Communities has not held up to what it aspired to be… immigration detainer requests are not mandatory, and each agency may make its own decision.”

Advocates for illegal immigrants were delighted; Reshma Shamasunder, executive director of the California Immigrant Policy Center, exclaimed that the move “should eliminate the confusion among some sheriffs about the legal force of detainers.” She claimed, “The only logical next step is a strong, statewide standard that limits these burdensome requests.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office spokesman Steve Whitmore agreed, saying that the move gave Sheriff Lee Baca more flexibility: “The attorney general’s opinion is going to be taken very seriously. The sheriff applauds it and is grateful for it.”

The Feds weren’t as happy about the decision; a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement said, “The federal government alone sets these priorities and places detainers on individuals arrested on criminal charges to ensure that dangerous criminal aliens and other priority individuals are not released from prisons and jails into our communities.”



islamic terrorists and the Creeping Caliphate on America’s Borders

November 20, 2012 Leave a comment

TWG: Do you think the obama regime is assisting their caliphate terrorist pals only in the middle east? You’d be wrong. They’ve been systematically aiding and abetting them in Mexico. Once the terrorists were busted transporting weapons, troops and nuclear materials directly into Venezuala, 1500 MILES FROM OUR COASTLINE, the obama regime took another route. Yes, Venezuala now has nukes and islamic troops stationed there. Those beasts have also been slithering across our southern borders for a few years now,  setting up their terror training compounds all across this nation in order to prepare for war here on our soil.  Sucking up our welfare programs so generously handed out by the obama regime and bulking up for the fight.  Better start paying attention, America. You’re about to get stoned and  stuffed.  Say bye bye to your children’s future. America is FINISHED.  Thank a so-called “educator” for brainwashing our citizens.

Spare me the denials.  I’ve been watching this nightmare with a magnifying glass.

Mexican drug cartels and Hezbollah strengthen alliance: New report

During an interview of a top GOP lawmaker on Fox News Channel on Monday, while discussing the threat by terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah to Israel, Congressman Mike McCaul stated that a new report reveals that Hezbollah is operating in the Western Hemisphere and is as much a threat to the United States as it is to Israel.


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