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RECOIL Magazine editor makes controversial statement, hell breaks loose

September 18, 2012 1 comment

In a recent review of Heckler & Koch’s MP7 compact personal defense weapon (PDW), RECOIL Magazine editor Jerry Tsai pointed out that the firearm, because of HK’s own restrictions, was not available to the general public. This wouldn’t be so bad on it’s own, that is HK’s policy; the problem is that Tsai agreed with it.

“The MP71A is unavailable to civilians and for good measure. We all know that’s technology no civvies should ever get to lay their hands on. This is a purpose-built weapon with no sporting applications to speak of.” (Emphasis ours.) The sky’s the limit with the problems with that sentence. First and foremost is the idea that “civvies” have to have some reason to own certain guns. That somehow guns with “sporting purposes” are any less dangerous than those designed for combat. 

H&K MP7 PDW Cutaway

And then for Tsai and RECOIL Magazine, things went from bad to worse…..


Chick-Fil-A Opening a Billings Montana Location For One Day! Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 2, 2012 2 comments

[TWG: I’m glad to see them making an appearance here in Montana.  Many of us here wanted to show our appreciation for the statements made by the Chick-Fil-A’s COO Dan Cathy and now we’ll be given an opportunity to do so.  BRAVO!] 


Calling it an opportunity to support traditional family values the Montana Family Foundation will open a Chick-fil-A drive through in Billings for one day in September. The chicken will be available for one day only in Billings’ west end on Saturday, September 8th from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This one-day drive-thru event is called Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day 2.0. For a suggested donation of $20 per person the public is invited to attend this fund-raising event where hot Chick-fil-A chicken, coleslaw and chocolate chip cookies will be available to the first 1000 people.

The restaurant chain became the focus of support and condemnation this summer when Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy made several public statements supporting what he believes to be “the traditional family,” saying about same-sex marriage that those who “have the audacity to define what marriage is about” were “inviting God’s judgment on our nation”. Cathy’s statements were met by students at several colleges and universities who worked to ban or remove the company’s restaurants from their campuses. Several politicians expressed disapproval. Cathy had plenty of support as well. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee initiated a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day movement to counter a boycott of Chick-fil-A launched by same-sex marriage activists. More than 600,000 people RSVPed on Facebook for Huckabee’s appreciation event.

On August 1, Chick-fil-A restaurants experienced a large show of public support across the nation with the company reporting record-breaking sales.

The Billings event will be held at 328 S. Shiloh Road.

Jeff Laszloffy, President/CEO of the Montana Family Foundation said, “A majority of the citizens of Montana share the same conservative values as Dan Cathy and solidified them as the law in 2004 when Montana voted to amend its Constitution to define marriage as being exclusively between one man and one woman in this state.”
“Since Chick-fil-A doesn’t yet have locations in our state most Montanan’s were unable to participate in the national event in August. So we created Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day 2.0 on Saturday, September 8th from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and invite the Treasure State to join the celebration and help support the Montana Family Foundation’s efforts.”



Brandon Darby: Anarchists Plan to Take Down Emergency Medical Services at RNC

August 26, 2012 Leave a comment

[TWG: Soooooooooo…… the ows marxist shitstains are going to play terrorists again. Nothing new there. They’ve been trying to terrorize American citizens for years now. I just hope the police are ready for those vermin this time.  I wonder how long those terrorists can pull this crap before Conservatives and other Patriotic Americans start putting them all in a cardboard box and shoving them down the sewer, where they belong.   Below this article I’ve included the list of maggots behind the ows terrorist klan as well as an interesting read about that terrorist group, written by Thomas Sowell.]


Brandon Darby: Anarchists Plan to Take Down Emergency Medical Services at RNC

by John Sexton 25 Aug 2012

Yesterday, I interviewed my co-worker Brandon Darby as he was traveling toward the Republican National Convention in Florida. The interview focused on strategies used by anarchist protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention and how those strategies will be used once again next week by the Occupy movement.

In addition to trying to shut down bridges to prevent delegates from reaching the convention center next week, Brandon has learned that a subgroup of Occupy is looking to shut down EMS communications throughout the city.

The video that goes along with this interview is one Brandon took at the RNC convention while working undercover for the FBI in 2008. Some of it is a bit jumpy, but you’ll see some of the street blocking tactics as well as several instances of individuals throwing items onto a freeway from an overpass.

Both the audio and video have been edited for content and brevity. What follows is the seven minute interview/video and a complete transcript of Brandon’s comments as they appear in the clip:


Brandon Darby: The video I gave you is interesting because it’s a video surveillance I took of one section of the Republican National Convention welcoming committee. Several of the clips of video were used in the prosecution of David McKay and Bradley Neal Crowder.

What happened at the Republican National Convention in ’08 is that the overall liberal, Democratic protests were organized by a group called United for Peace and Justice. Now these were the mainstream liberal protesters, not the ones who would violate the law or violate a police order or anything crazy. Now what was interesting is that the same group of people organizing the mainstream liberal protests also organized a breakaway group called the RNC Welcoming Committee and it was 500 to 1,000 anarchists. And their goal was to shut down the Republican National Convention by any means necessary.

Now they had meetings for a long time before and what they ultimately decided to do—and it was folks like Lisa Fithian leading the training, and I know because I was in the training…undercover —but what they did is they mapped out the city, maps with corporate targets, business leaders home addresses, and Republican delegates home addresses, and also where the hotels were the delegates were going to be staying in. And they handed out these maps and then they showed people videos of Molotov cocktails and various other criminal behavior and asked everyone to be creative and feel free to use what they called a diversity of tactics and to make sure the Republican National Convention can’t occur, you know, can’t happen.

In a later planning session they mapped out the area around the convention center; they divided it into several sections. Then each group of anarchists of their RNC Welcoming Committee—which we now call Occupy—each group was responsible for a different sector. They had organized everyone into three groups of people. There was the red, the yellow, and the green. What they decided was that the yellow group was going be the group that would be arrestable. They were the ones who were going to get arrested. They were going to chain their arms and hands together in PVC pipe so that the cops couldn’t cut ‘em out without injuring them. But they were going to chain themselves across the major arteries so that the delegates could not get to the convention center.

Now, Lisa Fithian and the organizers, they realized that the police were not going to allow a group to set up and do that, allow the yellow group to do that. So they figured they could use the green group, the green group being the mainstream liberal and Democratic protesters who would never violate the law intentionally. So the organizers would manipulate the green group to get into the street and protest. The green group’s not realizing that they’re being used to cover illegal behavior that’s interfering with the rights of other Americans to assemble. And then when the police told the green group to get out they would slow the green group down and try to keep them from getting out of the road. Well eventually the green group would get out of the road. And if that didn’t give the yellow group enough time to finish locking down across the road, then the red group—which are the black mask wearing anarchists would come in—and the red group would actually begin to attack police.

Last time they made riot shields that they had made out of stolen traffic barrels and the riot shields had protruding sharpened deck screws from them. And they had their signs where, their protests signs were made out of heavy, heavy sticks so they could actually have a weapon against police but police couldn’t take them or else they were violating their rights to free speech.

And they would send the red group in to attack the police and then the red group would flee and then that would give the yellow group enough time to lock down and shut the RNC down. Well what was interesting about it, is that when the red group fled then the police would treat the protesters—because they’re all one protest—they would treat them as though they had just been attacked, because they had been. Well then the green group would look like they were innocent protesters who were getting attacked and in their minds they were because they didn’t realize that Lisa Fithian and the leaders were using them as part of this effort to violently attack police and attack conservatives.

So the buses that did get through when they were held up by the yellow group, then the red group would come back and the red group threw bricks and flagstones through the windows, they slashed the tires of the buses, they threw bleach and urine in the delegates faces and they attacked the buses and the people on the buses. And that’s what they’re going to do this time.

So that was…the red, yellow, green concept is very important for people to realize that that’s what’s occurring. So people have to remember, this isn’t a bunch of unorganized and disorganized kids. This is Lisa Fithian, she’s the one who led the unions and the anarchists to shut down Seattle at the ’99 World Trade Organization protest in Seattle. It’s not something to play around with because when this is all said and done the FBI informants will have stopped bomb plots just as they and I did last time. And when that happens conservatives need to rally around because the left media and the entire left establishment who claims they have nothing to do with these anarchists, they will defend them and dirty the name of anybody who exposes them just as they did to me and just as they did to Andrew. They will defend their darlings and attack the character of anyone who holds them accountable and calls them out. And that’s what’s going to happen this time. We need to stand up as a movement, recognize what the threats are, and we need to defend the people who are keeping us safe and hold accountable and demand accountability for the people who are trying to interfere with our rights to assemble.

The other thing that they’re trying to do is that they have a coms group—and this is breaking news you need to know this—they have a coms group that is trying to shut down the EMS communications structure for the city. That’s really happening. They’re trying to shut down the communications structure for the city for law enforcement and emergency medical personnel.

People don’t realize that these demonstrations, they have a sophisticated communications structure. Like before they have one of these demonstrations, whether it’s this one or whether it’s WTO or whether it’s, whatever it is, whether it’s IMF…When these people when this global movement of anarchists that protests these things they have to rent space and have extra cooling systems and have massive cable networks and they have to have to have a lot of communications equipment, a lot of computer equipment. It’s not like a bunch of people are going to show up and talk on their cell phones. They have some massive computer equipment and their goal is to shut us down.

And no, they’re not going to do the same thing at the DNC, that’s the thing, is because the radicals feel like the average liberal is confused but they have dehumanized completely the conservative. And so they feel they are entitled to take our rights away when they’re not going to do that at the DNC. That’s the difference.



Article: Occupy Wall Street, By Thomas Sowell





The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

October 31, 2011 – 10:48 am – by Zombie

The Occupy Wall Street movement has received so much media coverage in recent weeks that it’s nearly impossible to keep abreast of all the developments. So many endorsements and criticisms coming from all directions enter the news cycle in such rapid succession that even the most dedicated news junkies may have missed out on many of the pronouncements. Supporters and detractors of OWS both might find it useful to have a handy all-inclusive list of who has endorsed or embraced the protest.

To satisfy that demand, we hereby present a list of groups, organizations, individuals and entities that have expressed their support for, sponsorship of, or sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Note: All entries on this list are real and verified. Below each entry you will find a series of source links documenting the support for OWS. We have striven in almost all cases to reference either first-hand statements by the groups or individuals themselves, hosted on their own Web sites; or videos of the people in question voicing their support for OWS at various Occupations; or news reports from reliable mainstream networks; or articles by publications or organizations sympathetic to the Occupy movement; or indisputable evidence, whatever the source. As a result, it cannot be claimed that these statements of support were made up or distorted by detractors of the Occupy movement.

As each new controversial endorsement has appeared over the last month, OWS supporters have dismissed them one by one as “isolated examples” that don’t reflect any overall trend toward extremism. But when viewed in aggregate like this, it becomes much more difficult to dismiss any individual endorsement as an aberration; instead, an undeniable pattern emerges.

This list is obviously incomplete; we hope to update it over the upcoming days and weeks.

If you think we’ve left out any well-known endorsers for which there is solid evidence, then please post suggestions and evidentiary links in the comments section; but please try to supply links that will stand up to any potential claims of misrepresentation.

If you disagree with the inclusion of any of the entries on this list, please post your reasoning and any contravening source links in the comments section, and we will take the evidence into account when updating the list.

Members of the media, bloggers, activists, OWS supporters and detractors as well are all free to repost this list, in whole or in part, without any restrictions. Do note, however, that it may be updated over time, so make sure to get the latest version.

And without further ado, here is…

The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

Communist Party USA


Communist Party USA, OWS speech, The Daily Caller

American Nazi Party


Media Matters, American Nazi Party, White Honor, Sunshine State News

Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran


The Guardian, Tehran Times, CBS News

Barack Obama


ABC News, CBS News, ForexTV, NBC New York

The government of North Korea


Korean Central News Agency (North Korean state-controlled news outlet), The Marxist-Leninist, Wall Street Journal, Times of India

Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam


video statement (starting at 8:28), Black in America, Weasel Zippers, Philadelphia Weekly

Revolutionary Communist Party


Revolutionary Communist Party, Revolution newspaper, in-person appearance

David Duke


Talking Points Memo, video statement,

Joe Biden


Talking Points Memo, video statement, Mother Jones

Hugo Chavez


Mother Jones, Reuters,

Revolutionary Guards of Iran


Associated Press, FARS News Agency, UPI

Black Panthers (original)


in-person appearance, Occupy Oakland, Oakland Tribune

Socialist Party USA


Socialist Party USA, IndyMedia, The Daily Caller

US Border Guard


White Reference,, Gateway Pundit, Just Another Day blog

Industrial Workers of the World


IWW web site,, in-person appearances



in-person appearance, Washington Post, CAIR, CAIR New York

Nancy Pelosi


Talking Points Memo, video statement, ABC News, The Weekly Standard

Communist Party of China


People’s Daily (Communist Party organ), Reuters,, The Telegraph


      Sources:, (2), (3), wikipedia


      Sources: (1), (2), (3)

International Bolshevik Tendency

      Sources:, Wire Magazine



Adbusters, The Guardian, video statement

White Revolution


International Socialist Organization


Socialist Worker,, in-person appearance

PressTV (Iranian government outlet)


PressTV, wikipedia

Marxist Student Union


Marxist Student Union, Big Government,

Freedom Road Socialist Organization


FightBack News,



ANSWER press release, ANSWER web site, Xinhua

Party for Socialism and Liberation


Liberation News (1),, The Daily Free Press, Liberation News (2)

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! obama Regime Allowing PepsiCo To Use ABORTED FETUSES In Their Products!!!

July 17, 2012 2 comments

[TWG: This truly is evil.  I stopped drinking soda pop several years ago when I learned how bad it is for us, particularly with regard to calcium and bones.  Thankfully I’ve never been a fan of Pepsi, preferring Coke for it’s flavor.  This report is deeply disturbing in so many ways.  To know that the obama regime, along with PepsiCo, allows for the consumption of aborted children is absolutely repulsive and evil to it’s very core.  Makes one wonder what else they’re putting into our food supply, doesn’t it?  I’m a huge proponent for natural, non-GMO foods but have occasionally broken my own rule by enjoying a few select processed foods, but this is absolutely the LAST STRAW.  I will NEVER AGAIN eat processed foods and I will ALWAYS find out where, exactly, my (and my dog’s) food comes from. Needless to say, PepsiCo products will forever be banned in my home. This is one of the most despicable and abhorrent articles I’ve ever read.]

(NaturalNews) The Obama Administration has given its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizing the services of a company that produces flavor chemicals for the beverage giant using aborted human fetal tissue. reports that the Obama Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) has decided that PepsiCo’s arrangement with San Diego, Cal.-based Senomyx, which produces flavor enhancing chemicals for Pepsi using human embryonic kidney tissue, simply constitutes “ordinary business operations.”Read more:
Here is a list of PepsiCo products.
Breakfast Bars/Granola Bars:
 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
 Quaker Chewy Granola Cocoa Bars
 Quaker Chewy Smashbars
 Quaker Dipps Granola Bars
 Quaker Oatmeal to Go Bars
 Quaker Stila Bars
 Quaker Yogurt Granola Bars
Coffee Drinks:
 Seattlefs Best Coffee
 Starbucks DoubleShot
 Starbucks Frappuccino
 Starbucks Iced Coffee
Energy Drinks:
 AMP Energy
 No Fear Energy Drinks
 Starbucks Refreshers
 Lipton Iced Tea
 Lipton PureLeaf
 SoBe Tea
 Tazo Tea
Juice/Juice Drinks:
 AMP Energy Juice
 Dole Plus Fortified Juices
 Dole Sensation Juice Drinks
 IZZE Sparkling Juice
 Ocean Spray Juice/Juice Drinks
 Naked Juice
 Naked Juice Coconut Water
 SoBe Juice Drinks
 SoBe Lean Diet Juice Drink
 Tropicana Trop50 Beverages
 Tropicana Pure Premium Juices
 Tropicana Tropics
 Capfn Crunch Cereal
 King Vitaman Cereal
 Motherfs Ready]to]Eat & Hot Cereals
 Quaker Grits
cOatmeal/Cereals Cont.
 Quaker Instant Oatmeal
 Quaker Life Cereal
 Quaker Natural Granola Cereal
 Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal
 Quaker Old Fashioned/Quick/Steel Cut Oats
 Quaker Oh!s Cereal
 Quaker Puffed Rice
 Quaker Real Medleys
 Quaker Whole Hearts cereal
 Quisp Cereal
 Aunt Jemima Mixes & Syrups
 Quaker Oatmeal Pancake Mix
Rice Snacks:
 Quaker Large Rice Cakes
 Quaker Mini Delights
 Quaker Multigrain Fiber Crisps
 Quaker Quakes
Side Dishes:
 Near East Side Dishes
 Pasta Roni Side Dishes
 Rice]A]Roni Side Dishes
 Baked! Cheetos Snacks
 Baked! Doritos Tortilla Chips
 Baked! Layfs Potato Crisps
 Baked! Ruffles Potato Chips
 Baked! Tostitos Tortilla Chips
 Baken]ets Pork Skins and Cracklins
 Cheetos Cheese Flavored Snacks
 Chesterfs Flavored Fries
 Chesterfs Popcorn
 Cracker Jack Candy Coated Popcorn
 Doritos Dinamita
 Doritos JACKED
 Doritos Tortilla Chips
 El Isleno Plantain Chips
 Frito]Lay, Fritos and Tostitos Dips & Salsas
 Frito]Lay Nuts & Seeds
 Fritos Corn Chips
cSnacks Cont.
 Funyons Onion Flavored Rings
 Gamesa Cookies and Wafers
 Grandmafs Cookies
 Hickory Sticks
 Hostess Potato Chips
 Layfs Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
 Layfs Potato Chips
 Layfs Stax Potato Crisps
 Layfs Wavy Potato Chips
 Matador Meat Snacks
 Maui Style Potato Chips
 Miss Vickiefs Potato Chips
 Munchies Snack Crackers
 Munchies Snack Mix
 Munchos Potato Crisps
 Natural Cheetos
 Natural Layfs
 Natural Ruffles
 Natural Tostitos
 Nut Harvest Nuts
 Quaker Breakfast Cookies
 Quaker Snack Mix
 Quaker Soft Baked Cookies
 Rold Gold Pretzels
 Ruffles Potato Chips
 Sabra hummus, dips and salsas
 Sabritones Puffed Wheat Snacks
 Santitas Tortilla Chips
 Smartfood Popcorn
 Smartfood Popcorn Clusters
 Smartfood Selects Popped Chips,
Puffed Corn and Popcorn
 Spitz Seeds
 Stacyfs Pita and Bagel Chips
 SunChips 6 Grain Medley snacks
 SunChips Multigrain Snacks
 Tostitos Artisan Recipes Tortilla Chips
 Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla Chips
 Tostitos Tortilla Chips
Soft Drinks:
 Citrus Blast
 Diet Pepsi
 Diet Mountain Dew
 Diet Sierra Mist
 Manzanita Sol
 Mountain Dew
 Mug Soft Drinks
 Pepsi MAX
 Pepsi NEXT
 Sierra Mist Natural
Sports Nutrition:
 Gatorade G Series Prime 01
 Gatorade Thirst Quencher . G Series Perform 02
 Gatorade G Series Recover 03
 Gatorade G2
 Gatorade Natural
 Gatorade G2 Natural
 Gatorade G Series FIT Prime 01 Pre]Workout Fuel
 Gatorade G Series FIT Perform 02 Workout Hydration
 Gatorade G Series FIT Recover 03 Post]Workout
 Gatorade G Series PRO 01 Nutrition Shake
 Gatorade G Series PRO 01 Nutrition Bar
 Gatorade G Series PRO 01 Carbohydrate Energy
 Gatorade G Series PRO 02 Endurance Formula
 Gatorade G Series PRO 02 Perform Gatorlytes
 Gatorade G Series PRO 03 Protein Recovery Shake
 Gatorade G Series PRO Prime +
 Gatorade G Series PRO Recover +
 Aquafina FlavorSplash
 Propel Zero
 Propel Zero Powder
 SoBe Lifewater 

Police Murder Innocent Homeowner When He Answers 0130 Knock on Door With Gun In Hand.

July 16, 2012 1 comment

Deputies Knock On Wrong Door At 1:30AM At Night, Shoot & Kill Man Who Answers With Gun

Sheriff’s deputies who failed to identify themselves when knocking on a man’s door at 1:30AM at night immediately shot and killed the homeowner after he allegedly opened his door with a gun in hand.

The man who was murdered, 26-year-old Andrew Lee Scott, was described by neighbors as a good person and “very nice guy.”

The deputies realized later they got the wrong house, but for good measure they searched the man’s apartment and found drugs, which apparently justifies their murdering him randomly.

The police are entirely unapologetic. Lt. John Herrell said of the incident, “The bottom line is, you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or police office, you’re going to get shot.”

For police who refuse to identify themselves to point their guns at you is A-OK, yet for you to do the same in self-defense is grounds for summary execution.

In contrast with this gang of criminals, a 92-year-old Toledo woman who found herself in the same situation just the other day actually shot an officer in the side of his head, yet the Toledo police chose not to press any charges against her, as Police Sgt. Joe Heffernan said, “I don’t think it meets all the culpability standards for felonious assault on a police officer.”

Indeed, 26-year-old Andrew Lee Scott had ever right to open his door fully armed, and, at least if he was in a state where the Castle Doctrine was recognized, he may have even had the right to use deadly force in defending himself from the police’s illegal armed invasion.

See the additional video report here.



.Vanderboegh warns of civil war if UN small arms treaty enforced

July 12, 2012 3 comments

The continually developing story of the two U.N. treaties that [obama and hitlery]  intends to sign continues to provoke controversy around the country today. The two treaties, the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) or “small arms treaty,” have created a firestorm of protest among citizens who see both as a threat to American freedom and U.S. sovereignty.

Today the controversy continues as one nationally known blogger and investigative reporter stated that if the small arms treaty is signed by Obama and approved by the Senate, the first time that the government attempts to enforce it will lead directly to civil war.

Among gun rights and liberty enthusiasts, Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars became a household name along with National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea when the two broke the story of the gargantuan Fast and Furious scandal in December of 2010.

The scandal has so engulfed the Obama administration that Attorney General Eric Holder was found in to be in contempt of Congress for his refusal to turn over to Congress key documents that are needed to complete the ongoing investigation. Holder is the first attorney general in U.S. history to be held in contempt.

Vanderboegh commented today on the controversial U.N. small arms treaty, stating that he has concluded that he will not worry about the issue. However, he issued the following warning:

This is one of a hundred things I refuse to worry about. Let ’em pass it and sign the damn thing. The first time they use it for an excuse to further circumscribe our rights here, somebody will likely get shot, and so on, and so on, until the civil war they start is won by the Three Percent.


And before you say “That can’t happen here! Treaties must be ratified by the senate!”  You’re wrong.  Here’s how those beasts are going to accomplish their diabolical schemes:


* During the Revolutionary War, only THREE percent of the people actually fought against Great Britain.

* Only TEN percent of the citizens actively supported that three percent.

* Approximately TWENTY percent considered themselves to be on the side of the Revolution, but they did not actively participate.

* Toward the climactic end of the war, approximately THIRTY percent actually fought on the side of the British.

* The rest of the citizens had no disposition either way. They didn’t care. They didn’t want anything to do with what they deemed to simply be a political issue.

The sanctity, liberty, and freedoms of this nation were brought about by the unselfish, honorable, patriotic, committed, and determined acts of a mere 3%.

This three percent didn’t let the comforts of life blind them to the eternal significance of freedom. They didn’t allow evil speaking to sway what their heart told them was true. They didn’t postpone their actions for a more convenient time. They didn’t value their own life over the life and liberty of their fellow citizens.

In many cases, they sealed their testimony of Freedom, Liberty, and Choice with their blood and the blood of their families. Although it was only three percent, it was still sufficient to create a nation which was to be an example to all the rest of the world of a truly free republic. This three percent laid the foundation of the most powerful and prosperous nation on the earth. This valiant three percent manifested to the entire nation, and surely even the world, the unalienable value of hope, faith, family, virtue and freedom.

Here’s some current figures, courtesy Dave Posh. Thank You, Dave.

Interesting information. Using these percentages, along with today’s USA population number from the 2010 census (308,745,538), we can calculate how many people would be needed today to defend Freedom, Liberty, and our Constitution from our oppressors.

We would need 9,262,366 (3%) people to fight for our Constitution.
We would need 30,874,554 (10%) people to actively support the Constitution.
We would need 61,749,108 (20%) people to be on the side of the Constitution.
There would be 92,623,661 (30%) people that would be on the side of our oppressors.
And, the 114,235,849 (37%) remaining would be apathetic.

DAMNED STRAIGHT.  Do the math.

I’m not the only American citizen who will fight this crap until there is no oxygen left in my lungs. 



[TWG: With Iran on the so-called “Human Rights Council” at the UN, is it any surprise they will be calling shots on the Arms Trade “negotiations” at the UN?  The UN is a cauldron of evil that should be banned from the United States forever.  On the same issue, WATCH HITLERY. She’s using the syria conflict to relinquish our veto powers at the UN. Watch what that evil monster does. She’s selling us out.  I’m FED UP with so-called “gun rights advocates” saying this can’t happen here. IT IS HAPPENING. It’s happening RIGHT NOW. PAY ATTENTION.]


Iran Named to Group Overseeing U.N. Arms Treaty Conference; ‘Like Choosing Bernie Madoff to Police Fraud’

July 9, 2012
( – Iran has been chosen as a member of the “bureau” overseeing a month-long United Nations conference in New York aimed at finalizing a controversial global “arms trade treaty.” 

The move, which came as the conference got underway last week but received virtually no attention, is the latest example of Iran taking up leadership positions at the United Nations despite its defiance of Security Council resolutions relating to its nuclear program….(Con’t)



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