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STOP COMMON CORE AND CSCOPE! Opposition to obama-backed National “Education” (INDOCTRINATION) Scheme Grows

TWG: We are fighting for NOTHING if we don’t stop those beasts NOW.

What is “Common Core”?


Tuesday, 12 March 2013 19:00

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As the Obama administration continues its effort to bribe or bludgeon state governments into accepting the widely criticizedCommon Core” national education curriculum standards, opposition is growing — especially among homeschooling families and private institutions worried about the loss of educational liberty, parental rights, and local authority. While the controversial school standardization scheme does not directly apply to home educators or private schools yet, experts and advocates say the effects are already starting to be felt. This may be just the beginning, too, which is why activists are gearing up for a fight to defeat the agenda.

The Home School Legal Defense Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to defending and advancing the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children, is on the front lines of the battle. According to the HSLDA, which has been expressing serious concerns about “Common Core” for years, the deeply controversial effort to standardize what government schools all across America are teaching is problematic for several reasons. It will affect homeschoolers, too.

“Our concern with the Common Core is twofold,” HSLDA Director of Federal Relations William Estrada told The New American in a phone interview. “The first is that the success of homeschooling shows that kids do best when parents are in control of educational decisions. Common Core centralizes what kids are taught, how they are taught, and what they should learn, in the hands of a few educational bureaucrats at the national level — completely cutting out parents, teachers, and local school boards.”

Indeed, a wide range of organizations and activists have expressed similar fears about the national education scheme, which is being pushed on state governments and local school districts by the Obama administration through the use of federal “Race to the Top” grants and other means. Under the radar until very recently, some 45 states have already signed on to the controversial program. The opposition, however, is just getting started.

Of course, supporters of Common Core claim that it does not directly affect homeschoolers or non-government-funded private schools. Home education advocates, families, and experts, though, are not buying the denials. Led in large part by the HSLDA and other liberty-minded organizations, the home-education community is just one of the powerful political forces getting involved in the fight. The problem for homeschoolers, Estrada explained, is that the Common Core will, at some point, seek control over all education.

“The second major concern is that a national curriculum and national standards will eventually be broadened to include homeschoolers, which would eliminate the ability of parents to tailor their educational message to each specific child,” said Estrada, an attorney who lobbies the federal government on behalf of homeschooling families. “It will eliminate the freedom of homeschool parents to choose their child’s education.”

Indeed, the first symptoms of the “Common Core” problem are already being felt by the homeschooling community. Among the most serious: An increasing number of home education-related companies, for example, have started aligning their curricula and learning materials with the national program. In fact, at least ten popular homeschool curricula produced by various companies are now tailored to conform with the national scheme being pushed by the Obama administration and his radical allies, according to Kristen Chevrier of Home School Wise, who is working to compile a list. There are probably many more.

Despite fears that potential national exams and tracking schemes could one day de-facto force families and private schools to adopt the controversial system, there are still many more companies and organizations that do not incorporate “Common Core.” Chevrier provides an extensive list of instructional materials for homeschoolers that — at least so far — have not been aligned with standards being pushed by the federal government and other powerful forces.

Meanwhile, groups like Freedom Project Education, which provides classical K-12 online schooling, actually boast of their independence from government control, speaking out forcefully against the extremist attempt to impose a national education system on America. FPE Curriculum Director Mary Black warned The New American that, while starting with just less-controversial subjects like English and math, Common Core proponents eventually plan to control the entire educational process nationwide — they essentially admit as much in their own documents, actually.

“The true intent of those who authored it is not to improve the education of our students,” explained Black, who spent 36 years teaching all ages before joining FPE. “The true purpose, I believe, is to remove control of our schools and children from local, even state, and parental authority. There are many inherent dangers, but chief among them is the surrender of control of our children to the federal government, which intends to use schools as purveyors of a socialist agenda.”

According to Black and other experts, documentation shows Common Core is actually a step in the process toward achieving a longtime goal of the United Nations and its supporters: a one-world education system. The UN, of course, has long sought to harmonize global educational standards. And billionaire Bill Gates — one of the primary figures behind Common Core — has also expressed devotion to a similar agenda.

The national curriculum itself is problematic, too. “My review of the Common Core standards indicated that they were designed to teach students what to think and not how to think,” Black explained, echoing concerns expressed by numerous analysts who have investigated the scheme. “The literary classics have been stripped and replaced with books promoting a socialist agenda…. It is certain that it will leave students unable to think for themselves.”

Americans, Black added, must resist the scheme to nationalize the education system. “This is a battle for the control of our children and their education,” she explained, pointing to the far-reaching threat inherent in central government usurpation of the minds of the young — a top priority for totalitarian-minded leaders throughout centuries of history.

Like the HSLDA and other home education advocates, Black also believes Common Core will eventually affect homeschoolers — even if the process may be slow and sneaky at first. She cited federalized testing and changes to the widely used ACT and SAT as among the primary tools to gradually enforce broader compliance with the dubious national standards.

“Those who have not used the textbooks designed to teach these standards have little chance to do well, giving parents and students who want to go to college no choice but to use those textbooks,” Black explained. However, she continued, in addition to the vested interests hoping to profit from Common Core — textbook publishers, for instance — powerful forces such as the global-government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations are helping to advance the plan as well.

Of course, there is a real educational crisis going on in America. Consider, for example, a stunning announcement by officials in New York City last week: Almost 80 percent of high school graduates actually need to re-learn basic skills like reading and math before they can enter even the city’s community college system, according to CBS New York. Across America, students are increasingly graduating without even basic reading and writing abilities.

The real solution to America’s education crisis, however, is not to nationalize the system, experts say. “The local school boards and parents of that school district should determine the standards because they are most personally vested with the education of their children,” Black explained, a common sentiment expressed by parents and educators alike. “The idea of all schools being exactly the same is Utopian, a goal of socialists since the 1800s.”

Across the nation, as awareness of Common Core grows, opposition is surging as well — after all, the whole idea is completely at odds with American traditions of liberty, federalism, and self-governance. State school board officials who have spoken with The New American are outraged. Teachers are too. With homeschoolers joining the fight, however, the forces seeking to impose a national curriculum on the American people without their consent are likely to face an increasingly tough battle — a war, perhaps, that is only just getting started.

Source: The New American

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, politics, and more. He can be reached at

Photo of President Obama: AP Images

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What is “Common Core”?


California School System Settles Claims Against “Educator” Mark Berndt Who Fed School Children His Sperm

TWG: I posted an article about this back on February 17, 2013. This new article is not telling the whole story on what this “educator” did to those children.  Absolutely horrendous.  You can read the original story HERE


Victor Acevedo, Mark Berndt

Photo: AP Mark Berndt, right, a former South Los Angeles-area elementary school teacher at Miramonte Elemenary looks to his attorney, Victor Acevedo during his arraignment in Los Angeles Municipal Court Metropolitan Branch. The Los Angeles school district will pay millions of dollars to settle claims and lawsuits filed by students and families from an elementary school where Berndt was accused of spoon-feeding children semen in what he called “tasting games,” lawyers in the cases said Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

LA schools settle claims over lewd ‘tasting games’


LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles school district will pay millions of dollars to settle claims and lawsuits filed by students and families from an elementary school where a third-grade teacher was accused of spoon-feeding children semen in what he called “tasting games,” lawyers in the cases said Tuesday.

District officials did not reveal the total amount of the settlement, but attorney Raymond Boucher, who represents several Miramonte Elementary School students, said each claimant will receive $470,000.

District General Counsel David Holmquist said the settlement covers 58 of the 191 claims and lawsuits filed by students and parents against the district after the January 2012 arrest of former third-grade teacher Mark Berndt on 23 charges of lewd behavior spanning five years at Miramonte.

A few of the cases involved another Miramonte teacher, Martin Springer, who was charged with lewd acts on a child in a case involving a second-grader that authorities said was fondled in class in 2009.

The accusation surfaced after Berndt’s arrest, Holmquist said. The 58 people involved in the settlement are all students, he said. Prosecutors said in Berndt’s “tasting games” he fed students his semen on cookies and by spoon, sometimes blindfolding and photographing them. Berndt, who taught for 32 years at the South Los Angeles school, has pleaded not guilty in the criminal case.

Springer has also pleaded not guilty. The allegations against Berndt came to light when a drugstore photo technician noticed dozens of odd photos of blindfolded children and reported them to authorities. Investigators said they discovered a plastic spoon in Berndt’s classroom trash bin that was found to contain traces of semen.

Boucher, who represents 13 of the 58 students in the settlement, said proving some of the claims would have been a problem at trial. Some children did not have photographs of themselves eating the cookies laced with a milky white substance, or of being fed spoonfuls of it, he said.

In addition, there was no way to prove the substance in photos was semen, he added. Parents also understood that with so many claims, a jury verdict could bankrupt the district, he added. “We had to do a balancing act and we understood, if you go that second route and you wind up (with the district) in bankruptcy, these clients will never receive compensation for what they’ve been through,” Boucher said.

Frank Perez, an attorney representing eight students, said parents chose to settle rather than put their children through the emotional upheaval of litigation and to put the case behind them. Other attorneys blasted the settlement amount as paltry and said they would proceed with their cases.

“This is lifelong trauma,” lawyer Brian Claypool said. Attorney John Manly said the district has not yet explained how the alleged incidents went undetected for so long. “The district got a great deal today,” he said. “There’s not been a single explanation of who knew what when.”

The case led to a wide-ranging overhaul of how the nation’s second-largest school district handles allegations of sexual abuse after it was revealed that previous complaints about Berndt’s behavior were ignored.

It also shined a light on how slowly state officials act to censure teachers and led to a flurry of allegations of teacher-student sex abuse in the district and in other school systems. Shortly after Berndt’s arrest, the school district temporarily removed all 76 of the school’s teachers along with staff and administrators, putting them on leave and having them report to an empty high school nearby.

Six months later, when the new school year began, 43 of them returned to a restructured Miramonte with a new principal. The rest either retired or went to new schools.

SEIU Celebrates “Our Comrade” Hugo Chavez




We all know the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is an ardent supporter of Barack Obama. Interesting to note that New York SEIU 1199 organized a candelight procession on Friday night as “A Celebration and Procession For Our Comrade Hugo Chavez”.

SEIU Organizes Hugo Chavez ‘Celebration And Procession’ To Honor ‘Our Comrade’ was one of the few website which still posted the SEIU announcement detailing the “celebration and procession” for the deceased Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

A memorial vigil was held Wednesday at the Venezuelan consulate in Manhattan, but the union march is raising eyebrows.

From the Facebook event page.

Friday, March 8, 2013

1199SEIU New York City 310 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036 auditorium

The Bolivarian Circle of New York invite the general population

Those who die for life can not be called dead

A Celebration and procession for the life of our comrade Hugo Chávez extraordinary human and revolutionary. Your energy, love and example will not be forgotten.

The revolution will continu e until there is liberation for all.



Join us and spread the word, show your solidarity and support in memory of President Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution

With a little help from their friends.




California “Educator” Mark Berndt Took Photos of Children Bound, Gagged, Crawling With Cockroaches, Fed Children His Sperm

February 17, 2013 2 comments

TWG:  This article is from January, 2012.   I found it while reading THIS ARTICLE and wanted to share it with TWG readers.

Mark Berndt, Miramonte Elementary School Teacher, Reportedly Took Photos of Kids Bound, Gagged, Crawling With Cockroaches in Sick ‘Sex Game’

By Simone Wilson Tue., Jan. 31 2012 at 7:30 AM
miramonte elementary bendt.jpg
The South L.A. school where Bendt taught for three decades.

Update: “‘Sex Game’ Teacher Mark Berndt Went Free for Over a Year: How Did LAUSD, L.A. Sheriff Let This Happen?

Updated at the bottom: DNA tests show that Berndt spoon-fed the students his own semen.

A longtime South L.A. elementary school teacher was fired about one year ago, in January 2011, when he was reportedly found with hundreds of photos of his third-grade students — bound, gagged, crawling with cockroaches and sometimes fed semen, according to KNX news radio.

LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy tells KNX that 61-year-old Mark Henry Berndt of Miramonte Elementary was immediately fired when district officials laid eyes on the nauseating photographs.

mark bendt.jpg
LA Times
Mark Berndt was arrested yesterday after a yearlong investigation.

Berndt allegedly told the kids that it was all just a game — but investigators from the Special Victims Bureau of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department tell reporters at Fox11 that the strange ritual was a “sex game” intended to fulfill the perverted sexual desires of the teacher.

Reports say that Berndt snapped up to 400 pictures of at least 23 children, ages 7 to 10 — but those are just the victims who have been identified. Investigators have spent the last year probing the extent of the damage, and fear there may be many more victims who haven’t come forward.

According to Fox11, the cockroaches were lured onto the children’s faces by “putting sugar in their mouths,” but KNX says the sugar was actually semen.

Academically, the veteran third-grade teacher scored below-average marks in the LA Times‘ 2009 teacher ratings. Miramonte is located in unincorporated Los Angeles, near South L.A.

A Twitter user named Mia says she had Mr. Berndt for 2nd and 5th grades. She says he was her favorite teacher, and that the allegations come as a huge shock. “He was obsessed with the Mojave desert, and drove a baby blue vw bug, he did take boy students on trips to the desert,” the woman Tweets. Also: “The only thing I ever thought was out of the ordinary was his camping trips to the desert with the boy students.”

Berndt is reportedly behind bars, held under $2.3 million bail. Sheriff’s officials are planning to release more information within the hour. Updates to come as they’re available.

Update: Gigi Graciette at Fox11, who broke this story, says Redondo Beach police were originally notified of a suspicious roll of film that Berndt took to get developed (apparently containing the kiddie porn). They then turned over the probe to the Sheriff’s Department.

A spoon with Berndt’s own semen on it was reportedly found in the teacher’s classroom trash can. The photos showed the kids — mainly females — blindfolded with with their mouths taped shut.

It’s sick,” says Superintendent Deasy on the morning news. “It makes you sick to your stomach.” He adds that cops are still trying to determine where and when the photos were taken.

So how did something this large-scale and monstrous get past administrators? “There was no student who ever came forward,” says Deasy, looking disgusted and helpless.

The full story, via the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department:

Sheriff’s Special Victims Bureau detectives arrested 61-year old Mark Berndt, a teacher with over 30 years’ experience at a South Los Angeles elementary school, on child molestation charges after conducting an extensive sex crimes investigation.The investigation began over a year ago when over 40 photographs depicting children in a school classroom, with their eyes blindfolded and mouths covered with tape, were turned in to law enforcement by a film processor. Film processors are mandated to report suspected child abuse under California law (11166 of the California State Penal Code).Investigators learned that some of the photos depicted Suspect Mark Berndt with his arm around the children, or with his hand over their mouths.In addition, the photographs depicted girls with what appeared to be a blue plastic spoon, filled with an unknown clear/white liquid substance, up to their mouths as if they were going to ingest the substance. There are also photos of children with large live Madagascar-type cockroaches on their faces and mouths.

Over 80 current and former students and school employees were interviewed during the extensive investigation. 23 boys and girls between the ages of 7 – 10 years old, have been identified as victims for crimes that were committed between 2008 – 2010.

A search warrant was served by sheriff’s detectives on the suspect’s home in the city of Torrance, which led to the discovery of over 100 more similar photographs depicting children. Also recovered was a DVD of film depicting adult sexual “Bondage” activity which mirrored the bondage-type photos of the children. The adults in the bondage video were not identified and the images in that video are not a crime.

An additional 250 photographs were later recovered by Sheriff’s Special Victims Bureau detectives from the film processing establishment.

There were over 26 children identified in the 390 total photos. Approximately 10 children have not yet been unidentified.

Early in the investigation, Special Victims Bureau detectives recovered a blue plastic spoon and an empty container from the trash within the suspect’s classroom. The recovered items tested positive for semen. Through further investigation, the suspect’s DNA was obtained and tested, and determined that it matched that of the DNA profile found on the spoon and container.

For over 30 years the suspect was a teacher at Miramonte Elementary School, 1400 E. 68th St., Los Angeles (unincorporated Florence/Firestone area). Shortly after the investigation began, in March 2011, the suspect was terminated by the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Twenty-three felony counts of Lewd Acts Upon a Child, 288(a) of the California State Penal Code, involving 23 children were filed in Norwalk Superior Court on Monday, January 30, 2012, with bail set at $2.3 million.

Update No. 2: The big question that remains this morning: Why was Berndt allowed to walk freely among us for the year that it took the Special Victims Bureau to complete its probe?

Lieutenant Carlos Marquez tells KNX that investigators were “monitoring” the ex-teacher in the months after he was fired. He argues that any immediate danger was mitigated by the school board’s decision to kick Berndt off campus, and says the Sheriff’s Department wanted to gather all possible evidence before making an arrest.

For instance, DNA testing on the spoon and container was only completed “a month and a half ago.” But still — why?

The department insists that the task was complicated enough to warrant the delay. Try telling that to the hundreds, even thousands, of horrified Miramonte parents whose children were exposed to Berndt in his 30-plus years at the elementary school.


Meanwhile, it was revealed the area school district paid Berndt $40,000 to drop a dismissal challenge last year, after he was fired when officials learned local authorities were probing him over ‘lewd acts’.  BERNDT ACTUALLY TRIED TO KEEP HIS JOB!

And then there’s this:

‘I’m very happy you’re my student’: Chilling letters sent to children by ‘pervert’ teacher at L.A. sex scandal school

  • Students made allegations sex abuse against Miramonte Elementary School
  • Girl says already-accused Mark Berndt fed her vanilla cookies in classroom
  • School has now reopened with completely new set of staff after scandal
  • District facing $5.7m bill to replace staff and still pay former teachers
  • Other teacher Martin Springer freed on $300,000 bond on Friday morning

By Mark Duell
UPDATED: 17:15 EST, 10 February 2012

These shocking new pictures show the teacher and his letters to pupils at the centre of a disturbing alleged sex scandal that has led to the closure and reopening of a Los Angeles elementary school.

The photos show Mark Berndt, 61, a Miramonte Elementary School teacher accused of feeding his students spoonfuls of his semen and semen-laced cookies, dressed in black leggings and shorts.

In one he is wearing Mickey Mouse ears and has his arm around a female student. Berndt appears to be eating a cookie of some sort, but it’s unclear whether it was one of his own ‘special’ concoctions.

New images: Mark Berndt, seen here dressed in tights as Mickey Mouse, allegedly fed semen-laced cookies to students at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles, CaliforniaNew images: Mark Berndt, seen here dressed in tights as Mickey Mouse, allegedly fed semen-laced cookies to students at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles, California


Inside his mind: One photo shows Mark Berndt with a pupil, left, and a letter he sent to one student is seen right

Creepy: This letter allegedly sent to a student by Mark Berndt shows him wishing them a happy birthdayCreepy: This letter allegedly sent to a student by Mark Berndt shows him wishing them a happy birthday

But this photo is tame compared to some 600 images allegedly seized of Berndt feeding blindfolded students, age six to 10. He is charged with committing lewd acts on 23 children in a five-year period.

Authorities re-opened Miramonte yesterday with an entirely new staff after it was closed when a second teacher was charged with sex abuse against students at the school.

In one physical-education class, first-graders reportedly had to tell their teacher where to find the class schedule and what they were supposed to be doing that period.

Parents and union leaders staged a protest outside, chanting ‘no new teachers’ and said the school board over-reacted by assigning every single member of staff to an unfinished high school nearby.

The teachers’ union is set to file complaints on behalf of many of the staff, who do not yet know if they will ever be able to return to the school.

Veteran teacher: Mark Berndt, 61, taught at Miramonte Elementary School for more than three decadesVeteran teacher: Mark Berndt, 61, taught at Miramonte Elementary School for more than three decades

Pose: This image shows Berndt with three children and a female adult - none of whom have been identifiedPose: This image shows Berndt with three children and a female adult – none of whom have been identified
Posing: Berndt stands with a pupil among dozens of others while he wears a yellow Miramonte t-shirtPosing: Berndt stands with a pupil among dozens of others while he wears a yellow Miramonte t-shirt

Some students wrote farewell letters to their former teachers. ‘You had to go because of somebody evil,’ one first-grader wrote. Others wrote: ‘You were a good teacher’ and ‘I will miss you.’

About 100 parents and children protested outside the school on Thursday with signs saying ‘Give us our teachers back’ and chanting ‘no new teachers’. ‘My son liked his teacher,’ said Jose Vargas.

‘It’s kind of hard. You barely know your teacher, and they’re gone. The kids don’t know what’s going on’

Lorena Soriano, Miramonte pupil’s parent

Parents were offered the option of transferring their children to another school. District employees gave parents details about other schools in a two-mile radius and charter schools.

‘It’s kind of hard,’ said Lorena Soriano, whose sixth-grader attends Miramonte. ‘You barely know your teacher, and they’re gone. The kids don’t know what’s going on.’

Meanwhile it was revealed the area school district paid Berndt $40,000 to drop a dismissal challenge last year, after he was fired when officials learned local authorities were probing him over ‘lewd acts’.

Speaking out: The pupil at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles, California, told KTLA that Mark Berndt would ask a female teacher to send her to his adjoining classroom, where he would give her the cookiesSpeaking out: The pupil at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles, California, told KTLA that Mark Berndt would ask a female teacher to send her to his adjoining classroom, where he would give her the cookiesBerndt was fired in February 2011 while the investigation was ongoing, but he tried to keep his job until he settled with the school district and resigned last June, reported the Los Angeles Times.

‘Mr Berndt, he called my teacher and said if he could borrow some students. The teacher said: “Why is she getting the cookie?”. He said: “Because she’s been helping a lot”‘

Miramonte pupil, 10

School officials were told they couldn’t justify the firing because the sheriff’s office was investigating and they could not interfere with this – so the school wouldn’t have any evidence or witnesses.

It comes as a brave student at Miramonte Elementary School came forward to tell her story of allegedly being fed semen-laced vanilla cookies with white frosting and sprinkles almost every day.

The pupil told KTLA that Berndt often asked a female teacher to send the girl to his adjoining classroom, where he would give her the cookies.

Mark Berndt has been charged with 23 counts of lewd acts on children at the school
Martin Springer was arrested on suspicion of fondling two girls in his classroom

Removed from school: Mark Berndt, 61, (left) was charged with carrying out lewd acts on 23 children who were aged six to ten. His colleague Martin Springer, 49, (right) has been held over claims of lewd acts with minors

‘Mr Berndt, he called my teacher and said if he could borrow some students,’ the pupil told the TV station. ‘I went there, and he gave me a cookie. The teacher said: “Why is she getting the cookie?”

‘I try not to cry a lot in front of her because she’s very strong, so I try to be strong too but it breaks my heart’

Miramonte pupil’s mother

‘He said: “Because she’s been helping a lot”,’ she told KTLA. ‘I thought that he was just giving me the cookie because I was nice and that I helped. He would take (pictures) with his cell phone.’

The shocking interview about the third-grade teacher accused of feeding children his semen during bizarre ‘tasting games’ came as an entirely new staff of teachers are expected to greet students.

‘I try not to cry a lot in front of her because she’s very strong, so I try to be strong too but it breaks my heart,’ the girl’s mother told KTLA. Neither the girl nor her mother have been identified.

Amid outrage from parents, school district officials closed Miramonte for two days to completely turn over the 120-member staff, from janitors to principal, and it re-opened on Thursday.

Turnover: Amid outrage from parents, school district officials closed Miramonte for two days to completely turn over the 120-member staff, from janitors to principal, and it is due to re-open on ThursdayTurnover: Amid outrage from parents, school district officials closed Miramonte for two days to completely turn over the 120-member staff, from janitors to principal, and it is due to re-open on Thursday
Worried about students: Los Angeles School District Superintendent John Deasy announces that the entire teaching staff of Miramonte Elementary School will be relocated in the wake of the arrestsWorried about students: Los Angeles School District Superintendent John Deasy announces that the entire teaching staff of Miramonte Elementary School will be relocated in the wake of the arrests

‘It’s the most severe action I’ve seen taken by a school district,’ anti-child sex abuse campaigner Terri Miller, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, told the New York Daily News.


Police have reassured undocumented Latinos that they will not be deported if they come forward with details about child sexual abuse allegations at Miramonte, reported MSNBC.

Rumours have been circling among parents that their residency status may be questioned if they speak out and they remain ‘afraid to talk’, immigration lawyer Jessica Dominguez said.

‘We’ve seen a reluctance among families to come forward on the advice of lawyers,’ a Los Angeles County Sheriff spokesman told MNSBC. But he added: ‘A person’s legal status will not be questioned.’

The new staff comprises a retired principal, 88 teachers and support staff who were recently laid off and were on a rehiring list, and the reopening follows further revelations on Wednesday.

Police recovered 200 more inappropriate photos of children and allegedly found Berndt sent warmly written birthday cards and presents to students who participated in his ‘games’.

According to three lawsuits filed against the district on Tuesday, third-grade teacher Berndt sent birthday cards to some of the girls, asking how they were adjusting to the fourth grade.

He also wrote warm notes such as ‘surely no teacher could ever have a more wonderful student than you!!’ and ‘P.P.S. The Roaches Say ‘Hi!’‘ He signed the notes: ‘Mr. B.’

The lawsuits allege the school failed to adequately safeguard them against Berndt and a second teacher, Martin Springer, who faces lewdness charges over the fondling of a second-grader.

Uncertain times: A student carries a class project to school as parents and the media gather outsideUncertain times: A student carries a class project to school as parents and the media gather outside

Comforting: A parent hugs her child at the start of the school day. School bosses say they are trying to 'govern emotion' as the investigation continuesComforting: A parent hugs her child at the start of the school day. School bosses say they are trying to ‘govern emotion’ as the investigation continues


The decision to replace every teacher and staff member at the school will rack up a bill of at least $5.7million in new hiring costs, a district spokesman told the Los Angeles Times.

In addition, the nearly 90 former teachers and dozens of support staff will continue to be paid even though they won’t be at the school.

Many teachers taking over were laid off by district budget cuts and all have been carefully screened, Superintendent John Deasy said.

There will also be a counsellor in every class for the rest of the year. The district may also face millions of dollars in lawsuit costs.

Berndt gave one girl a CD dated February 12, 2010, writing on it, ‘Happy 9th B-Day – Hope You Enjoy the Songs!’ that included such tracks as ‘Never on Sunday’ and ‘Gonna Get Along Without You’.

Sheriff’s investigators said they have found 200 additional photos they believe were taken by Berndt, who is accused of committing lewd acts on 23 children from 2005 to 2010.

The photos were found last week at the same pharmacy where a photo lab technician first noticed odd pictures that led to Berndt’s arrest. The discovery brings the total photos to roughly 600.

Many of the photos involve children already identified by authorities, but there may be other victims, Sheriff’s Lieutenant Carlos Marquez said.

Furore: Members of the media gather outside the Miramonte last Friday following the arrest of Springer, who was pulled from a classroom just days after Berndt was chargedFurore: Members of the media gather outside the Miramonte last Friday following the arrest of Springer, who was pulled from a classroom just days after Berndt was charged

Mixed emotions: Parents are divided over the move to remove all the school's staff. Some feel they should have been consulted firstMixed emotions: Parents are divided over the move to remove all the school’s staff. Some feel they should have been consulted first

Like the other pictures, the photos show children ages 6 to 10 blindfolded and being fed a milky, white liquid that authorities believe was semen on spoons or cookies, Lieutenant Marquez said.

‘It’s the most severe action I’ve seen taken by a school district’

Terri Miller, anti-child sex abuse campaigner

Berndt taught for 32 years at the school, remains jailed on $23million bail and faces life in prison if convicted. The furore over his arrest led two parents to come forward last week to complain.

They said Springer, 49, who had worked at the school for 26 years, fondled two second-grade girls. He pleaded not guilty after he was charged with committing three lewd acts on one girl in 2009.

Springer was freed on a $300,000 bond early on Friday and fitted with an ankle monitoring device, reported NBC News. Detectives said there is no evidence that the two men acted in concert.

These stories reminded me of this one, from January, 2011:

OAKLAND (CBS 5) — A teacher at Oakland’s Markham Elementary School has been suspended indefinitely after school officials said a pair of second-graders performed sex acts on each other in class – with the teacher present.

“I think everyone is taken aback over this shocking incident,” Troy Flint, the spokesman for the Oakland Unified School District, told CBS 5 on Thursday. “Of course, it is hard to understand how that could have occurred.”


It’s a sick world where these vermin are protected and defended by teachers unions, and paid for by the American taxpayers.  Where’s the outrage? 


Click here to learn about obama’s “Safe Schools Czar”, Kevin Jennings, who handed out fisting kits, lube, sex guides, anal sex kits, condoms and books written about how to find anonymous sex outside homosexual night clubs and public parks.   TO GRADE SCHOOL CHILDREN.



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“Unending Mean-Mouthing”

December 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Unending Mean-Mouthing

The below letter to the editor is by Robert “Bob” McDowell, Jr. He is a Professional Engineer and Geologist with over 50 years experience in creating drilling prospects, supervising drilling, well completion, production operation, and pipeline design for oil and gas including repair of problem wells. McDowell is a conservative and active in the Oklahoma Republican Assembly.

Bob McDowell

By Bob McDowell: As was postulated early last year, this was expected to be one of the most vicious and nasty election campaign periods in memory. All the while President Obama (D-IL), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), House Minority Leader “Queen” Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would use their respective pulpits to call for more ‘civil’ discourse. It seems that their remarks were directed only to those in the Republican and conservative side of the political spectrum, since not one word has been heard from them, or their spokespersons, against the continual diatribes coming from their supporters and colleagues.

Experience and history has clearly taught me that is the course of action to be expected from those in the Communist/Socialist movements in the World. We have also seen that come out of the clergy and ‘elected officials’ of the Muslim nations. Decent thinking people are, or should be, deeply offended by the words and phrases used by those who would seek to arouse hatred in the uninformed so as to instigate riots and other nefarious actions.

This was made clear earlier last year when the Wisconsin Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law what was termed “right to work” legislation that ended the requirement that ALL employees of the State be members of a union and that the State MUST deduct the union dues from their pay checks and remit the collected dues to the unions. The same requirement was in the former law in respect to private companies and their employees. During the raucous ‘debate’ in the Legislature the members of the Democrat Caucus even fled the State in hopes that the vote could not be held due to the lack of a quorum. The unions organized ‘invasion’ protests and occupied the Capitol Building for days. Failing that, they presented petitions calling for a “Recall” election of the governor and some legislators, which then was unsuccessful.

Then late in the year, the same thing happened in Michigan and the unions bussed in from out of state thugs to protest, tear down a tent with people inside, and even physically attack a FOX reporter, which was captured on camera. Going along with the administration, the broadcast networks and CNN declined to show any of this misconduct, and some even denied it happened and accused the opposition of being the instigators of the uproar.

A member of the Democrat caucus in the Michigan Legislation even stated from the floor words to the effect that ‘if this passed there would be blood’. And where were the Nation’s leaders in the Democrat Party in criticizing this conduct and speaking? As of mid-January, not one word of criticism has been heard from any of them. So it would seem that they are in complete approval of this ‘uncivilized’ conduct. Further, they are quick to accuse the opposition of ‘obstruction’ and ‘non-cooperation’ in the fiscal negotiations that have become necessary because of the failure of the Congress to address the budget problems they, and their predecessors, have brought about.

It should be remembered that since the election of 2006, when the Democrats gained majority status in both houses, not one budget has been passed. It is Constitutionally mandated that one must be passed each year but they have passed “continuing resolutions” to operate the Federal Government. The House, since the 2010 election returned a Republican majority, has passed a number of budgets but Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid has refused to even assign them to a committee, so no vote ever occurred.

We will not have a chance to change this until 2014, but it all should be remembered, and we should be seeking candidates to replace those who are so obnoxious.

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Union Thugs Openly Threaten Michigan Governor’s Daughter

December 16, 2012 2 comments

A “reverend” in Michigan, preaching violence, threatening little children, promoting & encouraging illegal acts and terrorism.

I’m used to threats from those beasts.  For eight years now, I’ve been threatened with rape, torture and death nearly every day.  They don’t scare me.  They’re just a pack of internet trolls.  I WANT them to try walking that talk and I’m waiting for them.  They’re just sissies and bullies.

But if some vile fucker like this EVER  threatened my children or anyone in my Family, they’d be stuffed into a colostomy sack, pissed on by my dog and thrown in a box to rot. 

VIDEO: Watch Kevin Jackson (The Black Sphere) School The Glassy Eyed Minions

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment

TWG; HA! Watch Kevin Jackson school this ignorant, glassy eyed obama snuggler over union thuggery, welfare and rights for American Blacks.   Kevin Jackson is the founder of The Black Sphere and is very knowledgeable and eloquent on the issues surrounding the democrat party’s assault on American Blacks.  I’m a huge fan of Mr. Jackson for his relentless efforts to expose the democrat party’s history with regard to civil and human rights issues.   Without regard to the vile threats and racist name-calling he’s received from the leftists, he continues to fight for the truth.  

His book, The Big Black Lie is a real eye opener for those who still believe the democrat party has been good for American blacks. Do yourself, and others, a favor by picking up a copy of this book and visiting AND SHARING Kevin Jackson’s site, THE BLACK SPHERE



Video: Steven Crowder Brutally Attacked By Union Thugs While Conducting Interview

December 11, 2012 1 comment

[UPDATE: According to several sources, this first thug’s name is Tony Camargo.  Where’s the police to arrest this violent THUG?]





TWG:  Good thing they got this violent assault on video. It’s not often those beasts are caught on tape assaulting Patriotic Americans.  I’ve been attacked by those union thugs on numerous occasions, punched, kicked, shoved, tripped, slapped, spat upon and in my face and a cup of urine thrown in my face. Why? Because I was opposed to the obamacare scheme, or because I support our Bill of Rights.  Those beasts have been threatening me almost on a daily basis with rape, torture and death.  People really need to understand what we’re going to have to deal with here.  These thugs are supported and encouraged by the marxist regime squatting on our White House today.  CARRY PROTECTION, FILE CHARGES AND SUE THEIR FAT, LAZY ASSES OFF IF THEY LAY ONE HOOF ON YOU.  Where’s the police?  ARREST THOSE ASSHOLES.

Conservative Steven Crowder just sent this out…
The video is self explanatory.

“I was sucker-punched four times on camera, without retaliation, choked, and the AFP tent is torn to the ground with women and children inside of it.”

Extremely violent footage. Please post for truth.

As you can see from the video, Steven did nothing to provoke the violent attack.

So will Barack Obama condemn this violent leftist behavior?


December 10, 2012 10 comments

TWG: These union thugs need to be arrested and convicted.  We need to establish and pass Right To Work legislation in each and every State and we need to yank  our children OUT OF THE GRIP OF THESE MARXIST DAMNED BEASTS and MOB MENTALITY CRIMINAL THUGS.  They don’t give a DAMN about children.


When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.
– Albert Shanker, Former President of the American Federation of Teachers


by Breitbart News 10 Dec 2012, 2:38 PM PDT

With Michigan teachers unions outraged over the state’s new right-to-work law that allows teachers to work without joining the union, the state’s current teachers are preparing to close down schools in protest. To recap: unions are bankrupting Michigan schools and shutting them down as the localities run out of money. To stop that, Michiganders passed a right-to-work law. Now, in protest of that right-to-work law, unions want to shut down schools.



Takers vs. Makers: Where to Rent Instead Of Purchasing a Home

December 9, 2012 1 comment

Posted by Brittany Stepniak  on the Wealth Wire


Americans don’t seem to settle down at young ages anymore. Their careers and relationships tend to pull them all over the United States, but once people enter their 30s, they tend to start thinking about home ownership.

That’s very good and well, so long as you understand the risk-factors associated with your home location of choice. According to Forbes, new home buyers should be cautious of the type of workers who reside in the states of interest.

Are more folks in the nearby neighborhoods reliant on government jobs and government welfare than those who hold steady jobs in the private sector? If the answer is yes, don’t buy in these areas.

In these uncertain financial times, investors have to be selective. They have to be extremely careful when dividing capital, acquiring real estate, and diversifying their portfolios. If you’re an investor interested in the benefits of home ownership, we urge you to take a look at 11 states where you should rent, not buy.

This list was compiled based upon the ratio of takers vs. makers in that statewide community. Takers are defined by Forbes as people who receive government money; in the form of employee wages, pensions, or welfare. A maker is noted as someone “gainfully employed in the private sector.”


*Photograph by Gary Cralle/Getty Images, originally published at National Geographic


*Image cortesy of Best Hawaii Travel.  


*Image courtesy of the Illinos Visitors Bureau, originally published on Trip Advisor


*Image courtesy of APWA

South Carolina
Hilton Head 

*Image courtesy of Best Beaches.  

New York
New York 

*Image courtesy of WWP, New York City, New York.  


*Image courtesy of New York Van Line.  


*Photograph by Robert Francis/Getty Images, originally published at National Geographic. 


*Image courtesy of Foreign Policy


*Image courtesy of Trip Advisor.  

New Mexico

*Image courtesy of

As the takers in these ill-fated states begin to outnumber the makers, taxes go up for everyone. Wealthy citizens begin to leave to avoid the outrageous tax-increases. As the wealthy people in the private sector are leaning on this principle, the poorer taxpayers left behind are faced with the burden of experiencing yet another round of tax-increases to compensate for all the tax-payers that left and are no longer contributing to that state.

It’s a circle of darkness for many states struggling to keep entrepreneurs from fleeing the state to more attractive locations – based solely upon key financial matters.

Although we all want to escape the humdrum lull of quiet towns from time to time, don’t act too hastily. Running away to the sandy shores on the west coast to soak up the California sun and laid-back atmosphere is great for a vacation, but not for permanency.

No matter how you look at it, California is in trouble. They keep spending money they don’t have,catering their public servants handsomely, while spending billions on people who aren’t even legal citizens. In fact, a City Journal essay by Victor Davis Hanson says that California spends$10 billion a year on entitlements for illegal aliens. This sounds absurd, but it’s true…

Even if you have money in municipal bonds in California, that’s still a pretty risky bet. All in all, it’s hard to justify buying a home or investing at all in a bankrupt state like California. So if your career or spouse takes you to Los Angeles or San Diego enjoy the experience – just make sure you’re renting while you’re living there.

Don’t fall into a mortgage death trap and end up with a home in an area unable to produce their own goods and services without government assistance. These are the areas that will be hit the hardest in the fiscal cliff aftermath.

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