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Baby Slaughtering Mega-Chain Offering Aborted Fetus Christmas “Abornaments”

December 20, 2012 Leave a comment

There are no words to describe how completely disgusted I am by this.  We have got to shut down those baby slaughtering mega-chains.  168,000 slaughtered babies PER DAY, and they want more.  Using our tax dollars to pay for this abhorrent group.   These are the same “people” feigning concern for the 20 children murdered in CT.  They have no voice where children’s safety issues are concerned.

‘Tis the season for depravity: Pro-abortionists again offer sick ‘abornaments’

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This is what society has come to. Using models of a fetus in different stages before birth as Christmas tree ornaments to promote abortion.


Yes, it’s true. Pro-abortion trolls have again slithered out from under the depravity bridge to offer “abornaments” (abortion ornaments) for Christmas.

The moral bankruptcy is staggering.

While we have the discussion of protecting lives … “abornaments”:

Please tell me this isn’t real RT @StevenErtelt: SICK: Abornaments? Abortion Activists Make Sacrilegious Ornaments

This can’t be real? RT @michellemalkin: MT @StevenErtelt: Abornaments? Abortion Activists Make Sacrilegious Ornaments

Yes, it’s real. And the sick offerings have been made before.

Their “logo” is “taking the bore out of abortion.”


Because, abortion LOLZ! They stopped making them after their debut in 2010, but are now threatening to come back with more.

It has come to our attention that, despite the fact that we have not made or sold any abornaments in over two years, certain groups have chosen to retroactively draw attention to our little shop here on Etsy. So guess what, P-lifes? You win. Since you want so badly to talk about us, we will make more.

But chances are they won’t be available until after x-mas. Sit tight.

Take that, pro-lifers! They will totally show you … by continuing to be sickening cretins.

Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers shows more of the depraved “abornaments.”

More — Abornament – “Our Savior Lights Our Way” — Baby Jesus being aborted. Says proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.…

And surprise, surprise! Some proceeds went to Planned Parenthood.

19 Dec 12

@kirstenpowers10 there is a cult of “real Live” babies. they are dolls and often collected by a woman remorseful over abortion. look it up

@papertiguer really? is that why they are giving proceeds to planned parenthood?

Perhaps Planned Parenthood used the proceeds to pay for the birth control chocolate sent to the “feminist” website Jezebel?

You’re welcome! RT @Jezebel: Planned Parenthood Just Sent Us Chocolate Birth Control

Twitter users with souls are rightfully disgusted.

It is just nauseating, the lengths to which some people will go to try to mainstream the murder of innocent babies.

Abortionistas sell ornaments depicting dead pre-born babies hanging from coat hangers.

When we start talking about why collectively, we don’t value life, other issues will resolve themselves…

Because the Left values life so much. RT @DLoesch: While we have the discussion of protecting lives … “abornaments”:

Rubber fetuses hanging from trees? That’s even more revolting than Planned Parenthood’s “Choice on Earth”…

This is absolutely abominable. The pro-choice crowd has hit a new low: Abornaments… via @StevenErtelt

This is absolutely disgusting and so anti-human. “Abornaments”… via @StevenErtelt

Most Sick twisted thing I’ve ever seen RT @StevenErtelt Abornaments? Abortion Activists Make Sacrilegious Ornaments

Sick creeps. RT @DLoesch: While we have the discussion of protecting lives … “abornaments”:

God help us! – “@ArcticFox2016: Sickening ~> Abornaments? Abortion Activists Make Sacrilegious Ornaments

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with people? Abortion activists make Xmas “abornaments”…

They lack a moral compass, clearly. The devaluing of life is not only depraved, it is heart-breaking. Something evil this way came and it was called Roe v. Wade. Pro-abortionists don’t want abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” They don’t care if it is safe at all, and they want abortion to be the default and the norm. Thankfully, the non-morally bankrupt will never see sick things like “abornaments” as mainstream and acceptable. Those with souls value all life, including the innocent unborn who have yet to even take their first breaths. Yet cretinous ghouls like the “abornaments” makers think it is edgy or hilarious to mock the fact that those innocent  lives were snuffed out before that first breath was ever taken.

There is one benefit to this sickening display; it exposes the depravity for all to see.

There is just nothing better to rally sane people to your cause than stuff like this. Good. Grief. “Abornaments”:

Keep showing your true, depraved colors.

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