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Linus and Lucy Debate “Pro Choice”

March 25, 2013 6 comments


OMG, OMG, OMG!!! obama Regime Allowing PepsiCo To Use ABORTED FETUSES In Their Products!!!

July 17, 2012 2 comments

[TWG: This truly is evil.  I stopped drinking soda pop several years ago when I learned how bad it is for us, particularly with regard to calcium and bones.  Thankfully I’ve never been a fan of Pepsi, preferring Coke for it’s flavor.  This report is deeply disturbing in so many ways.  To know that the obama regime, along with PepsiCo, allows for the consumption of aborted children is absolutely repulsive and evil to it’s very core.  Makes one wonder what else they’re putting into our food supply, doesn’t it?  I’m a huge proponent for natural, non-GMO foods but have occasionally broken my own rule by enjoying a few select processed foods, but this is absolutely the LAST STRAW.  I will NEVER AGAIN eat processed foods and I will ALWAYS find out where, exactly, my (and my dog’s) food comes from. Needless to say, PepsiCo products will forever be banned in my home. This is one of the most despicable and abhorrent articles I’ve ever read.]

(NaturalNews) The Obama Administration has given its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizing the services of a company that produces flavor chemicals for the beverage giant using aborted human fetal tissue. reports that the Obama Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) has decided that PepsiCo’s arrangement with San Diego, Cal.-based Senomyx, which produces flavor enhancing chemicals for Pepsi using human embryonic kidney tissue, simply constitutes “ordinary business operations.”Read more:
Here is a list of PepsiCo products.
Breakfast Bars/Granola Bars:
 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
 Quaker Chewy Granola Cocoa Bars
 Quaker Chewy Smashbars
 Quaker Dipps Granola Bars
 Quaker Oatmeal to Go Bars
 Quaker Stila Bars
 Quaker Yogurt Granola Bars
Coffee Drinks:
 Seattlefs Best Coffee
 Starbucks DoubleShot
 Starbucks Frappuccino
 Starbucks Iced Coffee
Energy Drinks:
 AMP Energy
 No Fear Energy Drinks
 Starbucks Refreshers
 Lipton Iced Tea
 Lipton PureLeaf
 SoBe Tea
 Tazo Tea
Juice/Juice Drinks:
 AMP Energy Juice
 Dole Plus Fortified Juices
 Dole Sensation Juice Drinks
 IZZE Sparkling Juice
 Ocean Spray Juice/Juice Drinks
 Naked Juice
 Naked Juice Coconut Water
 SoBe Juice Drinks
 SoBe Lean Diet Juice Drink
 Tropicana Trop50 Beverages
 Tropicana Pure Premium Juices
 Tropicana Tropics
 Capfn Crunch Cereal
 King Vitaman Cereal
 Motherfs Ready]to]Eat & Hot Cereals
 Quaker Grits
cOatmeal/Cereals Cont.
 Quaker Instant Oatmeal
 Quaker Life Cereal
 Quaker Natural Granola Cereal
 Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal
 Quaker Old Fashioned/Quick/Steel Cut Oats
 Quaker Oh!s Cereal
 Quaker Puffed Rice
 Quaker Real Medleys
 Quaker Whole Hearts cereal
 Quisp Cereal
 Aunt Jemima Mixes & Syrups
 Quaker Oatmeal Pancake Mix
Rice Snacks:
 Quaker Large Rice Cakes
 Quaker Mini Delights
 Quaker Multigrain Fiber Crisps
 Quaker Quakes
Side Dishes:
 Near East Side Dishes
 Pasta Roni Side Dishes
 Rice]A]Roni Side Dishes
 Baked! Cheetos Snacks
 Baked! Doritos Tortilla Chips
 Baked! Layfs Potato Crisps
 Baked! Ruffles Potato Chips
 Baked! Tostitos Tortilla Chips
 Baken]ets Pork Skins and Cracklins
 Cheetos Cheese Flavored Snacks
 Chesterfs Flavored Fries
 Chesterfs Popcorn
 Cracker Jack Candy Coated Popcorn
 Doritos Dinamita
 Doritos JACKED
 Doritos Tortilla Chips
 El Isleno Plantain Chips
 Frito]Lay, Fritos and Tostitos Dips & Salsas
 Frito]Lay Nuts & Seeds
 Fritos Corn Chips
cSnacks Cont.
 Funyons Onion Flavored Rings
 Gamesa Cookies and Wafers
 Grandmafs Cookies
 Hickory Sticks
 Hostess Potato Chips
 Layfs Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
 Layfs Potato Chips
 Layfs Stax Potato Crisps
 Layfs Wavy Potato Chips
 Matador Meat Snacks
 Maui Style Potato Chips
 Miss Vickiefs Potato Chips
 Munchies Snack Crackers
 Munchies Snack Mix
 Munchos Potato Crisps
 Natural Cheetos
 Natural Layfs
 Natural Ruffles
 Natural Tostitos
 Nut Harvest Nuts
 Quaker Breakfast Cookies
 Quaker Snack Mix
 Quaker Soft Baked Cookies
 Rold Gold Pretzels
 Ruffles Potato Chips
 Sabra hummus, dips and salsas
 Sabritones Puffed Wheat Snacks
 Santitas Tortilla Chips
 Smartfood Popcorn
 Smartfood Popcorn Clusters
 Smartfood Selects Popped Chips,
Puffed Corn and Popcorn
 Spitz Seeds
 Stacyfs Pita and Bagel Chips
 SunChips 6 Grain Medley snacks
 SunChips Multigrain Snacks
 Tostitos Artisan Recipes Tortilla Chips
 Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla Chips
 Tostitos Tortilla Chips
Soft Drinks:
 Citrus Blast
 Diet Pepsi
 Diet Mountain Dew
 Diet Sierra Mist
 Manzanita Sol
 Mountain Dew
 Mug Soft Drinks
 Pepsi MAX
 Pepsi NEXT
 Sierra Mist Natural
Sports Nutrition:
 Gatorade G Series Prime 01
 Gatorade Thirst Quencher . G Series Perform 02
 Gatorade G Series Recover 03
 Gatorade G2
 Gatorade Natural
 Gatorade G2 Natural
 Gatorade G Series FIT Prime 01 Pre]Workout Fuel
 Gatorade G Series FIT Perform 02 Workout Hydration
 Gatorade G Series FIT Recover 03 Post]Workout
 Gatorade G Series PRO 01 Nutrition Shake
 Gatorade G Series PRO 01 Nutrition Bar
 Gatorade G Series PRO 01 Carbohydrate Energy
 Gatorade G Series PRO 02 Endurance Formula
 Gatorade G Series PRO 02 Perform Gatorlytes
 Gatorade G Series PRO 03 Protein Recovery Shake
 Gatorade G Series PRO Prime +
 Gatorade G Series PRO Recover +
 Aquafina FlavorSplash
 Propel Zero
 Propel Zero Powder
 SoBe Lifewater 

Texas Gives The BOOT To Racist, Genocidal Abortion Chains, “Planned Parenthood”!

February 28, 2012 Leave a comment

[TWG Note:  Good to see Texas standing up against those racist, genocidal murderers at Planned Parenthood, inspite of obama’s threats.  Each and every state ought to stand against those abortion chains.  Unfortunately, I have to also say goodbye to GIrl Scout Cookies, since they made their stand FOR abortion, the murder of innocent children.]


Texas Jumps on the Planned Parenthood Banned Wagon


Texas is going ahead with its secession plan–from Planned Parenthood. Late last year, the state quit its partnership with the abortion tycoons, dropping Planned Parenthood from its lucrative contract under Texas’s Women’s Health Program. Attorney General Greg Abbott and state legislators were adamant that health providers who offered abortions had no business participating in the program. With $16 million up for grabs, leaders passed an outright ban on Planned Parenthood, ending its eligibility for the state’s Medicaid funding. That didn’t sit well with the Obama administration, which swooped into Texas and demanded the state reconsider. When it wouldn’t, officials with Health and Human Services (HHS) threatened to cut off federal Medicaid funding completely.

But Texas didn’t blink. Last Thursday, state Commissioner Tom Suehs signed the rule into law–calling HHS’s bluff and putting Planned Parenthood clinics on the road to extinction in the Lone Star State. “Under federal law, states administer Medicaid and have the right to set the criteria for providers in the program. That is what Texas is doing,” said spokeswoman Stephanie Goodman. “We have a state law that [Attorney General Abbott] says is constitutional, and it clearly bans abortion providers from taking part in the Women’s Health Program. We can’t violate a perfectly valid state law just to appease Washington.”

Already, the policy is having a domino effect on the state’s network of Planned Parenthood offices. So far, 12 clinics have closed and others–like this Odessa branch–waited for Thursday’s decision before choosing to shut its doors for good. Could the evidence be any clearer? Despite what Planned Parenthood says about segregated funds and the prohibitions on financing abortions, our tax dollars are what keeps these clinics afloat. Without them, Planned Parenthood withers on the vine. That’s why it’s so important to reevaluate our priorities as a society and invest in health providers that don’t engage in abortion–or fraud, for that matter. Apparently, the same network of clinics that Texas defunded is being sued by a former employee for a massive government billing scam. According to the suit, Planned Parenthood has swindled money out of the federal government for years for services it never provided. Karen Reynolds, the whistleblower, claims this–along with falsifying patient records–was standard practice in all 12 Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast locations across Texas and Louisiana. Who can blame Texas for wanting to be rid of a potentially criminal contractor?

HHS is trying to paint Texas’s decision as extremist, but I think it’s clear who the real extremists are. After all, the Obama administration would rather deny health care to poor women than hurt its relationship with an organization that could be extorting it!

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