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Bob Fanning Running For Montana Governor

March 2, 2012 3 comments

(Hat-Tip Elias Alias. Thanks for the forward, Elias!)

Bob Fanning is running for Governor of Montana as a populist Constitutional Republican who will fight for Montana sovereignty.

The U.S. Federal government has failed to protect Montanans from United Nations’ encroachment and has failed to protect Montanans from the criminality of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System. The U.S. Federal government has failed to protect Montanans from Federal corruption. 

Early In the 2012 Gubernatorial race there have been thus far three Gubernatorial debates.  At Montana State University at Bozeman, Montana, Bob Fanning read his “Montana Declaration of Independence”. At the Republican debate on campus at Billings, Montana, Bob Fanning exposed the evil of the 106th Congress as it placed into law the four satchel charges which blew up the American financial system on September 15, 2008. At the Gubernatorial debate at Great Falls, Montana, Bob Fanning read his blistering speech on the relationship between the UN’s Agenda 21 and the Foreclosure Fraud spectacle which is now engulfing the nation and many Montana families.

No other Montana Gubernatorial candidate is speaking up on these topics, for fear of – well, for fear of what? Are they afraid to speak truth to power?  Perhaps they simply do not know how real the threat is.

Bob Fanning is not afraid to speak the truth. He knows the truth; he “gets it”. Truth is that we’re now looking at a criminal cabal centered in the Federal Reserve, the Federal government and Wall Street, which has international ties with and is marching to the drums of the United Nations with full-blown intent of destroying America, and taking Montana down along with the other States in the process. 

Just why the other Republican Gubernatorial candidates do not know this, or, in knowing, are afraid to speak of it, escapes us. The RNC itself has proposed a resolution to expose the UN’s Agenda 21, yet of eight Republican Gubernatorial candidates only Bob Fanning is speaking out with a plan to shut down the United Nations gambit in Montana.  Here is a section from the Republican National Committee’s proposed resolution against Agenda 21 –

WHEREAS, the United Nations Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control that was initiated at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992; and,

WHEREAS, the United Nations Agenda 21 is being covertly pushed into local communities throughout the United States of America through the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) through local “sustainable development” policies such as Smart Growth, Wildlands Project, Resilient Cities, Regional Visioning Projects, and other “Green” or “Alternative” projects; and,

WHEREAS, this United Nations Agenda 21 plan of radical so-called “sustainable development” views the American way of life of private property ownership, single family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices, and privately owned farms; all as destructive to the environment; and,

WHEREAS, according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy, social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment which would be accomplished by socialist/communist redistribution of wealth; and,

WHEREAS, according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy National sovereignty is deemed a social injustice….

Okay. Now. The above was composed by a committee within the Republican National Committee. Can it be made more apparent than that? Montana is under siege by the United Nations’ Agenda 21 program which itself is fortified with NGOs such as Yukon To Yellowstone, ICLEI, etc. The State of Montana is not protecting Montanans from this scourge, and Bob Fanning continues to ask where is Steve Bullock, our alleged Attorney General?

This is the Great Falls Tribune coverage of the February 27, 2012, Gubernatorial debate in Great Falls, Montana, with the closing paragraph explaining about Bob’s statement on Agenda 21.|topnews|text|Frontpage

“Fanning repeatedly warned the more than 100 people gathered at the Exhibition Hall about “Agenda 21,” which he said is a United Nations conspiracy to strip Americans of their private property rights. Fanning called on Bullock, as attorney general, to “step up to the plate and start protecting Montana homeowners” from “zombie banks” that are using foreclosures to act on the “communist call to redistribute wealth.”

More: As Bob Fanning pointed out in his speech at the Gubernatorial debate in Great Falls, this international madness is connected with the fraudulent foreclosure phenomenon.  To understand the validity in Bob’s stand against fraudulent foreclosure practices in the wake of the housing market implosion, please read about the Attorney General of New York State, who has initiated lawsuits on behalf of the people of New York.

Here is the headliner for that article on the New York Attorney General’s website –


Complaint Charges Use Of MERS By Bank Of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, And Wells Fargo Resulted In Fraudulent Foreclosure Filings  

Servicers And MERS Filed Improper Foreclosure Actions Where Authority To Sue Was Questionable

Schneiderman: MERS And Servicers Engaged In Deceptive and Fraudulent Practices That Harmed Homeowners And Undermined Judicial Foreclosure Process

Learn more at the above link. And then join Bob Fanning in asking, “where is Attorney General Steve Bullock when the people of Montana need him?”

For your convenience here is the text of Bob’s speech –

Right now thousands of Montana families are losing their homes to foreclosure and many more will face this crisis in the coming year!


This was and is a well executed plan by the world elite banksters (here) (here) (here) and the politicians in bed with them to usher in the United Nations’ plan called Agenda 21; which proposes a profound re-orientation of ALL humans unlike anything the world has ever experienced. I quote from their 1976 United Nations Habitat I Conference:


                 “Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market… Private land ownership is also a principle instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore contributes to social injustice.”


Folks, they are telling you that it is a social injustice to own your own home!  This is the communist call to re-distribute wealth and part of that plan is FORECLOSURE. The Zombie Banks are the intermediary arm of the United Nations and the City of London financial district. Foreclosure is being accomplished at the local level through mortgage fraud, which is the ultimate goal of those who seek global governance! 


  • The powerful and their puppets believe that they should tell you where to live, how to live, and their ultimate goal is to move you to an URBAN SETTLEMENT of their design.
  • See the RNC’s denouncement of Agenda 21, in which the Republican National Committee’s winter committee resolves that Agenda 21 not only wants your property, but also wants to deprive Americans of private automobile ownership.
  • This is systemic financial barbarism done with the flick of a pen; sending documents in the mail to the homeowner, invoking fear to drive you from your homes; and it uses courts to support the theft.
  • This is how to have a war without a shot being fired. 
  • In the last 12 years, many Homeowner’s across Montana thought they were getting a loan from the too big to fail Zombie Banks of Wall Street.
  •  A large percentage of the Mortgage Note’s from these banks were securitized: in plain English, securitization

1)         Is a tax evasion scheme

2)         It is wrongful and improper foreclosure process based on forgery and fraud

3)         It undermines the integrity of the judicial process

4)         Causes mass confusion over property title and ownership

5)         And those Zombie Banks have no standing as many courts are recently affirming!

  • These big banks used this elaborate design to take the homeowner’s equity and the investor’s money, knowing full well that very few could unravel this highly engineered plan of FRAUD!


We have given the too big to Fail Wall Street Banks respect that they do not DESERVE!  They and many compromised politicians are taking your taxes and pumping that money into methods of assault against your families, friends, and neighbors.


Again, this is a part of Agenda 21 to steal Montana’s wealth, folks…the LAND is the WEALTH!


All Montana land is under assault! It affects us all, whether you have a mortgage or not, because the EPA, BLM, and USFS are also a part of this wealth stealing plan…


This is a call to the leaders throughout Montana and to my opponents on both sides to address this crisis, to set up a hot line that will help homeowners to stand in this fight. The people need to know that certain papers are necessary for a bank to foreclose on their property, and in most cases those papers cannot be produced.


Do not leave your land, it is your WEALTH, YOUR HERITAGE, and YOUR CHILDREN’S INHERITANCE!


Possession is 9/10s of the law.  Together we Montanans will deal with the other 1/10th…to make new laws that confront this assault head on. Montana’s antiquated codes and property laws were not designed for this battle and are currently inefficient. 


Attorney General Steve Bullock, of Washington DC’s Step Toe Johnson Law Firm, defender of these Zombie Banks, what are you doing to protect Montana property owners? Why are you allowing the Attorney General of the State of New York stand alone in exposing this? You have an oath-sworn duty to the people of Montana, and the facts are now known. Where are you?


As governor, foreclosure fraud will be one of my first priorities.

You are invited to read that speech at Bob Fanning’s campaign website where you can donate by credit card to Bob Fanning’s campaign.

Bob Fanning is the only man running for Governor of Montana who has the courage and knowledge to combat the international and Federal-level threats to our well being, freedom, and prosperity.  The other candidates wilt under the magnitude of the threat facing all Montanans today, but Bob Fanning rises to the challenge with Constitutional remedies and courageous implementation.

Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote to Bob Fanning on Monday, February 27, 2012, after having read Bob Fanning’s platform, and said that he is in agreement with Bob’s “substantive” planks.

Join with Judge Napolitano in recognizing that Bob Fanning’s Montana Declaration of Independence is valid, truthful, and necessary if we are to save freedom for Montanans and indeed for all Americans. Bob Fanning could use our help.


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