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Giffords’ Gun Grabber, Mark Kelly, FELONIOUS Straw Purchaser, Denied AR-15

March 26, 2013 1 comment

TWG: WHY hasn’t that FELON been arrested? Any lowly peasant would have been hauled off in handcuffs by now.


Denied: Gun Store Owner Refuses to Hand AR-15 over to Mark Kelly

by AWR Hawkins 26 Mar 2013, 5:55 AM PDT


Diamondback Police Supply owner Douglas MacKinlay has halted Mark Kelly’s attempted purchase of an AR-15 over concerns that Kelly was not in fact buying the gun for himself, and therefore could not have passed question 11a of the NICS background check form 4473.

You’ll recall Kelly’s AR-15 had been on hold for 20 days because it was a trade-in firearm, and during those 20 days Kelly has not been shy about the fact that his plan was to buy the gun and give it to someone else all along….(Con’t)



Gunmaker packs up after Colo. control bill signed

TWG:  These companies would be VERY welcomed here in Montana.  Besides being a gun-friendly State, we have our “Montana Firearms Freedom Act”, which protects these companies from overreaching federal tentacles. 




By Valerie Richardson

The Washington Times

Thursday, March 21, 2013

No sooner had Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed three gun-control bills into law Wednesday than the economic backlash began.

Officials at gun equipment manufacturer Magpul Industries confirmed that the company would make good on its vow to leave Colorado if the governor signed the bill to limit ammunition-magazine capacity. The Erie-based manufacturer confirmed on its Facebook page that it will start its transition “almost immediately.

“We will likely become a multi-state operation as a result of this move, and not all locations have been selected,” said the company in a statement, adding that it expects to begin manufacturing its PMAG-brand magazines within 30 days of the bill-signing.

Magpul may be the first firearms-related business to relocate as a result of state gun-control laws, but it probably won’t be the last. Companies in Connecticut, Maryland and New York are considering moves to more gun-friendly pastures as their state legislatures act on restrictive firearms measures similar to those pushed through by state Democrats here.

Founded in 1999, Magpul stands as a relative newcomer to the firearms business, but even companies with hundreds of years of history in their states may look to relocate as a result of political shifts.

In New York, where Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed laws banning so-called assault weapons and limiting magazine capacity to seven rounds, venerable gun manufacturer Remington Arms is being wooed by officials in at least a half-dozen other states.

“We are carefully evaluating our options,” Teddy Novin, marketing director for Remington parent company Freedom Group, Inc., told the Utica Observer-Dispatch in January.


Fascist feinstein: “I AM NOT A SIXTH GRADER!”

March 14, 2013 1 comment



TWG: Put that fascist bitch out to pasture already.  Preferably in handcuffs.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) chewed out freshman Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) during a contentious Senate Judiciary Committee session on a bill to ban assault-style weapons.

The bill eventually cleared the Committee on a party-line 10-8 vote. It now heads to the full Senate, where it is likely to be defeated.

The session became heated when Cruz — who opposes the assault-weapons ban — questioned Feinstein on its constitutionality, comparing it to placing limits on the First Amendment or Fourth Amendment rights.

“Would she consider it constitutional for Congress to specify that the First Amendment shall apply only to the following books and shall not apply to the books that Congress has deemed outside the protection of the Bill of Rights?” Cruz said, speaking to Feinstein.

“Likewise, would she think that the Fourth Amendment’s protection against searches and seizures, could properly apply only to the following specified individuals, and not to the individuals that Congress has deemed outside the protection of the law?”

Pointing her finger and glaring at Cruz, Feinstein shot back.

“One, I’m not a sixth grader,” Feinstein said. “Senator, I’ve been on this Committee for 20 years. I was a mayor for nine years. I walked in and I saw people shot with these weapons.

“I’m not a lawyer,” she added, “but after 20 years, I’ve been up close and personal with the Constitution. I have great respect for it. … So I, you know, it’s fine you want to lecture me on the Constitution. I appreciate it. Just know I’ve been here for a long time.”

“I thank you for the lecture. Incidentally, this does not prohibit — you used the word ‘prohibit’ – it exempts 2,271 weapons. Isn’t that enough for the people of the United States? Do they need a bazooka? Do they need other high-powered weapons that other people use in close combat? I don’t think so.”

Here’s video of the exchange:

Play video


Washington State: Mistake in gun bill could defeat the effort

February 17, 2013 10 comments

One of the major gun-control efforts in Olympia this session calls for the sheriff to inspect the homes of assault-weapon owners. The bill’s backers say that was a mistake.

By Danny Westneat

Seattle Times staff columnist

Forget police drones flying over your house. How about police coming inside, once a year, to have a look around?

As Orwellian as that sounds, it isn’t hypothetical. The notion of police home inspections was introduced in a bill last week in Olympia.

That it’s part of one of the major gun-control efforts pains me. It seemed in recent weeks lawmakers might be headed toward some common-sense regulation of gun sales. But then last week they went too far. By mistake, they claim. But still too far.

“They always say, we’ll never go house to house to take your guns away. But then you see this, and you have to wonder.”

That’s no gun-rights absolutist talking, but Lance Palmer, a Seattle trial lawyer and self-described liberal who brought the troubling Senate Bill 5737 to my attention. It’s the long-awaited assault-weapons ban, introduced last week by three Seattle Democrats.

Responding to the Newtown school massacre, the bill would ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons that use detachable ammunition magazines. Clips that contain more than 10 rounds would be illegal.

But then, with respect to the thousands of weapons like that already owned by Washington residents, the bill says this:

“In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing shall … safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection.”

In other words, come into homes without a warrant to poke around. Failure to comply could get you up to a year in jail.

“I’m a liberal Democrat — I’ve voted for only one Republican in my life,” Palmer told me. “But now I understand why my right-wing opponents worry about having to fight a government takeover.”

He added: “It’s exactly this sort of thing that drives people into the arms of the NRA.”

I have been blasting the NRA for its paranoia in the gun-control debate. But Palmer is right — you can’t fully blame them, when cops going door-to-door shows up in legislation.

I spoke to two of the sponsors. One, Sen. Adam Kline, D-Seattle, a lawyer who typically is hyper-attuned to civil-liberties issues, said he did not know the bill authorized police searches because he had not read it closely before signing on.

“I made a mistake,” Kline said. “I frankly should have vetted this more closely.”

That lawmakers sponsor bills they haven’t read is common. Still, it’s disappointing on one of this political magnitude. Not counting a long table, it’s only an eight-page bill.

The prime sponsor, Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, also condemned the search provision in his own bill, after I asked him about it. He said Palmer is right that it’s probably unconstitutional.

“I have to admit that shouldn’t be in there,” Murray said.

He said he came to realize that an assault-weapons ban has little chance of passing this year anyway. So he put in this bill more as “a general statement, as a guiding light of where we need to go.” Without sweating all the details.

Later, a Senate Democratic spokesman blamed unnamed staff and said a new bill will be introduced.

Murray had alluded at a gun-control rally in January that progress on guns could take years.

“We will only win if we reach out and continue to change the hearts and minds of Washingtonians,” Murray said. “We can attack them, or start a dialogue.”

Good plan, very bad start. What’s worse, the case for the perfectly reasonable gun-control bills in Olympia just got tougher.

Danny Westneat’s column appears Wednesday and Sunday. Reach him at 206-464-2086 or



obama’s “Gun Violence” Task Force Holds First Meeting

December 20, 2012 4 comments

TWG: Oh, this is rich.  Those bureaucrats squatting on thrones at obama’s “Gun Violence Task Force” include ERIC HOLDER….. The radical extremist who supported trafficking of thousands of high powered weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and islamic terrorists, who refused to act on violence and felonious activities committed by the violent terrorist group, Black Panthers, and who, as a radical extremist college student, participated in an ARMED TAKEOVER of offices at Columbia University.   Yeah, THAT eric holder.  Then we have Janey Napolitano….. Who designates American Veterans, TEA Partiers and Libertarian Ron Paul supporters  as “Domestic Terrorists”, as she went about purchasing BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition, now hidden away and UNACCOUNTED FOR.  This ought to be an interesting “task force”. Can’t wait to see what they vomit out for the American People to swallow. Let’s not forget Worthless slap-happy lying liar, Joe Biden.  “Banning guns is an idea who’s time has come.” ~Joe Biden   If they even TRY to introduce another “Assault Weapons Ban” they’re going to prove themselves even more idiotic than we know them to be today.  The first was was an utter FAILURE, which is why it was allowed to shrivel up and go away. Oh, and here’s a news flash to those IDIOTS.  It’s not “Gun Violence” just as it’s not “Swimming pool violence”, “Vehicle violence”, “Doctor violence” and “Small plastic toy violence”.  

Vice President Joe Biden (center) with members of gun violence task force meet at White House Dec. 20, 2012

US Gun Violence Task Force Holds First Meeting

By Dan Robinson

December 20, 2012

WHITE HOUSE — A gun violence task force, created by President Barack Obama and headed by Vice President Joe Biden, held its first meeting Thursday to begin to seek solutions to gun violence in the wake of the massacre of children and adults at an elementary school in Connecticut.Biden’s job is to guide the group of Cabinet officials and government agency chiefs as they consult with city and state officials and others to come up with ideas, and draw up recommendations for Congress.

Thursday’s meeting included state law enforcement officials.  Also present — Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.

Obama has said the many complexities of the gun violence problem in America — including mental health, education and the constitutional right to bear arms — must not prevent action.

Opening the meeting, Biden reiterated Mr. Obama’s determination in the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut that left 20 children and six adults dead.

“The president is absolutely committed to keeping his promise that we will act, and we will act in a way that is designed, even as he says, if we can only save one life, we have to take action,” Biden said.

President Obama says he will act without delay on task force recommendations, and ensure that proposals are sent to Capitol Hill and acted upon by Congress “in a timely manner.”

The Connecticut shootings created an unprecedented level of national debate, and seemingly momentum for some sort of action.  But the attention of Congress next year still will be on difficult fiscal issues.

During a news conference focusing on the apparent impasse with President Obama over a fiscal deal, House of Representatives Speaker Republican John Boehner would not commit to taking up gun control legislation.

“He has appointed Vice President Biden to lead a commission; when the vice president’s recommendations come forward we will certainly take them into consideration.  But at this point I think our hearts and souls ought to be, to think about those victims in this horrible tragedy,” Boehner said.

At the White House, reporters tried to obtain a clearer picture of how the president will pursue his gun violence action agenda.

Besides congressional action, which may be difficult to achieve in the face of the powerful gun lobby groups, Obama has the option of issuing executive orders to move the process forward.

Press secretary Jay Carney had this response when asked about this avenue for action.

“There are the specific things already that the president has called on Congress to do, and will continue to call on Congress to do.  There will be other efforts that will require congressional action I suspect, but as we said from the beginning it does not begin and end with congressional action.  There are numerous other things that we need to do as a nation and that we in Washington can do,” Carney said.

In remarks Wednesday, President Obama said a majority of Americans support banning the sale of military-style assault weapons, and high capacity ammunition clips, and support laws that would require background checks before all gun purchases.

Washington SB 6396 Assault Weapons Ban RECAP

Here’s notes on the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” from Washington State.  Although this Bill is napping until next session, it WILL appear again during next session, and it IS lurking at all states and at the Federal level.  The issues remain the same, so please refer to this when fighting ANY so-called “Assault Weapons Ban”, which will continue across this country, IN PERPETUITY.
SB 6396

Assault weapons, banning the sale of

Sponsors: Senators Kline, Fairley, Kohl-Welles, McDermott

A group of four State Senators has introduced Senate Bill 6396, legislation that would bring California-style gun-control to the Northwest and ultimately ban many semi-automatic firearms commonly owned by Washingtonians.

This legislation would establish far-reaching restrictions on semi-automatic firearms (dubbing them “assault weapons”) and ammunition magazines. SB6396 affects every firearm modified to conform with the now-extinct Clinton Gun-Ban plus many other semi-automatic firearms that have no lineage to those rifles or any military-style orientation whatsoever.

Introduced by Sen. Adam Kline, (D-Seattle) on January 13, 2010, prohibits the selling and purchasing of assault weapons. Exceptions to the rule include manufacturing assault weapons for law enforcement, owning an assault weapon that is incapable of shooting, and owning a weapon prior to the date of this legislation. If the weapon was purchased prior to the date of legislation, then it must be securely and safely stored on the owners property. Breaking this law would count as a level 3 crime and be punishable for between 3 months and 5 years in jail.

Seventy million gun owners did not break the law. Over 99 percent of gun owners are law abiding citizens. This bill is unconstitutional, arbitrary, and will not reduce crime. Rather, it will divert law enforcement resources. There are many definitional problems within the bill. You either need to ban all semiautomatic weapons or none of them. You cannot carve out a subset. Making a weapon that has nine rounds lawful and one with 11 rounds unlawful is totally arbitrary. Furthermore, some of the attachments included in the definition of assault weapons are merely cosmetic and have nothing to do with how lethal the weapon is. This bill will merely cause confusion and increase sales of assault weapons. The person behind the firearm is what is wicked and not the firearm. We need education in this area and not legislation.

NRA Statement on Washington SB 6396:

The Olympian Article Washington Pro-Gun Activists Show Up En Masse:
YouTube Video on Washington SB 6396

Post Hearing Note:
Sen. Adam Kline’s quest to ban so called assault pistols and rifles ran into a human wall of opposition during the hearing in his committee. Gun rights activists were outraged, packing the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Senate Bill 6396; a show of hands revealed that about 99 percent of attendees opposed the bill.


* Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 13, 2010.
* Jan 26 Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Judiciary at 10:00 AM.
* Mar 15 By resolution, reintroduced and retained in present status.



Senator Adam Kline

(D) 37th Legislative District

Judiciary (Chair)
Labor, Commerce & Consumer Protection
Ways and Means

Contacting Sen. Adam Kline
By Phone:
Olympia Office: (360) 786-7688
Fax: (360) 786-1999
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Sen. Adam Kline
PO Box 40437
Olympia, WA 98504-0437
Staff Contacts:
Bryn Houghton, Legislative Assistant
(360) 786-7688 or
For Communications Inquiries
Anne Burkland, Senate Democrats Communications Specialist
(360) 786-7078 or

Senator Adam Kline’s 2010 Legislative Review:

Senator Adam Klines Voting Record on Firearms Issues

Senator Adam Klines Homepage At Senate Democrats:

(D) 32nd Legislative District

Government Operations & Elections
Health and Long-Term Care
Ways and Means

Contacting Senator Darlene Fairley
By Phone:
Olympia Office – (360) 786-7662
Legislative Hotline – 1-800-562-6000
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By E-Mail:

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Sen. Darlene Fairley
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For Communications Inquiries:
Lori Nixon, Senate Democrats Communications Specialist or (360) 786-7333

Staff Contact:
Anne Butigan or (360) 786-7662

Senator Diane Farleys 2010 Government Guide;

Senator Darlene Fairleys Homepage at Senate Democrats:
(D) 36th Legislative District

Labor, Commerce & Consumer Protection (Chair)
Ways & Means

Contacting Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles
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Staff Contacts
Adam Cooper, Legislative Assistant
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For Communications Inquiries
Anne Burkland, Senate Democrats Communications Specialist
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Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles 2010 Session Review:

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles Homepage at Senate Democrats:

34th Legislative District
Majority Assistant Floor Leader

Early Learning & K-12 Education
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Contact Sen. Joe McDermott
By Phone:
Olympia Office: (360) 786-7667
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Sen. Joe McDermott
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Staff Contacts
Chris Lange, Legislative Assistant
(360) 786-7667 or
For Communications Inquiries
Anne Burkland, Senate Democrats Communications Specialist
(360) 786-7078 or

Senator Joe McDermotts 2010 Session Wrap-Up:

Senator Joe McDermotts Home Page at Senate Democrats:


Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators Report and Videos of the Judiciary Hearing:

Excellent Article (with several videos) about some of the Fallacies of this bill and about Chief Pillos testimony. (Note: Chief Pillo of the Bellevue PD appeared in FULL UNIFORM WITH HER SIDEARM AND UTILITY BELT, while asserting she was there to testify her OWN PERSONAL VIEWS on this piece of legislation!)
Joe Brower’s Right To Keep And Bear Arms Blog (RKBA) Which contains Numerous Articles on this issue:
Assault Weapons Revisited – Study on the truths behind the whole “Assault Weapons” propaganda by the Doctors for Integrity in Policy Research:
HTTP://WWW.GUNFACTS.INFO – Your Guide to Debunking Gun Control Myths 

LEGISLATIVE HOT LINE: You may reach your Representatives and Senator by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000. Toll free

The hearing impaired may obtain TDD access at 1-800-635-9993. Also toll free
1-800-562-6000 TDD 1-800-635-9993

Copies of pending legislation (bills), legislative schedules and other information are available on the legislatures web site at http://www.leg.wa.gov_________________________________________

Bills are available in Acrobat (.pdf) format. You may also obtain hard copy bills, initiatives, etc, in the mail from the Legislative Bill Room FREE OF CHARGE by calling 1-360-786-7573. Copies of bills may also be ordered toll free by calling the Legislative Hotline at (800) 562-6000. You may also hear floor and committee hearing action live at

(you need RealAudio to do this, available free at the TVW web site).
By reading the House and Senate bill reports (hbr, sbr) for each bill, you can see how individual committee members voted. By reading the roll call for each bill, you can see how the entire House or Senate voted on any bill. The beauty of the web site is that ALL this information is available, on line, to any citizen.

Heller II Case in DC DISMISSED

Vol. 17, No. 12      03/26/10

Court Dismisses “Heller II” Case —
D.C. Gun Registration, “Assault Weapon”
Ban, and
“Large” Magazine Ban Upheld 



Today, District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina, of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, dismissed Heller v. District of Columbia, NRA’s case challenging D.C.’s prohibitive firearm registration requirements, and its bans on “assault weapons” and “large capacity ammunition feeding devices.” Mr. Heller was, of course, lead plaintiff in District of Columbia v. Heller, decided by the Supreme Court in 2008.

Judge Urbina rejected Heller’s assertion that D.C.’s registration and gun and magazine bans should be subject to a “strict scrutiny” standard of review, under which they could survive only if they are justified by a compelling government interest, are narrowly tailored to achieve that interest, and are the least restrictive means of achieving that interest.

In support of that rejection, Urbina opined that in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) the Supreme Court “did not explicitly hold that the Second Amendment right is a fundamental right,” and he adopted the argument of dissenting Justices in that case, that the Court’s upholding of a law prohibiting possession of firearms by felons implied that the Court did not consider that laws infringing the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms should be subject to a strict scrutiny standard of review.

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