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How On Earth Does One Legitimize muslim Terror?

To ALL Who Support obama…….

When you have an opportunity, please attempt to answer this question as accurately and honestly as you are both qualified and capable of demonstrating…….

In your opinion, what are the legitimate concerns of muslim terrorists that target Christian communities and schools, kidnapping, raping and selling to slavery and jihad pedophiles and rapists, their young girls?  They’re murdering any who resist or speak opposition to such horrific acts.

How do these savages, their american media minions and all you other obama supporters ever conceivably rationalize that acts such as this have legitimacy worthy of your support?

If you can stand by them and so vehemently defend such atrocities, it is crystal clear what, EXACTLY WHAT, you are.  Shame on you (even though you clearly have no idea the concept of shame).

Silence in the face of evil is evil, but supporting, defending and standing with evil and against your own fellow countrymen is even worse.

Again, please do your VERY BEST to be honest in your answer. That is, just in case you can comprehend the basic concept of the term “honesty”.

And while you’re at it, look up the term “TRAITOR”.

Unless you’re just too damned ignorant and lazy…………… and evil to your very core………

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