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Yet ANOTHER of obama Regime’s Chronies Takes The Bribe And Slithers Back Under The Rocks

[TWG Note: No surprise here. These crime reports are a daily event, thanks to obama’s chrony capitalist bribes and kickbacks.  Where’s the outrage? When will the Inhofe/GE scandal hit the news?  Marxists are all the same:  “The ends justify the means.” Whatever it takes to win. Screw everyone else.]


A Colorado-based solar panel maker that received a $400 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration said Thursday it will file for bankruptcy, the latest setback for an industry battered by the recession and stiff competition from companies in China…….(Con’t)


The obama Regime and Their Army Of EcoTerrorists…. Can You Spell C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N?

January 25, 2012 Leave a comment

White House green jobs agenda filled with corruption, say investigators

Jim Kouri's photo

, Law Enforcement Examiner

January 25, 2012

During President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Speech on Tuesday night, he unveiled his so-called “Blueprint” for economic growth and job creation. Unfortunately, Obama said nothing about “ditching” his green agenda which has arguably lost not created employment opportunities.

As President Barack Obama’s disastrous and costly green energy agenda became the focus of a congressional investigation, the administration celebrated the multimillion-dollar “green makeover” of a public housing facility in Washington State

The festivities came on the heels of a major scandal involving a California solar panel company that folded after receiving more than half a billion dollars from the government. The White House helped the bankrupt manufacturer (Solyndra) get the money over the objections of federal budget analysts and news reports have identified one of the company’s major investors as an Obama fundraiser…(Con’t)



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