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Michigan Passes New Laws To Allow Concealed Carry in Schools, Daycare, Churches…

December 16, 2012 11 comments

TWG: Great news! We can now look forward to lower crime rates in Michigan.  Each and every State needs to implement this legislation and they need to completely eliminate those so-called “gun free zones”, which are killing our children and innocent citizens.


Sweeping changes in Michigan’s concealed handgun law go beyond allowing weapons in ‘gun free zones’

John Barnes | By John Barnes |
on December 14, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Update: Connecticut also allows guns in school, but falls short of legislation on Gov. Snyder’s desk

The most sweeping rewrite of Michigan’s concealed handgun law in more than a decade includes details that go well beyond opening so-called “gun free zones” to hidden weapons.

The state House on Thursday passed the bill 68-41 and sent it to Gov. Rick Snyder, one of many laws sped through a lame-duck session that did not conclude until early Friday morning.

Aside from allowing concealed pistols in schools and other places, a number of measures are aimed at streamlining a permit process critics say remains far from uniform statewide.

Sheriffs will oversee all permit approvals. The state’s 83 county gun boards, in place since 1927, will be abolished. County clerks will still handle processing.

Decisions must be made faster, partial refunds to applicants are required if they are not, and communication to permit holders must be better.


If reforms are signed by the governor, concealed handguns can be carried in these places, though exclusions are still possible in privately-owned facilities and public colleges and universities.
Schools and school property
Child-care centers
Churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, or other places of worship
Entertainment facilities that seat 2,500 people or more
Dormitories and classrooms of a community college, college, or university

Some believe safety is being sacrificed. Gun-board reviews included state police and prosecutors in addition to sheriffs’ representatives.

“That means there are fewer eyes on the process. Guns are life and death, and handguns are far more likely to be used domestically,” said Mary Hollinrake, Kent County clerk and co-chair of the Michigan Association of County Clerks’ legislative committee.

“Those three offices on the panel generally know the bad actors,” she said, especially in smaller counties. “Somebody can raise a red flag.”

The sponsor of the new bill – who also led the last major revision, likewise approved in the Legislature’s waning lame-duck hours – argues it improves safety.

State Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, said the law “improves service to taxpayers and strengthens (concealed pistol license) training requirements so that Michigan will have the strongest training standard in the nation.”

The legislation is the largest rewrite of Michigan’s concealed weapon law since lawmakers made hard-to-obtain permits much easier for adults to receive beginning July 2001. Applications exploded. There were 351,599 permit holders as of Dec. 1, one for every 20 adults.

Mike Green portrait.JPG State Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, sponsored the current bill and the law 11 years ago that made it easier to get concealed handguns permits. file photo

Most of the attention on the new bill has focused on provisions allowing hidden handguns in places where they are now forbidden, such as schools, churches and large entertainment venues.

The new law continues the minimum eight hours of training required to obtain a concealed pistol license. But effective May 1, it boosts firing-range requirements from 30 rounds to 98. Those who complete an additional eight hours of training and another 94 rounds on the firing range are eligible to carry in so-called gun-free zones.

Private-property owners can still ban the weapons under trespass laws, but not schools and other public venues, said Ryan Mitchell, an aide to Green who worked closely on the legislation. Public universities could also prohibit them because they are constitutionally separate.

Nowhere in the zones will gun owners be able to openly carry their handguns any longer, a little-known but legal option.

“We already expect that this bill is going to get a bad rap because people don’t understand the current law, and that’s understandable” Mitchell said.

“But people have to ask themselves: Are they really comfortable with openly carried firearms in schools? If not, I think they’d rather have it concealed. And not only does it have to be concealed, you have to get significant additional training.”

Beyond the gun zones, however, the law has many requirements aimed at speeding the concealed permit process itself:

Decisions on initial permits would have to be made within 45 days of completed background checks. Now, the 45-day clock does not start until later in the process. In some places approvals took six months or more. Renewals also must be processed within 45 days, as opposed to 60 currently.

After the 45 days, a 180-day temporary permit must be issued, as well as refunds of up to $41, equal to the county’s portion of the $105 application fee.

Clerks would be required to mail renewal notices to concealed permit holders three to six months before expiration, to avoid unintentional lapses. Approved licenses must be mailed as well.

Lawmakers also added language specifically exempting sheriffs or clerks from being sued should a concealed license holder later commit a crime or “negligent act.”

Current permit holders seeking renewals would have to certify they have completed the full 98 rounds of firing-range requirements, but authorities could not require proof.

Also, those seeking to carry concealed handguns where they are now banned can be charged a $20 application fee, unless it’s at the same time they are seeking their initial permit or at renewal.


SCAM ALERT: Attention Second Amendment Advocates – S 176

David Codrea's photo

Gun Rights Examiner

A “Daily Sanity” email alert sent out this morning by warns gun owners “Concealed carry under attack in United States,” alerting them to the dangers of S. 176, a bill by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.,  that “strips away shall-issue provisions in every state.”

If this bill becomes law, the alert warns gun owners it will “Outlaw Vermont-style [permitless] carry…Establish a national minimum age of 21 for permits; Require that law enforcement be involved in the process (many states simply use NICS checks and county clerks);   Insist an applicant prove (to law enforcement satisfaction) that he or she has a “good cause” for requesting a carry permit…and,  Force applicants to get that same law enforcement officer to certify they are ‘worthy of the public trust to carry a concealed firearm in public.’”

“Insist Congress Stand Up for the Second Amendment,” the alert advises recipients, providing a link wherein they are encouraged to pay anywhere from $29.00 “to fax ALL 100 U.S. Senators” to $175.00, which is claimed has the “BIGGEST IMPACT—fax all 535 Senators and Congressmen, and help our nationwide MEDIA EFFORTS.” (Con’t)


Pro-Gun Bill Passes Florida Senate

Today, the state Senate unanimously voted to pass House Bill 463.  This legislation will allow military personnel under the age of 21, who are otherwise qualified, to get a Florida concealed weapons license.  This bill also contains language to prohibit the reckless discharge of firearms in neighborhoods.  HB 463 unanimously passed in the state House on February 23.  This bill will now head to the Governor.


Kentucky: Three Important Pro-Gun Measures Introduced

March 3, 2012 1 comment

This week, the Kentucky House of Representatives saw three pro-gun bills introduced: House Bill 484, House Bill 500 and House Bill 563.  HB 484, an extension of the current concealed carry provision, was introduced by state Representative Will Coursey (D-6) and HB 500, strengthening the state’s firearms preemption law, was introduced by state Representative Robert Damron (D-39).  Finally, HB 563, a fraudulent firearms purchase prevention bill, was introduced by state Representative Martha Jane King (D-16).  All of these bills have been assigned to the state House Judiciary Committee and are scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, March 7, at 12:00 p.m.

Current Kentucky law allows for concealed carrying of a firearm only by individuals who are licensed to carry a weapon, therefore not allowing someone to carry a concealed weapon on their own property unless they are licensed to do so.  HB 484 would legalize concealed carry by an unlicensed person if he or she is on property owned or leased by them, their spouse, parent, grandparent, or child.  This would also extend to a business owned or leased by his or her employer, if the owner of the business has granted the employee the right to carry a concealed deadly weapon on or about his or her person while on the premises owned or leased by the business.

Kentucky currently has a firearms preemption law that prohibits cities and counties from passing ordinances that are more restrictive than state law.  However, this firearms preemption statute needs to be strengthened by expanding it to other units of government and public agencies to help prevent current and future attempts to circumvent this state law. HB 500 rests the sole authority on these matters with the state legislature and prevents a rights-infringing patchwork of local ordinances. 

HB 563 would protect lawful firearm retailers from illegal gun sting operations such as those by anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Bloomberg has sent hired agents into other states to attempt illegal firearm purchases in an effort to blame federally licensed firearm retailers for gun crime in New York City and around the country. 

Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and respectfully urge them to support HB 484, HB 500 and HB 563 on Wednesday, March 7.  Their contact information can be found below:

Representative John C. Tilley (D-8), Chairman
502-564-8100 Ext. 658

Representative Joseph M. Fischer (R-68), Vice-Chairman
502-564-8100 Ext. 742

Representative Sara Beth Gregory (R-52), Vice-Chairman
502-564-8100 Ext. 673

Representative Darryl T. Owens (D-43), Vice-Chairman
502-564-8100 Ext. 685

Representative Brent Yonts (D-15), Vice-Chairman
502-564-8100 Ext. 686

Representative Johnny W. Bell (D-23)
502-564-8100 Ext. 688

Representative Jesse Crenshaw (D-77)
502-564-8100 Ext. 620

Representative Kelly Flood (D-75)
502-564-8100 Ext. 675

Representative Jeffrey Hoover (R-83)

Representative Joni L. Jenkins (D-44)
502-564-8100 Ext. 692

Representative Thomas Robert Kerr (R-64)
502-564-8100 Ext. 694

Representative Stan Lee (R-45)
502-564-8100 Ext. 698

Representative Mary Lou Marzian (D-34)
502-564-8100 Ext. 643

Representative Michael J. Nemes (R-38)
(502) 564-8100 Ext. 670

Representative Tom Riner (D-41)
502-564-8100 Ext. 606

Representative Steven J. Rudy (R-1)
502-564-8100 Ext. 637



ACTION REQUEST! HB 651 Scheduled for Hearing.

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment


Protect gun owners money from raids Friday, February 26, 2010

DATE: February 26, 2010

TO: USF & NRA Members and Friends

FROM: Marion P. Hammer USF Executive Director NRA Past President

HB-651 by Rep. David Rivera (R) is scheduled for a hearing in the House Full Appropriations Council on Education & Economic Development on Tuesday, March 2, 2010. HB-651 is a bill to STOP legislative raids to remove (confiscate) gun owner money from the Division of Licensing Trust Fund — that holds funding to administer the Concealed Weapons & Firearms Licensing program.

Last year the legislature took $6 million from the Division of Licensing Concealed Weapons and Firearm Trust Fund that is intended, by law, to be used solely for administering the concealed weapons and firearms licensing program. (Read background Information below)

Rep. Rivera’s bill will stop funding raids in the future. PLEASE IMMEDIATELY EMAIL Members of the Appropriations Council In the subject line put: SUPPORT HB-651 — Protect the DOL Trust Fund

(Block and Copy All email addresses into the “Send To” box),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


HB-651 provides protection to the Division of Agriculture’s Division of Licensing Trust Fund which handles the fees paid by gun owners to administer the Concealed Weapons and Firearms licensing program

In 1987, passage of the concealed weapons and licensing law had a financial contingency:

1. The legislature insisted that the statewide “Shall Issue” licensing process not require nor be dependent upon General Revenue or any government funding whatever. (Certain members of the legislature were determined that no tax dollars ever be used to fund gun owner programs.)

2. The NRA, Unified Sportsmen of Florida and gun owners, insisted that licensing fees be only the amount necessary to administer the program, no more, no less. Further, we insisted that the fees be held in a trust fund and used solely for the benefit of and administration of the program. That was the agreement. And language was put in the bill to insure that the terms of the agreement were met. – OR at least it was language everyone THOUGHT would protect the agreement and the money.

We’ve kept our part of the agreement. In the more than 22 plus years that this program has been in effect, not one single dime has ever come from general revenue or any other government fund. 100% of the program funding has come from gun owners. The other half of the agreement needs to be kept.

Raids cannot be tolerated. That money is held in “trust” until needed to administer the program, including buy or upgrade computers, buy or upgrade other essential equipment and stay technology in a position to run the program appropriately. This specific trust fund needs to be protected because these funds facilitate the exercise of a constitutional right.

REMEMBER: When government takes citizen money for general use by government, IT’S A TAX. When government confiscates user fees from trust funds intended to be used to administer specific programs and converts it to government use for other purposes, IT’S A TAX. When government leaders claim to oppose tax increases and promise not to create new taxes but then raid trust funds, they have deceived you because THEY HAVE CREATED A NEW TAX.

When the Florida Legislature raids the concealed weapons and firearms licensing trust fund they have CREATED A TAX ON THE EXERCISE OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

Courts have ruled that states may not tax the exercise of a right protected by the federal constitution


Copyright 2010, National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action. This may be reproduced. It may not be reproduced for commercial purposes. 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 800-392-8683

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