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Sequestration: obama’s Web of LIES

February 22, 2013 Leave a comment

This chart shows  obama’s idea of “devastation.”

As with every other crisis created by them since they’ve been squatting on their thrones in DC,  they are intentionally engineering phony panic.    Just like the rest of the DIMS, they parade the teachers, firefighter, food safety, children and disease research out as their pawns to attempt to guilt American Taxpayers into falling for their scheme.  Basically, this is a hostage situation. 

The devastation obama is musing about will ONLY happen if obama commands it to happen. He can choose which programs are cut, and those cuts would be better made at the group of idiots who are sending M1A1 tanks, F-16’s and other sophisticated weaponry and materials to the islamic terrorists within al queda, hamas, ,hebollah and the rest of their terrorist pals.  Huh?

HOW ABOUT CUTTING THE WHOLE “AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA”  aka obama as sugar daddy treason programs FIRST, before cutting our Veterans, emergency services, schools and troop support.  

YAWN………  I’m so sick of these relentless lies.   They’re actually blaming Republicans for the sequester, when IT WAS OBAMA’S PLAN.  When will they be held accountable for their numerous crimes, lies, hate crimes and slander against America and Her Citizens?  WHEN?????  This is shameful and embarrassing as a Nation.







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