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islamic Terrorist Group, CAIR, Shuts Down “Constitution, Americas Founding Principles” Meeting

[TWG: This is absurd. Michigan is the muslim terrorist capital of the United States, and it’s quite apparent the Mayor,  police department and others running that State are aiding and abetting the enemies of this Nation.  WHEN are the American people going to wake up?  Apparently, never.]


(Hat tip James W. for the forward.  Grazie mille, James!)



Did Terror-Promoting CAIR Shut Down Pro-Constitution Event?

May 3, 2012 By   

constitution quill pen SC Did Terror Promoting CAIR Shut Down Pro Constitution Event?

A Michigan police department has made it clear that freedom of speech and the Constitutional right to peaceably assemble may only be enjoyed upon approval by the terror-promoting, Islamic group CAIR.

On January 26th, Michigan State Representative David Agema and others hosted an event entitled “Constituting Michigan—Founding Principles Act” in the Allegan High School auditorium. The purpose of the event was “…to inform the public about the importance of honoring the United States Constitution, to recognize the internal threat to America posed by radical Muslims and the dangers to our free society caused by the imposition of Sharia law.”

As the Michigan House sponsor of HB 4769, “The Restriction of Application of Foreign Laws Act,” it is Representative Agema’s goal to ban the use of foreign or Sharia law by Michigan courts “…when those laws conflict with fundamental rights protected by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Michigan.”…

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