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Eric Holder’s DOJ Retaliating Against Journalists and Bloggers For Exposing Their Diabolical Schemes

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

[TWG Note: Eric Holder and his thugs over at the DOJ (Department of Jihad) are now going after journalists and bloggers for exposing their dirty deeds and treasonous schemes.  Can you just imagine what the glassy eyed commies would have to say if a partisan hack-Republican tried to pull the same crap?  They’d be LYNCHED and BURNED ALIVE.]



Is it a case of retaliation? Why would the Department of Justice audit the emails of an investigative reporter? The answer has all the trappings associated with the meme, ‘The empire strikes back,’ suggesting punitive action against a citizen who would dare cultivate sources in very high places in government and then publish news from those sources concerning that government–information which places it in a negative light.

Citizen investigative reporter Mike Vanderboegh was the very first, along with National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, to break the story of the Gunwalker, or Fast and Furious, scandal back in December of 2010. Now Vanderboegh is the subject of a DOJ audit of all of his emails, as he reported yesterday.

In the months that have followed Vanderboegh has been meticulous in establishing and cultivating sources–good sources–which is a must for any reporter. These sources are in the highest levels of government, including those who are continuing to investigate the Gunwalker scandal for Congress…



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