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Gun owners to hit Colorado in pocket book

TWG:  BOYCOTT those idiots in EACH AND EVERY State that’s infringing on our unalienable rights.  Come to Montana, where the hunting and fishing is abundant, and law abiding gun owners are not treated like mass-murdering criminals!


The pressure is building on Colorado in the wake of its new laws that infringe on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Gun owners across the country now say that they will hit the state in the pocket book, punishing Colorado economically for essentially kicking gun owners in the teeth.

Magpul, a magazine manufacturing company located in Colorado, has already announced it will be leaving the state, taking hundreds of jobs with it, and creating a hole in Colorado’s economy to the tune of $85 million this year alone.

But this action is far from the worst of what Colorado faces as a consequence of its new law that bans magazines and guns that carry over 15 rounds, eight rounds if it is a shotgun, and mandates background checks on private, citizen-to-citizen gun sales and transfers. Gun owners plan to avoid the state as a regular destination for hunting, fishing, and other recreational use of firearms — one of the major sources of revenue for the state government.

Outraged by what they view as a direct attack on their rights as citizens, the gun owners who regularly visit Colorado wish to send a clear message to the state legislature — you can’t expect us to continue allowing Colorado to benefit from the revenue generated by our sporting activity if the state is going to treat gun owners as criminals….


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