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I 1053 Hearing on Saturday the 13th

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s the most recent email from Tim Eyman on Saturday’s hearing in Olympia.    Keep in mind that, while they’re voting FOR a bill to release our personal info to homosexual thugs who would use it to harm us, they’re voting on something that will eliminate our right to know what they’re doing in Olympia and who is voting for legislation that will harm us! 

Hmmmmm….. I wonder how that “Card-Check” scheme is rolling out.

February 16, 2010

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state (cc’d to all media outlets — reporters, columnists, editorial writers, and others in newspapers, radio, and TV — House & Senate members, and the Governor)

From: Our Expanded Team of co-sponsors for I-1053, the “Save The 2/3’s Vote For Tax Increases Initiative”: Tim Eyman, Jack Fagan, Mike Fagan, Mike Dunmire, Senator Don Benton, Senator Janea Holmquist, Erma Turner, Nancy Nelson, Dagny Lord, Keli Carender, Senator Pam Roach, Rep. Matt Shea, John Ahern & Ken Morse, (go to our website to do a secure donation by VISA/Mastercard/PayPal or fill out the form below and return it with a check or money order or credit card information)

On Saturday morning, Olympia’s Democrats in the House had a hearing on their repeal-of-Initiative-960 bill. Those opposed to the Democrats’ bill did a great job in their testimony.

Here’s what I calmly said (in a suit and tie and without ever raising my voice):

“My name is Tim Eyman from Mukilteo and I’m opposed to the bill. “For the past two years, under I-960, the Legislature was forced to follow the law, abide by the Constitution, and keep the people and the press informed on what the Legislature was doing.

“Two years. “Chairman (Ross) Hunter is quoted as saying that I-960 makes the process “unworkable.” It’s quite an admission that Olympia can’t function if it’s forced to follow the law, abide by the Constitution, and keep the people and the press informed.

“For two years, I-960 has worked exactly as voters intended. “Two years — the voters have learned that that’s the maximum amount of time the Legislature can be restrained by a citizens initiative like I-960.

The rest of my testimony was read directly, without voice inflection, but was intended to be taken as sarcasm, “When we did I-960, we made a mistake: we allowed a legislative session to be held without I-960’s protections. We assumed that restrained by an upcoming election, that the Democrats would never, ever disrespect the voters this much. “We were wrong. The voters, our supporters, and the sponsors of I-960 underestimated the Democrats’ audacity, their arrogance, their shamelessness.”

Ross Hunter (D-Redmond) then interrupted, slamming down his gavel, upset that I had criticized the Democrats, urged on by cheers and catcalls from the anti-960 people there.

I took a deep breath and calmly continued: “We can never make that mistake again. Two years is the maximum. “The 2010 legislative session must always serve as the poster child of what happens when Olympia is not restrained by the law, not bound by the Constitution, nor obliged to keep the public and the press informed. “Voters have approved I-960’s policies 3 times, in 1993, 1998, and 2007. Yet without hesitation, Olympia’s Democrats are getting rid of them.

The Legislature does not want the citizens to know what it’s doing, they want to keep it all a secret, and it’s very unfortunate …” Hunter interrupts again: “That’s it. Next.”

 — END — There’s nothing fair about us being forced to pass initiatives requiring the same policies again and again and again, especially when voters have approved these policies 3 times already. But as the saying goes ‘life’s not fair’ — it is what it is — it’s the reality we’re faced with — rather than whine about it, let’s get to work and do it again.

Help us get I-1053 “Save The 2/3’s Vote For Tax Increases Initiative” on the ballot this November so voters can be given another opportunity to resurrect I-960’s taxpayer protection policies, protecting us for another two years from BILLIONS in higher taxes.

Petitions are printed and each of our supporters was mailed one petition on February 5th. If you haven’t received it yet and/or you need more, hit ‘reply’ and let us know how many you want and where you want them sent.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we really need your financial support for I-1053’s signature drive. Please fill out the form below and send us a donation TODAY of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more (there are no limits on the amount that can be given) to our offices in Spokane. Or, you can do a SECURE online donation by going to our website: — we accept VISA AND MASTERCARD and PAYPAL. Either way, please send in your most generous donation RIGHT NOW. Help us fight back against the Democrat politicians’ arrogant effort to take away citizens’ rights, increase taxes on struggling taxpayers, and hurt our fragile economy. FULL STEAM AHEAD! Regards, Our Expanded Team of co-sponsors for I-1053, the “Save The 2/3’s Vote For Tax Increases Initiative”: Tim Eyman, Jack Fagan, Mike Fagan, Mike Dunmire, Senator Don Benton, Senator Janea Holmquist, Erma Turner, Nancy Nelson, Dagny Lord, Keli Carender, Senator Pam Roach, Rep. Matt Shea, John Ahern & Ken Morse, ph: 425-493-9127, email:, (go to our website to do a secure donation by VISA/Mastercard/PayPal or fill out the form below and return it with a check or money order or credit card information) SAVE THE 2/3’s VOTE FOR TAX INCREASES • PO Box 18250 • Spokane • WA • 99228 • PH: 425-493-8707 • FAX: 425-493-1027 •

Washington State Fascists will try again to suspend I-960Legislative do-over

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

This is INFURIATING.  These FASCISTS need to hear from us, and soon.  To ignore the State Constitution and the will of the people is absoloutely jaw-dropping.   Their imperialistic attitude will not be tolerated and they’re going to see just how mad We, The People are in November, but I hope they hear us LOUD AND CLEAR before then.  To say that they’ll face a WALL OF RAGE, no matter what they do, so they should just do it anyway is absoloutely UNACCEPTABLE and APPALLING.  This is Nazi crap we’re dealing with now, folks.


Vote would suspend entire initiative, not just part of it.

State Senate Democrats say they flubbed their vote on suspending the two-thirds vote requirement in Initiative 960 for tax increases, and they need to vote again as soon as today on a broader measure.

The Senate voted 26-23 on a largely party-line basis to suspend the supermajority vote requirement for I-960. But they really intended to suspend the entire initiative and will have to vote again, Senate Ways and Means Chairwoman Margarita Prentice, D-Renton, said Tuesday evening in a news release.

The new vote would completely suspend Initiative 960, including its requirement for nonbinding or advisory votes for any tax increases as well as publication of all tax increases approved and who voted for them.

“Today’s vote was a recognition of the revenue crisis facing our state and 47 others, and the need for immediate responsiveness on the part of the Legislature to the state’s current budget emergency,” Prentice said in her statement. “Suspending the entire initiative allows for prompt action now, avoiding the added delay and additional cost to the state that a November public advisory vote would require.

The state treasurer says the state will run out of cash by September, so you can see how that sort of delay is something the state just can’t afford.”

Republicans roasted the Democrats in floor speeches during a more than two-hour floor debate for purportedly “gutting” I-960 with Senate Bill 6843. The GOP is likely to step up those attacks.

The vote on SB 6843 initially appeared to move the Democrat-controlled Legislature another step closer to being able to raise taxes as they work to plug a budget gap now measuring $2.2 billion.

Sen. Tim Sheldon of Potlatch and four other Democrats – Steve Hobbs of Lake Forest Park, Claudia Kaufmann of Kent, Derek Kilmer of Gig Harbor and Chris Marr of Spokane – had crossed over to vote with Republicans in opposition.

Until the do-over was announced, the bill was supposed to go to the House, where Democratic leaders said a vote might not occur until next week. Democrats need Gov. Chris Gregoire to sign the bill into law before tax bills can move easily through the two chambers, because they do not have two-thirds majorities needed to approve taxes, as I-960 requires. Gregoire also backs the bill; her legislative director said she wants to be sure lawmakers can provide revenues to avoid an all-cuts budget.

In a lead-up to their vote, Democrats dropped a plan to amend several details of I-960 besides the tax-vote requirements. Instead, they chose to focus on the vote requirements – a move that was less severe than their decisions to fully suspend two education-funding initiatives in 2003 and again last year.

Rural Democratic Sens. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam and Brian Hatfield of Raymond led the changed strategy, and it was the way a majority of the caucus preferred to go, according to Sen. Tracey Eide, Democrats’ floor leader. But it still drew thundering objections from Republicans, who said its emergency clause prevents a public referendum to overturn SB 6843 in November.

Republican Sen. Mike Carrell of Lakewood and others complained Democrats were “thwarting the will of the people.’’ But Democratic Sen. Rodney Tom of Medina said the circumstances of the state have changed dramatically since 51 percent of voters approved I-960 in November 2007, and the economic downturn has cost 225,000 jobs in the state. “This is not an easy vote, but it is the right vote,” Tom said. “We are in unprecedented times. How many of you have lived through a time like this? How many of you have family members that are unemployed, that are losing their jobs? I do,” said Sen. Eide, D-Federal Way. “Think about this. We are in a crisis. We need to think logically. And who do the people of this state turn to when they need help? To you, me, all of us. They turn to us.”

The vote on I-960 is needed to free up action on other measures to raise revenue. For instance, the House is waiting to act on a bill that closes several tax “loopholes.” Among those is House Bill 3176, which will be heard in the House Finance Committee. HB 3176 would raise $205 million in the budget year ending in June 2011, according to Rep. Ross Hunter, the Medina Democrat who sponsored the bill and is the chairman of the Finance Committee. The bill closes a tax break that was widened by a 2009 Supreme Court ruling in the Dot Foods case; it also adds an excise tax to privately owned airplanes, eliminates a sales tax break for out-of-state residents who shop in Washington, and imposes other taxes on out-of-state firms that do a certain minimum amount of business in Washington.

Numerous other tax proposals are on the table, including a tripling of a hazardous-materials tax that would mainly hit oil refiners and makes of pesticides; a cigarette tax increase; and taxes on candy, bottled water and other products.

Hospitals also have a proposal for increasing the tax, or “assessment,” they pay as a way to generate a larger matching payment by the federal government.

Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown has not ruled out broader taxes on businesses instead.

Whatever happens with I-960, Republican Sen. Cheryl Pflug of Maple Valley warned in a floor speech that lawmakers face “a wall of rage” from voters if they repeal or suspend I-960.

Democrats say that misses a larger point. Hatfield, a conservative Democrat, said in an interview before the vote that Democrats face voter anger no matter what they do. He said lawmakers already cut several billion in spending last year, which affected law enforcement and drug-prevention efforts in his district. “I think we get a wall of rage either way. If we vote for another all-cuts budget, we’ll have a wall of rage,” Hatfield said. “The easy thing to do is say, ‘Let someone else solve the problem’ and vote no. That’s irresponsible.”

Our Legislative and Constitutional Rights are Under Attack!

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Friends, this could be the week that legislators move to “suspend” I-960, effectively making it easier for them to raise taxes, and do so behind closed doors. 
While this Blog is dedicated to Second Amendment issues, I feel this attack on our rights here in Washington State is only the beginning. If they’re successful in this unconstitutional effort to destroy our legislative process with regard to tax increases, they certainly will pull the same tricks with regard to our Second Amendment Rights. 
Since the beginning of the 2010 Legislative Session, this possibility has been a topic of discussion on Capitol Hill, but now it is dangerously close to becoming a reality.
Here’s how it will likely happen. Legislators will attach a provision to “suspend” I-960 in another piece of legislation that they intend to vote on. The key is to determine which one. We think it might be HB 2971, which is scheduled to have a hearing at 8:00 a.m. this Thursday morning. 

You can help us support I-960 in Two Ways:
  1. Attend the Hearing – If you have the time and ability to travel, please consider showing up to support I-960 and Amber’s testimony.01/28/10 @ 8:00 am
    House Hearing Rm C
    John L. O’Brien Building, Olympia, WA

  2. Contact Your Legislator – The Freedom Foundation has been compiling a list of legislators and their stance on I-960.  Check it to see if your legislator responded to us and what they said. If they support I-960, please call and thank them. 

    If they responded negatively or not at all, please contact them and encourage them to consider how suspending I-960 will impact their constituents.

Does Your Legislator Support I-960?  Find Out Here

Call Now!!!


Signature drive STARTS NOW — Make copies of attached I-1053 petition — Save The 2/3’s Vote For Tax Increases in Washington State!

       “We have to get 960 overturned as soon as possible,” said Lisa Brown, the Democrats’ leader in the state senate.  In the state house, Speaker Frank Chopp wins the Alice in Wonderland down-is-up, up-is-down award for his Orwellian statement:  “We must suspend 960 to carry out the will of the people.”
         To counter their arrogant effort to take away Initiative 960’s policies — which have been approved by the voters 3 times and which have survived 2 court challenges — the 14 of us are sponsoring I-1053, the “Save The 2/3’s Vote For Tax Increases Initiative.”   Asked about our initiative recently, Gregoire responded by telling our supporters to “stop meddling” and “leave it to us.” 
        I-1053 reinstates I-960’s common sense policy: 
*      For state government to raise taxes, the Legislature must receive 2/3’s legislative approval or voter approval (either 2/3’s of the politicians or simple majority of the voters); and
*      For state government to increase fees, the Legislature must receive majority legislative approval. 
        Initiative 1053’s signature drive STARTS NOW.  After receiving an unprecedented early endorsement by the State GOP on Saturday, we collected signatures at their meeting but more importantly, over 4000 petitions were taken back to all 39 counties by all 39 county chairman.  
         We’re scheduled to have more petitions printed next week and after that, we’ll mail a petition to our thousands of supporters throughout the state.  But we ask you not to wait for that petition to arrive in your mailbox — instead, please print up petitions using the PDF file of the petition (it must be printed front & back on 11″ x 17″ paper) and start getting signatures immediately.  You can download the petition here: or  Some of you work in offices with copiers and printers that can do 11×17 — if not, you can forward the PDF file to a local FedEx Kinkos, Office Depot or local printer and have them make as many copies as you want (costs about 30 cents a copy). 

       We know what it takes to succeed but there are no shortcuts — collecting over 300,000 voter signatures means 2000 signatures PER DAY — that requires enormous effort and persistence.  To succeed, we need everyone to start collecting voter signatures IMMEDIATELY.  Today.  Right now.  Not a single day can be wasted.  There are events and rallies and conventions and caucuses happening RIGHT NOW and we need all of you to take advantage of every opportunity to collect signatures over the next 150 days — the deadline is July 2nd.   

       Carry a petition wherever you go.  Put it on the door of your office.  Put it on the counter of your business.  Ask local businesses to put it on their counters.  Don’t just let it sit there — ask people to sign it.  Tell them why.  Because politicians don’t get it.  Because politicians aren’t listening.  Because it shouldn’t be easy to raise taxes.  Because working families and senior citizens can’t afford higher taxes, especially now.  Because without these policies, politicians will radically raise taxes and impose huge new fees.  Because I-960’s 2/3’s vote requirement stopped BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of job-killing tax increases over the past 2 years. 

       Please … HELP!!!!!

         This is, by far, the most effective counter-offensive to Gregoire’s arrogant tax-raising agenda.  Help make it happen by contributing today.  FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Regards, Our Expanded Team of co-sponsors for I-1053, the “Save The 2/3’s Vote For Tax Increases Initiative”:  Tim Eyman, Jack Fagan, Mike Fagan, Mike Dunmire, Senator Don Benton, Senator Janea Holmquist, Erma Turner, Nancy Nelson, Dagny Lord, Keli Carender, Senator Pam Roach, Rep. Matt Shea, John Ahern & Ken Morse, ph: 425-493-9127, email:,

SAVE THE 2/3’s VOTE FOR TAX INCREASES • PO Box 18250 • Spokane • WA • 99228 • PH: 425-493-8707 • FAX: 425-493-1027 •

Amber Gunn, the Freedom Foundation’s Economics Policy Director, will be present to testify on behalf of I-960.

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