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February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Many of you have inquired about the status of the I 1053 and I 960 issue. I’m posting the email I just received from Tim Eyman on this matter and I hope this answers some of your questions.
RE: Democrats aren’t bound by votes, not even their own — “you peasants don’t understand, the rules don’t apply to us”

A vote on the floor of the Senate yesterday by the Democrats eliminated the 2/3’s legislative vote requirement for tax increases. Voters have approved that law 3 times and that 2/3’s law has survived 4 court challenges — the voters are clearly on record demanding that that be the law.

Nonetheless, Democrats in Olympia took it away yesterday without hesitation — they are clearly planning on violating that voter-approved law in the coming weeks and during all of next year’s legislative session after the election.

But in their zeal to steal more of the taxpayers money, they realized after their vote, that the citizenry would learn of their treachery because of I-960’s transparency provisions.

So now they’re saying yesterday’s vote doesn’t count. Now they’ve ordained they’re entitled to a ‘do-over’ vote, eliminating not just the 2/3’s vote requirement, but all of I-960’s sunshine policies, especially the bills’ costs and legislators’ voting records.

Democrats in Olympia aren’t bound by 3 votes of the people, nor are they bound by their own vote yesterday. They are above the law, above the rules, above reproach, above criticism.

With their dictatorial, banana republic approach to governing, why are they even having another vote? Why not just ‘decree’ that Democrats don’t have to follow the law, aren’t required to follow senate rules and cut-off dates, and don’t have to disclose the costs, hearing dates, sponsorship, and voting records of legislators? Why are they even pretending to follow the rules or abide by the Constitution? Such strictures only apply to us mere mortals, not to the demi-gods in the Democrat party.

During the debate on the Senate floor yesterday, Democrats didn’t even allow for a full discussion, voting to cut-off and truncate debate. Rodney Tom’s exasperated “let’s get on with it” captured perfectly the Democrats’ arrogance.

Citizens worked for 300 days to qualify and pass I-960, waited nearly a year for a unanimous state supreme court rejecting Lisa Brown’s lawsuit, and yet Democrats whined about spending a couple of hours discussing the ramifications and implications of eviscerating this 3 time voter-approved policy.

The Democrats’ scheme is to screw over the taxpayers, while making sure we never find out who screwed us and by how much.

The most effective, constructive, meaningful response to their arrogance? Committing ourselves to getting Initiative 1053 on the ballot and resurrecting the 2/3’s vote requirement for tax increases.

Let their arrogance fuel your efforts.

Petitions are printed and were mailed last Friday to our thousands of supporters throughout the state.  You can request petitions at:

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