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NRA Supported Politician Wins “Gun Control” (Anti-Second Amendment) Award

November 19, 2012 Leave a comment

“The NRA, behind the scenes, has brokered, compromised,
and then endorsed every major anti Second Amendment
federal law passed for the last 30 years…”
C.E. Lovell, NRA Board Member 1980-93

NRA director-supported politician wins gun control award


The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence presented awards to two Prairie State politicians, the Associated Press reported today. Governor Pat Quinn and outgoing Rep. Bob Dold were both given leadership awards last week, Quinn for trying to ban semi-automatic firearms, and “suburban Chicago Republican” Dold for “cross[ing] party lines to oppose ‘dangerous’ gun legislation.”

Replacing another Republican gun-grabber Mark Kirk in January, 2011, Dold’s anti-gun sympathies have been clear from the start. The political positions reporting website, “On the Issues,” revealed Dold “Supports restricting gun purchase & possession,” dating their entry “Nov. 2010.”



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