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Colorado Standing On The Slippery Slop of Civil Rights Killing Gun Control

February 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Andy Lightbody

By Andy Lightbody

Grand Junction, Co. –-( Regardless of where you stand on new gun control regulations, Colorado lawmakers have without question, been asked by the Obama administration to “fall on their swords.”

With four very controversial gun control bills now headed for the State Senate, Colorado is the designated western state to use as a model other states to emulate.

If lawmakers can pass draconian bills in a state like Colorado, it will definitely have an effect on other states beyond those “progressive thinkers” in California, New Jersey, and New York.

Rep. Joe Salazar: Give Women Whistles, Not Guns

February 19, 2013 4 comments


As RedState reports, on Friday, Rep. Joe Salazar (D-CO) argued against concealed carry on college campuses in favor of call boxes, whistles and “safe zones.” Why? Because you as a woman might “feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be” — better to head to the call box and let a man with a gun decide if the danger is real or not (if he shows up in time, that is).

You know……. because we’re all stupid, helpless VICTIMS.


Read the twitchy feeds and watch Salazar vomit this insanity:

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