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More On HOW The UN Gun Treaty CAN and WILL Be Enforced If We Don’t UN-SIGN IT.

September 26, 2013 3 comments

UNGunwithknot(This is posted in front of the UN Headquarters. How can ANYONE question their objectives?)

Here’s information CONFIRMING what I’ve been yelling from the rooftops about the UN Gun Grab.  They CAN enforce it, and they WILL enforce it, whether we like it or not.  It will NOT NEED SENATE RATIFICATION.

The ONLY way we’re going to get rid of this trash it if a future President, who will actually abide by the Oath they took, UN-SIGNS it.    And everyone had best keep a close eye on the Clintons as they relentlessly attempt to relinquish our Veto Rights at the UN.   With 152 member Nations AGAINST our Second Amendment, you had better believe they intend to disarm Americans.  The Clintons sold us out a LONG TIME AGO in order to secure their UN Thrones.

I suggest all the so-called “Gun RIghts Activists” stop their nay-saying about this and do some homework of their own some time.  I’m not going to listen to “This will never happen here! It has to be ratified by the Senate” BULLSHIT.     To those so-called “gun rights activists” I know who’ve been telling me I’m wrong on this, you are not my Friends anymore unless you apologize to me, correct yourselves and start calling this what it is.  Many of you have a MUCH larger audience than I and you should be helping with this instead of nay-saying it.  You know who you are.  Apologize or STAY  AWAY FROM ME.

I’ve done plenty of analysis on this issue.  I’ve read the IDDRS, which is one of the most frightening documents I’ve ever laid eyes on.   I’ve read the 1968 Gun Ban, and I’m very well versed on how treaties are ratified and how they can be enforced without ratification.   THIS WILL HAPPEN.

I know HOW they’re going to do it.   EXACTLY HOW.  The tracks were laid by them a LONG time ago and they’ve got a very detailed plan that leaves this Analytical Strategist in awe.  For now, they’re just trying to do it the “easy” way.  WHEN they decide it must happen and the time is ripe, Americans are in for one HELL of a fight, and one HELL of a nightmare.   They WILL kill those of us who show signs of non-compliance.  I suggest people wake up and start calling this what it is.

At the UN Headquarters: "Disarm OR Perish"!

At the UN Headquarters: Notice it says “Disarm OR Perish”! Not disarm and perish!

Here are some of my previous comments on this issue

Here’s more information:

UN Arms Treaty will be menace to US for years to come

By Theodore Bromund

Published September 25, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry’s signature of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Wednesday was a serious error, one that will have far-reaching consequences for American foreign policy and American sovereignty. Those consequences will be even worse because the Senate, which has signaled many times that it is opposed to the treaty, will likely have no real opportunity to reject it.

It’s commonly said that the Senate has to provide its advice and consent to any treaty – commonly known as ratifying it – before it can take effect. That’s true, but there’s a loophole. Once the U.S. signs a treaty, we hold ourselves bound not to violate the treaty’s “object and purpose.”

In other words, we obey in practice treaties that the Senate has never ratified.

This rule is an old one, and it used to make some sense. It would be dishonorable to sign a treaty with another country, do all the things prohibited by the treaty, and then ratify it. But that was a different era.

Since the U.N. has already defined gun control as a human right, they will not have to work very hard to make it part of the treaty.

Today, treaties are not just about international conduct. They seek to regulate how we raise our children, how we treat the disabled, and how we manage our firearms market.

As a result, the old requirement not to violate the “object and purpose” of a signed treaty has become a way to evade the need for Senate ratification. And in the case of the Arms Trade Treaty, the problem is even worse. The administration will argue that it already has all the powers it needs to enforce the treaty.

In the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Arms Export Control Act, Congress gave the Executive Branch the power to control both the import and export of firearms – indeed, of weapons of all kinds. This power is virtually unfettered. All the president has to do is to assert that a particular firearm is not suitable for “sporting” purposes and, under the 1968 Act, he can ban its import.

We have recently seen an example of this with the executive actions banning the import of Korean War vintage M1 Garand rifles, which the White House justified as a gun control measure. And since many U.S. gun manufacturers rely on imported parts and components, or financing and insurance from abroad, the Treaty also gives other countries new opportunities to affect the U.S. firearms market.

But it is the Treaty’s vague norms that pose the biggest long-term problem. At the heart of the Treaty are terms like “international humanitarian law” and “international human rights law.” By committing itself to uphold these terms, the U.S. is binding itself to meet requirements that it does not define. That will affect not only our domestic firearms market but our foreign policy.

Over the coming years, the treaty’s proponents will seek to expand what those vague terms include. Since the U.N. has already defined gun control as a human right, they will not have to work very hard to make it part of the treaty. By signing the Treaty, the U.S. has tied itself to a conveyor belt: it is no longer in control of where it is going.

Opponents of the treaty are not powerless. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), and other colleagues, along with Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Penn.) in the House, have made it clear that Congress is deeply skeptical about the treaty.

They can continue to voice their opposition, including by calling for hearings. In the end, a U.S. president can ‘unsign’ the treaty.

All of those actions are wise responses to a serious error by the Obama administration, one that will be a menace for years to come.

Ted R. Bromund, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Fellow in Anglo-American Relations at the Heritage Foundation



John Kerry: Fraud, Cheat, Traitor and Liar. Perfect For obama’s Cabinet

December 24, 2012 3 comments

Sen. John Kerry: Fraud, cheat, traitor and liar. Perfect for Obama’s cabinet.

By PushBackNow, on December 22nd, 2012

Kerry, a crafty liar, does not have the character or integrity to be the Secretary of State, or even the secretary for the county dump for that matter, not to disparage the employees of landfills but rather to say John Kerry should not be in charge of anything.

In February 2009, Kerry led a delegation to engage Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told visiting US members of Congress that the United States should ‘move away from a policy based on dictating decisions and that future relations should be based on a ‘proper understanding’ by Washington of regional issues and on common interests, SANA news agency reported.

John Kerry stated on his return stateside and we quote “Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region”. As usual Kerry is on the wrong side. The side of the traitor.

First elected to the Senate as a representative of Massachusetts in 1984, Kerry is serving his fifth term in the chamber. He was elected to chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in December 2008 after chairman Biden was elected vice president. A Democrat, Kerry launched a bid for the White House in 2004 but lost to then incumbent George W. Bush by a margin of 34 electoral votes.

Barack Obama nominated Senator John Kerry 12/21/2012 to be his next Secretary of State. Obama stated  “I am very proud to announce my choice for America’s next secretary of state, John Kerry,” he said. “In a sense, John’s entire life has prepared him for this role.” The president overly praised Kerry, noting in particular his service in Vietnam as a war veteran and his personal ties with leaders around the world. “Having served with valor in Vietnam, he understands that we have a responsibility to use American power wisely, especially our military power,” Obama said.

Obama’s lies are laughable and as fraudulent and spotted as Kerry’s traitorous opportunistic career as a thug and mouthpiece for hate.

Let’s look.

Kerry won a Silver Star

Kerry inexplicably got a Silver Star award for shooting a wounded Vietnamese boy (in a loin cloth) in the back after the alleged Viet Cong shot a “rocket” at Kerry’s boat, ditched the firing tube, and tried to run away. An action like this even if justified, would rate such a high decoration as the Silver Star is a travesty on people who deservedly were awarded that high decoration for genuine heroics at great risk to their lives.

Kerry won a Bronze Star

Kerry’s Bronze Star has been criticized by former Swift Boat commander Larry Thurlow. During the incident leading to the medal, Thurlow was in overall tactical command of five boats, including Kerry’s. The incident began when one of the boats struck a mine. In 2004 Thurlow, along with two other SBVT members, alleged that Kerry’s citation for bravery under fire is false because neither Kerry’s boat nor any of the others was under hostile fire. In a sworn affidavit about the incident, Thurlow testified, “I never heard a shot.” Of the three boat commanders present besides Kerry and Thurlow, two are SBVT members who claim that there was no hostile fire during the incident.

Kerry won Three Purple Hearts

Navy Rear Admiral Roy Hoffmann (Ret.), who was Kerry’s commander in Vietnam and another officer is the doctor who “treated” the so-called first Purple Heart “wound” on Kerry’s arm that the doc later learned was self-inflicted, and thus not qualifying for a wound suffered in direct “combat with the enemy.”

Most of the public aren’t aware Kerry utilized a little-known loophole in the regulations whereby if you receive three Purple Heart wounds while in Vietnam, you get to go home early.

That these injuries were all strangely “flesh wounds” that didn’t require even one day of hospitalization or lost duty, would make any combat vet wary. That they all allegedly occurred in the space of 120 days is even more fantastic and unbelievable.

What, No Medal of Honor?

If John Kerry had saved anyone’s life, he would have put himself in for the “Medal of Honor”.

John Kerry is a shallow opportunist who lies and fabricates his great “war record” to “con” the American people.

Real “heroes” from the Vietnam War do not boast or incessantly talk about their combat exploits trying to focus attention and adulation on themselves; ever or for any reason, political or otherwise.

Like his running mate during his bid for POTUS John Edwards is another cheat and traitorous vapid liar.  John Edwards admitted to ABC News in an interview with Bob Woodruff (WATCH THE INTERVIEW) that he repeatedly lied about an extramarital affair with a 42-year old campaign employee.

A man is known by the company he keeps.  If you want to know what kind of person someone is, look at his friends.

And let’s not forget DNC Lawyers tried to intimidate TV stations

“We cannot confirm or deny that,” was the curt reply when telephoned the Democratic National Committee to see if they’d acknowledge sending out “threatening letters” to television stations, in order to bully the TV outlets into not running the anti-Kerry ad.

However, we were able to obtain a signed copy of the three-page missive, signed by both the Kerry-Edwards campaign consul and a DNC attorney.

“You can be sure they are really worried about Kerry’s true record being exposed,” said the news director of a mid west TV outlet. “We feel the charges are documented and worthy of airing. So we won’t be intimidated.”

Contact Congress and tell them to DENY John Kerry the office of the Secretary of State.


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