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obama Regime To Sign UN Gun Grab… Here we go AGAIN.

September 24, 2013 2 comments

The punishment for treason is death

Here we go again…. this relentless threat goes on and on and on.

Apparently, john kerry intends to sign the UN gun grab tomorrow.  Yawn.  Where have we heard THIS before?

And before you whine “That can’t happen here! Treaties have to be ratified!”  Not any more.  Here’s just one of many ways in which they will try shoving this trash down our throats.  It’s called “CUSTOMARY LAW“. Read up and stop all your denial.  ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE IDDRS.

Hey kerry, et al…… Tell you what, you damned beasts….. If and WHEN you sign this crap, YOU and your entire cabal of fascist pigs will be responsible for starting the bloodiest, most violent war this world has ever seen.  YOUR blood will be flowing like rivers across our soil.

This shadow boxing is a bore.  Stop all the threats and GIVE IT YOUR BEST DAMNED SHOT.  We are waiting for you.


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