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Giffords’ Gun Grabber, Mark Kelly, FELONIOUS Straw Purchaser, Denied AR-15

March 26, 2013 1 comment

TWG: WHY hasn’t that FELON been arrested? Any lowly peasant would have been hauled off in handcuffs by now.


Denied: Gun Store Owner Refuses to Hand AR-15 over to Mark Kelly

by AWR Hawkins 26 Mar 2013, 5:55 AM PDT


Diamondback Police Supply owner Douglas MacKinlay has halted Mark Kelly’s attempted purchase of an AR-15 over concerns that Kelly was not in fact buying the gun for himself, and therefore could not have passed question 11a of the NICS background check form 4473.

You’ll recall Kelly’s AR-15 had been on hold for 20 days because it was a trade-in firearm, and during those 20 days Kelly has not been shy about the fact that his plan was to buy the gun and give it to someone else all along….(Con’t)



Mark Kelly, Giffords’ Gun Grabbing Opportunist, A FELON?

Mark Kelly may have committed a felony when he purchased his AR-15.
If Mr. Kelly did not intend to keep the AR-15, but to give it to another, he is committing a felony by being a “straw purchaser” under current law, and he must have stated on the ATF Form 4473 that he was buying it for himself, so he committed perjury on the BATF form, also a felony.



Gun Grabbing Giffords – Gabby Giffords’ Husband Buys AR-15

March 9, 2013 6 comments

TWG: Well, well, well.  Looky here.  Gun grabbing, opportunistic asshole Mark Kelly, out buying firearms as his latest stunt so he can try to take them away from the law-abiding citizens of this nation.  What is this prick going to pull next?  Mass murder, to prove how easy it would be with a gun?


by AWR Hawkins 9 Mar 2013, 3:28 PM PDT

Mark E. Kelly, gun-control proponent and husband to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, recently purchased an AR-15 (an “assault weapon,” he called it)—which he now says he intended as an illustration of the need for more stringent gun laws.

Kelly reportedly bought the AR-15 and a 1911-style semi-automatic pistol at Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, Arizona.


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