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N.J. Mother Arrested, Guns Confiscated- By Attending Property Tax Dispute Forum

March 10, 2013 4 comments

TWG: This is happening all over America.  People had better start paying attention.   Here in Montana, those beasts are trying to pass legislation giving tax collectors and auditors police authority. At this point in time,  it appears they’ve missed final deadline for general bill transmittal.  Folks, these sneaky beasts need to be CLOSELY watched. Find out what your legislators are cooking up for us under dark of night and SPEAK OUT!   They’re never going to stop trying to usurp our rights.



Eileen Hart and her husband, Keith, are property owners in Newfield, New Jersey.

On Saturday, March 9 there was an informal meeting at the Gloucester Community Center, to discuss the findings on “revaluations” by Appraisal Systems, Inc.- a company which has been contracted by the state of New Jersey- to assess the fair market property values for each county or borough- for the tax assessor’s offices.

There has been much derision caused by these “revaluations” by homeowners, because property values have fallen dramatically- and the real estate market has been hit very hard . There is nothing “fair” about the market or the home values that have been assessed, according to many New Jersey families.



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