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obama Regime Declares War On Our Military

TWG:  You can also review a list of obama’s RELENTLESS efforts to keep our Military members from voting.  He’s done nothing but give them both of his middle fingers since he usurped the White House.  Why would ANY Military member & Veteran support that beast after what he’s done to them?

In addition to the article posted below, you can view the lengthy list of Military Voter Suppression and Voting Fraud efforts committed by obama and his thugs here:

As the obama regime redistributes BILLION$ in American Taxpayer funds to their muslim brotherhood and other islamic terrorist groups, they’re sticking it to our Military and Veterans.   And let’s not forget the squadrons of F16 fighter jets, the hundreds of M1 Tanks and other weapons and training to their islamic terrorist pals WHO ARE KILLING OUR TROOPS.  This regime has demonstrated, IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, with whom and with WHAT their allegiance lies.  Here’s a hint…. it’s NOT with our Military Members, our Veterans, our Children, our Families and the future for America and Her Citizens.



Obama ‘declares war’ on U.S. military

Take a look at alarming slough of presidential actions

America’s men and women in uniform – many of whom have risked their lives in service to their country – are now being stripped of once-guaranteed college benefits as the Obama administration seeks to ensure citizens feel the pain of its loss in the sequester battle.

It’s just the latest move in a series of Obama administration actions that have chipped away at the U.S. military’s size, strength and benefits structure – and drastically changed the face of the most powerful fighting force in the world.

The U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps have now halted their tuition assistance programs after across-the-board federal spending cuts went into effect March 1. The suspension applies to all components, including Reserve and National Guard personnel on active-duty orders. The U.S. Navy is also expected to deliver a similar announcement soon. The cuts do not affect G.I. Bill benefits.





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