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Army, Marine Corps Cancel Their Tuition Assistance Programs …But Illegal Aliens to Receive Financial Aid

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, March 9, 2013, 9:28 PM


It’s an Obama world.
Due to the sequester (proposed by the White House) the Obama administration will cancel tuition reimbursement for soldiers and Marines.
US marines
It’s Barack Obama’s special way of saying, “Thanks for serving.”






The obama Regime, Quietly Shuffling More Taxpayer Money To Their Brothers At The P.A. Hate Machine

[TWG Note: Yet more aiding and abetting the enemies of this Nation and of our Allies.  Too bad so many American taxpayers have no idea their hard earned money is being sifted over to support islamic terrorists.  obama and his terrorist pals, pillaging the United States Treasury… million$ at a time….]


BY: – May 18, 2012 3:38 pm

The Obama administration justified releasing more than $192 million in financial aid to the Palestinian Authority with false information, according to an Israeli expert who monitors the Palestinian media’s constant promotion of violent, hateful rhetoric.

The administration quietly reinstated the P.A.’s aid last month after it was frozen by Congress in the wake of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s attempt to declare statehood before the United Nations. The administration also secretly attempted to restore funding to a U.N. cultural agency that unilaterally—and illegally—recognized the “State of Palestine.”…(Con’t)



Posters in Palestine…. ALL HAIL THE MESSIAH OF ISLAM!


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