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October 20, 2012 2 comments

This is an excellent video, in obama’s OWN WORDS, the plethora of blatant lies he’s told.  Every American should watch this to see just what kind of liar he is.

The obamacare Scheme Claims Even More Victims….. Particularly Seniors

September 24, 2012 1 comment


[TWG:  We know the obamacare schemes stole well over $700 BILLION from the medicare program.  AARP sold seniors out and assisted the obama regime in shoving that behemoth scheme down our throats, in return for obama’s favor allowing them to offer their own supplemental insurance program.   Seniors, AARP is NOT your friend.  Please consider joining an organization that really DOES advocate for and support Senior citizens and your best interests.  The obamacare scheme was supported by AARP, even though is destroys the medicare progam and senior’s healthcare.  Generation America  is the leading organization for benefits, insight, and advocacy dedicated to serving Americans over 50 with traditional values. You can visit their website here:

Demonstrators rally against health care reform in Washington on Nov. 5, 2009. ObamaCare is expected to cut $308 billion from Medicare Advantage plans...Demonstrators rally against health care reform in Washington on Nov. 5, 2009. ObamaCare is expected to cut $308 billion from Medicare Advantage plans… View Enlarged Image

ObamaCare imposes major cuts on the popular Medicare Advantage program, and while the Obama administration has largely delayed them until after the election, enrollees will lose an average $515 in benefits in 2013, according to an IBD analysis.

Some 14.4 million people are expected to enroll in Medicare Advantage in 2013, up from 13.1 million this year, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said Wednesday. Advantage plans are run by private firms, providing more benefits at a somewhat higher cost — usually 13% to 17% — to the government than traditional Medicare.

That added cost has made Advantage plans a target. ObamaCare will cut MA by at least $7.4 billion in 2013.

ObamaCare’s Dis-Advantage

ObamaCare is expected to cut $308 billion from Advantage plans from 2013-22, based on calculations of Congressional Budget Office data. That’s a huge share of the more than $700 billion in total Medicare cuts to help pay for the exchange subsidies and other parts of ObamaCare.

So far, though, Advantage cuts are not going according to plan. The CBO estimated that ObamaCare would cut Advantage spending by about $6.6 billion this year. However, most of those cuts were restored by a “demonstration project” that CMS initiated in late 2010 that will run from 2012 until 2014.

Known as the “MA Quality Bonus Payment Demonstration”, the program is so generous in paying bonuses that about 90% of Advantage enrollees are in a plan receiving a bonus, according to an April Government Accountability Office report. The report noted that the bonuses would be enough to offset 71% of planned MA cuts in 2012. The GAO also stated that the demonstration project “dwarfs all other Medicare demonstrations … conducted since 1995 in its estimated budgetary impact.”

Critics charged that the demonstration, officially aiming at boosting quality, is political — letting the Obama administration offset cuts to Advantage plans that would otherwise hit seniors during an election year. In July, GAO sent a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius raising questions over her legal authority to run the demonstration program. She never responded.

While the administration may have delayed most Advantage cuts for 2012, the GAO noted that the demonstration project would only offset 32% of the cuts in 2013. ObamaCare is supposed to cut about $10.9 billion from Advantage plans next year, according to the CBO. That will drop to about $7.4 billion — or $515 per enrollee — with the demonstration project offset.






The obamacare Scheme…”Ending Medicare As We Know It.”

August 13, 2012 3 comments

Morning Bell
08/13/2012  Source:
Facing the Medicare Debate Head-OnQuick quiz: Who said this about Medicare? “With an aging population and rising health care costs, we are spending too fast to sustain the program. And if we don’t gradually reform the system while protecting current beneficiaries, it won’t be there when future retirees need it. We have to reform Medicare to strengthen it.”It wasn’t Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), Mitt Romney’s new running mate, who has been vocal about the need for Medicare reform. It was President Barack Obama, just last year.

As the debate reignites over the government’s health care plan for seniors, which has a long-term unfunded liability of nearly $37 trillion, two things are important to remember:

1. Obamacare has already “ended Medicare as we know it.”

2. There is bipartisan consensus for moving Medicare toward a premium support model, meaning that the government would make a fixed contribution toward each enrollee’s plan, but the enrollee would have the freedom to choose which health care plan he or she wants.

Medicare has been unsustainable for some time. The continued “plan” to deal with the entitlement’s runaway growth has been to cut payments to health care providers—but because that would harm patients by reducing the number of doctors available, Congress keeps putting it off. As Heritage expert Bob Moffit explains:

Physicians, under current law, also face Medicare payment cuts that are so draconian—31 percent in 2013—that Congress once again will likely stop them from going into effect. Yet the prospects remain profoundly unfavorable for physicians. More seniors plus fewer providers does not—and cannot—equal “guaranteed” benefits.

The President and other supporters have claimed that Obamacare would help protect seniors. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office just updated its estimate of the amount Obamacare steals from Medicare to fund itself—a whopping $716 billion between 2013 and 2022.

As Heritage’s Alyene Senger wrote, “With a raid on Medicare of this magnitude, President Obama’s assertion that his new law is protecting seniors and Medicare is astonishing. The truth is that Obamacare does the opposite.”

If anyone starts talking about “ending Medicare as we know it,” you can easily tell him that Obamacare already did that. In addition to robbing Medicare of its funding, Obamacare contains more than 160 provisions affecting Medicare.

The good news is that there are several strong plans for Medicare reform that could salvage the program for the next generation of retirees.

The Heritage Foundation has developed a Medicare premium support plan as part of its comprehensive budget reform, Saving the American Dream. With premium support, the government makes a fixed payment to a health plan chosen by an enrollee. If an enrollee wants to purchase a plan that is more expensive than the government payment, the enrollee may do so, paying the additional cost. If an enrollee wants to buy a less expensive plan, the enrollee may also do so, and keep the savings.

Under this model, health plans would compete directly with each other. Their ability to retain or expand their enrollment would depend solely on their ability to provide the best package of benefits and the highest quality of care at the most competitive price. The American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute, the National Center for Policy Analysis, and the Progressive Policy Institute have all endorsed this general approach to comprehensive Medicare reform.

Some Members of Congress also have been forging a powerful consensus on reforming Medicare. Senators Richard Burr (R–NC) and Tom Coburn (R–OK), and Representative Paul Ryan and Senator Ron Wyden (D–OR) have put forth plans that would improve on the experience of defined-contribution (“premium support”) financing that today characterizes the competitive private plan program in Medicare Part C and the Medicare drug program in Medicare Part D.

Without reform, Medicare is headed toward a crash landing, leaving America’s seniors in the lurch. Heritage’s Moffit asserts:

Medicare premium support, long a bipartisan proposal, is the best alternative to this unhappy scenario. It would improve the environment for medical practice, guarantee retirees better choices and broader access to quality care, encourage faster innovation in care delivery, and discourage waste and fraud in medical transactions. It would also deliver superior cost control. For the next generation of taxpayers and retirees alike, there is no better future.


Fact Sheet: Obamacare Ends Medicare As We Know It

To learn more about premium support financing for Medicare, see Premium Support: Medicare’s Future and Its Critics.

For a side-by-side comparison of The Heritage Foundation’s plan with the Ryan-Wyden plan, Burr-Coburn, and others, see Saving the American Dream: Comparing Medicare Reform Plans.

To see Medicare’s risks illustrated in visuals, see our slideshow, Medicare at Risk.


Montana Coalition Of Health Care Pros To Oppose The obamacare Schemes…….

August 1, 2012 4 comments

[TWG Note: This issue is going to be of monumental importance during Montana’s 2013 Legislative session.  Montanans need to rally together and show their opposition to this abhorrent obamacare scheme.

There’s millions of reasons why we do NOT want this socialized system. To quote Winston Churchill; “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, its inherent value is the equal sharing of misery.” Sometimes the advocates of socialized medicine claim that health care is too important to be left to the market. That’s why some politicians are calling for us to adopt health care systems such as those in Canada, the United Kingdom and other European nations. But the suggestion that we’d be better served with more government control doesn’t even pass a simple smell test.

Do we want the government employees who run the troubled Walter Reed Army Medical Center to be in charge of our entire health care system? Or, would you like the people who deliver our mail to also deliver health care services? How would you like the people who run the motor vehicles department, the government education system, Amtrak, foreign intelligence and other government agencies to also run our health care system?

Before we buy into single-payer health care systems like Canada’s and the United Kingdom’s, we might want to do a bit of research. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based Fraser Institute annually publishes “Waiting Your Turn.” Its 2006 edition gives waiting times, by treatments, from a person’s referral by a general practitioner to treatment by a specialist. The shortest waiting time was for oncology (4.9 weeks). The longest waiting time was for orthopedic surgery (40.3 weeks), followed by plastic surgery (35.4 weeks) and neurosurgery (31.7 weeks).

As reported in the June 28 National Center for Policy Analysis’ “Daily Policy Digest,” Britain’s Department of Health recently acknowledged that one in eight patients waits more than a year for surgery. France’s failed health care system resulted in the deaths of over 13,000 people, mostly of dehydration, during the heat spell of 2003. Hospitals stopped answering the phones, and ambulance attendants told people to fend for themselves.

We do, after all, know the history of what happens when countries replace a free market in health care with a government run insurer. Private insurers cannot afford to continue and drop out of the business. Employers throw employees on the public system. There is a two-tiered medical system. Rich people and government employees get top-notch care. Everybody else goes to the public Clinic. Doctors quit the profession. They emigrate if they can. Doctors who stay in business cut their hours drastically. Pharmaceutical companies do not do any research on new drugs. Even if they did, it wouldn’t help because government bureaucrats do not approve payments for new drugs to treat anything.

Government rations health care, and decides whether people are allowed to receive treatment or will just be given painkillers while they die, or perhaps are directed to an assisted suicide center. Death is cheaper than living, after all, to unaccountable government bureaucrats. At least, as long as it’s your death we’re talking about instead of theirs. The cost of health insurance doubles when it is collected through the tax system, approximately, and government health insurance service in comparison makes the DMV look like the service desks at Wal-Mart, where you can return anything that any Wal-Mart sells even without a price tag on it, let alone a receipt. That is the height of luxury compared to the Kafkaesque nightmare suffered by those in the bowels of the government run health care system.

How about those glassy eyed “progressive” Dim ideologues stop destroying the economy before we let them have a whack at health care with their unworkable, many times failed socialist schemes?

When will people wake up and see where socialism and government healthcare will take us?? It’s a terrible system and we MUST not let Obama and his regime do this to our country!!! We need to fight this big time or one day we will be standing in lines to see a limited number of doctors, put on waiting lists for surgery, limited in what medicines we can take based on cost, allowed to die because they have to ration care, and the quality of care will be awful.

We MUST REPEAL the government takeover of healthcare that disregarded the will of the people, and then REPLACE it with genuine reforms that give control to patients and doctors, rather than bureaucrats; honor our traditions of freedom of choice and privacy; make medical care, and the practice of medicine, affordable; promote a system in which good and timely care is available to all our citizens; and encourage continued innovation and investment in the development of new medical treatments.]

AFP announces coalition of health care pros to oppose Obamacare <!––>By Phil Drake on July 30, 2012

By PHIL DRAKE | Montana Watchdog

HELENA – An organization that promotes limited government joined with a group of doctors on Monday and announced a coalition to oppose the oncoming Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, saying it would be costly and not deliver on promises.
Americans for Prosperity and the Montana Medical Free Choice Coalition held a news conference on the steps of the state capitol in Helena, with what organizers said was attended by about 30 people. A few signs, such as “Obamacare … Just say no” and “Give us Liberty, not mandated health care!” peppered the area.
According to a news release, the MMFCC opposes government-run health care, the president’s health care law, commonly called “Obamacare,” and supports “market-based and patient-centered reform.”
Joe Balyeat, the state director for AFP and former state lawmaker, said Obamacare would create “a whole new class of serfs in Montana.”
“People with incomes all the way up to $92,200 will have a portion of their insurance paid by the feds,” he said, adding it would put the majority the state’s residents on “the government dole.”
He that in 2010, Medicaid cost taxpayers $400 billion and provided insurance to 54 million. He said 17 million Americans would be added to Medicaid because of Obamacare and by 2020, Medicaid will cover 85 million Americans at a cost of $870 billion annually. He also quoted studies that said surgical patients on Medicaid are 13 percent more likely to die than uninsured patients and 97 percent more likely to die than privately-insured patients.
The coalition, which Balyeat said is comprised so far of about a dozen doctors and members of the health care field, will begin offering opinion pieces to newspapers and speaking out against Obamacare.
Annie Bukacek, an internist who said she would come up with a way to not participate in Obamacare, said the law would “dramatically slash the quality of patient care, especially those who need it most.”
“Government-run health care won’t take care of you,” she said. “The ones that need it the most are left by the wayside.”
Jean Branscum, executive vice president of the Montana Medical Association, which represents 2,200 physicians in the state, said her organization has not taken a political position on Obamacare.
She said they are, however, educating physicians about what they will have to do to comply with laws and how the laws will impact them.

Last week, the Congressional Budget Office came out with a report that the health care overhaul would provide health insurance to about 3 million more low-income Americans. It also said the cost of expanding coverage will be $1.68 trillion.
Obamacare requires people to buy health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty.
It was upheld on June 28, by the U.S. Supreme Court on a 5-4 vote. The court ruled the individual mandate to buy health insurance was a legitimate exercise of Congressional taxing authority. The court also made it optional for states to participate in the expansion of Medicaid.
According to information posted by the Montana Policy Institute, a Bozeman-based think tank and publisher of Montana Watchdog, depending on participation rate assumptions, by 2019 Obamacare’s impact on Montana will be seen in additional Medicaid enrollment increases in the range of 57,000 to 79,000, with an additional cost burden for the state budget ranging from $100 million to $155 million.
While the individual mandate drew most of the attention in the Supreme Court debate, the biggest issue for state governments is the expansion of Medicaid coverage, which is now mandated for everyone up to 133 percent of the poverty line.

Medicaid until now has been for poor families with children, pregnant women, the blind, the elderly, and a few other groups. The new law would cover every person with income below the established level.
The Court found that Congress cannot strip current Medicaid funding from states that refuse to go along with federal expansion of the program.
While the federal government is covering some of the initial costs, the burden over the long run falls to the states.
In March 2010, Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock, now the Democratic candidate for governor, refused to join 26 states in opposing Obamacare, saying their lawsuit lacked merit.
In February, 71 Montana GOP lawmakers and organizations became part of a “friend of the court” brief filed by the Cato Institute that urges the U.S. Supreme Court to affirm the 11th Circuit Court ruling that the law passed in 2010 exceeds Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce. The 11th Circuit Court ruling was appealed by the White House.
The health reform law also mandates creation of state-based health exchanges, but again gives states the decision to opt out. Exchanges are online health insurance markets designed to streamline coverage purchasing.
In Montana, lawmakers rejected two attempts to set up the exchanges, thereby setting the stage for the exchanges to be operated by the federal government.

Florida Alert: Judge Calls Law to Protect Gun Owners Rights a “Legislative Illusion”

July 5, 2012 7 comments

DATE:   July 5, 2012

TO:      USF & NRA Members and Friends

FROM:  Marion P. Hammer                                                                                                                                             USF Executive Director                                                                                                                                     NRA Past President

Be very careful, ANYTHING you say or tell your doctor in confidence may not be confidential at all anymore, if he/she enters it or has entered it into your medical records.  Particularly, whether you have guns in the home and where they are stored.

The Florida law, to stop doctors from interrogating children and their parents about gun ownership and guns in the home, and entering the information into medical records, is especially important now given the current state of healthcare in our country.  And on June 29, in an order that reads like it was written by the Brady Campaign and the anti-gun lawyers of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Miami Judge Marcia Cooke struck down the so-called “Docs & Glocks” law, which would have protected Florida’s gun owner privacy rights.

Judge Cooke’s order ridiculed the law saying supporters of the law couldn’t provide anything but “anecdotal information” to prove the law was needed to protect patients from discrimination.  She said, the state’s arguments in favor of the law rest on a “legislative illusion.”

Apparently, Judge Cooke doesn’t care that what she calls “anecdotal information” is about real people and real invasions of privacy.

Now, if you own guns or have guns in your home, a doctor can refuse to treat you or your children.

Leg-Ribbon-Contact Unless Governor Scott appeals this opinion, there will be nothing to stop doctors from interrogating gun owners and entering gun ownership information into their computerized medical records.  To ask Governor Scott to appeal this ORDER, please e-mail him here. Ribbon-Line

As we brace for a federal government takeover of the health care system, fears are escalating that government will have access to medical records that can become the lists of gun owners.

If you doubt the government can access your medical records, ask yourself if you really believed the federal government could force you to buy health.

These concerns are NOTABLY absent from any of the media coverage on Judge Cooke’s ruling. They are not even asking the NRA representatives for comments.

Read the clips for yourself:


6 NBC Miami:  Florida’s ‘Docs vs. Glocks’ Law Shot Down

Financial News & Daily Record: Judge bars enforcement of law restricting doctors from gun question by Michael Peltier, The News Service of Florida

Miami NewsTimes Blogs:  Rick Scott’s “Docs vs. Glocks” Law Struck Down by Kyle Munzenrieder

The Palm Beach Post:  Judge rejects ban on pediatricians asking patients about gun ownership by Dara Kam



Americans need to be VERY careful what they disclose to their  “doctors”…. ESPECIALLY OUR VETERANS


Over 20 New obamacareTAX Schemes…

Over 20 new tax hikes built in to the obamacaretax scheme…. More to follow.


Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes

Monday, July 02, 2012 12:49 PM | Ryan Ellis and John Kartch (Twitter: @Taxplaya and @JohnKartch)

Obamacare law contains 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses

Taxpayers are reminded that the President’s healthcare law is one of the largest tax increases in American history.

Obamacare contains 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses. 

Arranged by their respective effective dates, below is the total list of all $500 billion-plus in tax hikes (over the next ten years) in Obamacare, where to find them in the bill, and how much your taxes are scheduled to go up as of today:

Taxes that took effect in 2010:

1. Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals (Min$/immediate): $50,000 per hospital if they fail to meet new “community health assessment needs,” “financial assistance,” and “billing and collection” rules set by HHS. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,961-1,971

2. Codification of the “economic substance doctrine” (Tax hike of $4.5 billion).  This provision allows the IRS to disallow completely-legal tax deductions and other legal tax-minimizing plans just because the IRS deems that the action lacks “substance” and is merely intended to reduce taxes owed. Bill: Reconciliation Act; Page: 108-113

3. “Black liquor” tax hike (Tax hike of $23.6 billion).  This is a tax increase on a type of bio-fuel. Bill: Reconciliation Act; Page: 105

4. Tax on Innovator Drug Companies ($22.2 bil/Jan 2010): $2.3 billion annual tax on the industry imposed relative to share of sales made that year. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,971-1,980

5. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Tax Hike ($0.4 bil/Jan 2010): The special tax deduction in current law for Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies would only be allowed if 85 percent or more of premium revenues are spent on clinical services. Bill: PPACA; Page: 2,004

6. Tax on Indoor Tanning Services ($2.7 billion/July 1, 2010): New 10 percent excise tax on Americans using indoor tanning salons. Bill: PPACA; Page: 2,397-2,399

Taxes that took effect in 2011:

7. Medicine Cabinet Tax ($5 bil/Jan 2011): Americans no longer able to use health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), or health reimbursement (HRA) pre-tax dollars to purchase non-prescription, over-the-counter medicines (except insulin). Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,957-1,959

8. HSA Withdrawal Tax Hike ($1.4 bil/Jan 2011): Increases additional tax on non-medical early withdrawals from an HSA from 10 to 20 percent, disadvantaging them relative to IRAs and other tax-advantaged accounts, which remain at 10 percent. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,959

Tax that took effect in 2012:

9. Employer Reporting of Insurance on W-2 (Min$/Jan 2012): Preamble to taxing health benefits on individual tax returns. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,957

Taxes that take effect in 2013:

10. Surtax on Investment Income ($123 billion/Jan. 2013):  Creation of a new, 3.8 percent surtax on investment income earned in households making at least $250,000 ($200,000 single).  This would result in the following top tax rates on investment income: Bill: Reconciliation Act; Page: 87-93

  Capital Gains Dividends Other*
2012 15% 15% 35%
2013+ 23.8% 43.4% 43.4%

*Other unearned income includes (for surtax purposes) gross income from interest, annuities, royalties, net rents, and passive income in partnerships and Subchapter-S corporations.  It does not include municipal bond interest or life insurance proceeds, since those do not add to gross income.  It does not include active trade or business income, fair market value sales of ownership in pass-through entities, or distributions from retirement plans.  The 3.8% surtax does not apply to non-resident aliens.

11. Hike in Medicare Payroll Tax ($86.8 bil/Jan 2013): Current law and changes:

  First $200,000
($250,000 Married)
All Remaining Wages
Current Law 1.45%/1.45%
2.9% self-employed
2.9% self-employed
Obamacare Tax Hike 1.45%/1.45%
2.9% self-employed
3.8% self-employed

Bill: PPACA, Reconciliation Act; Page: 2000-2003; 87-93

12. Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers ($20 bil/Jan 2013): Medical device manufacturers employ 360,000 people in 6000 plants across the country. This law imposes a new 2.3% excise tax.  Exempts items retailing for <$100. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,980-1,986

13. High Medical Bills Tax ($15.2 bil/Jan 2013): Currently, those facing high medical expenses are allowed a deduction for medical expenses to the extent that those expenses exceed 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI).  The new provision imposes a threshold of 10 percent of AGI. Waived for 65+ taxpayers in 2013-2016 only. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,994-1,995

14. Flexible Spending Account Cap – aka “Special Needs Kids Tax” ($13 bil/Jan 2013): Imposes cap on FSAs of $2500 (now unlimited).  Indexed to inflation after 2013. There is one group of FSA owners for whom this new cap will be particularly cruel and onerous: parents of special needs children.  There are thousands of families with special needs children in the United States, and many of them use FSAs to pay for special needs education.  Tuition rates at one leading school that teaches special needs children in Washington, D.C. (National Child Research Center) can easily exceed $14,000 per year. Under tax rules, FSA dollars can be used to pay for this type of special needs educationBill: PPACA; Page: 2,388-2,389

15. Elimination of tax deduction for employer-provided retirement Rx drug coverage in coordination with Medicare Part D ($4.5 bil/Jan 2013) Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,994

16. $500,000 Annual Executive Compensation Limit for Health Insurance Executives ($0.6 bil/Jan 2013). Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,995-2,000

Taxes that take effect in 2014:

17. Individual Mandate Excise Tax (Jan 2014): Starting in 2014, anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance must pay an income surtax according to the higher of the following

  1 Adult 2 Adults 3+ Adults
2014 1% AGI/$95 1% AGI/$190 1% AGI/$285
2015 2% AGI/$325 2% AGI/$650 2% AGI/$975
2016 + 2.5% AGI/$695 2.5% AGI/$1390 2.5% AGI/$2085

Exemptions for religious objectors, undocumented immigrants, prisoners, those earning less than the poverty line, members of Indian tribes, and hardship cases (determined by HHS). Bill: PPACA; Page: 317-337

18. Employer Mandate Tax (Jan 2014):  If an employer does not offer health coverage, and at least one employee qualifies for a health tax credit, the employer must pay an additional non-deductible tax of $2000 for all full-time employees.  Applies to all employers with 50 or more employees. If any employee actually receives coverage through the exchange, the penalty on the employer for that employee rises to $3000. If the employer requires a waiting period to enroll in coverage of 30-60 days, there is a $400 tax per employee ($600 if the period is 60 days or longer). Bill: PPACA; Page: 345-346

Combined score of individual and employer mandate tax penalty: $65 billion/10 years

19. Tax on Health Insurers ($60.1 bil/Jan 2014): Annual tax on the industry imposed relative to health insurance premiums collected that year.  Phases in gradually until 2018.  Fully-imposed on firms with $50 million in profits. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,986-1,993

Taxes that take effect in 2018:

20. Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans ($32 bil/Jan 2018): Starting in 2018, new 40 percent excise tax on “Cadillac” health insurance plans ($10,200 single/$27,500 family).  Higher threshold ($11,500 single/$29,450 family) for early retirees and high-risk professions.  CPI +1 percentage point indexed. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,941-1,956



The obamacaretax Schemes… 21 Tax Hikes And How The Numbers Have Evolved THUS FAR.

Ack!  We know government can’t do anything right, other than knowing how deflect, divide, deceive, lie, cheat and steal.  Everything they touch turns into the shit sandwiches they continue to throw back at We, The People.

Take a look at some numbers updates on the obamacaretax scheme and how it will affect average Americans.  While you read this and weep, just think about how much WORSE it’s going to get when the whole truth actually comes out.

Not only will EVERYONE have to pay more taxes and penalties/fines,  (the obama regime hired 16,000 new SS troops stationed with the IRS to enforce this crap),  we will have no doctors to provide this so-called “healthcare”.   You’re covered! Great! Now TRY finding a doctor who isn’t some sub-standard government union hack with a three year waiting list. 

Do you hear that giant sucking sound? It’s the sound of our youth, deciding they no longer want to become doctors under a socialist medical system. It’s also the sound of millions of practicing doctors who know what’s coming and aren’t going to play this damned socialist game.  Prepare for millions of so-called “doctors” flooding the United States of America from poorly educated third world countries. No speaka english? Awww… too bad. You’re a racist.

It won’t be long before Americans will have to go to other countries for their healthcare.  Imagine THAT!  Up until now, America was the destination for quality healthcare!  The BEST medical system in the entire world!  No more. We’re going to have a system of very few qualified doctors that only the ultra wealthy can afford.  The rest of us will be waiting three years for a simple apendectomy, unless the unelected goons (beauracrats) obama has granted the authority to make OUR life and death decisions decide you aren’t worthy.  Maybe you need some “social justice” for what happened a thousand years ago.  Good luck with that. 

As someone with serious medical issues, I am deeply offended… no…. PISSED OFF BEYOND BELIEF at the idiots who advocate for this shit sandwich.  I will NEVER forget or forgive what they’ve done (and continue to do) to destroy the quality of life for all Americans.  I will forever despise those dirty, rotten, glassy-eyed bastards.

Don’t like my message or my language?  Too fucking bad. Make an appointment with one of obama’s “psychiatrists” and get yourself some dope.  Better yet, go huff some paint and smoke a bowl of obama-approved weed in between your xanax and thorazine.

Take a look at today’s shit sandwich menu. Prices will increase tomorrow and every day from now through eternity.  Hat tip Three Days To Anarchy for the post.    21 Tax Hikes.  (ps….. don’t forget that the union thigs who helped shove this shit sandwich down our throats, the politicians and the muzzies are EXEMPT from this scheme. They made sure they wouldn’t have to swallow.)


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