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VIDEO: Law Abiding Citizens Harrassed and VIOLATED By Police As They LEGALLY Carry Their Firearms

September 19, 2013 6 comments



HOO BOY! Watch as this SS trainee cop harasses these young ladies and violates their Constitutional Rights.  The police are RAPIDLY becoming the enemies of the American Citizens, treating us all mortal enemies.   Just wait until the obama regime brings the hammer and sickle down across ALL of our throats.  Think Hitler was bad?  What he did is going to be CHILD’S PLAY compared to what this abhorrent regime is going to do by the time they’re finished with us.  Hitler made mistakes and lost in the long run because of those mistakes.  These beasts we’re dealing with today have learned from Hitler’s mistakes and fine-tuned their scheme.  They’re playing for keeps this time.  Better buckle up.  This will not end well…….. FOR ANYONE.



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