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obama’s Media Propagandists Ignoring Major Teacher Scandal

November 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Months-Old, Three-State Teacher Certification Test Cheating Scandal Gets Major AP Story — on a Slow News Weekend

By Tom Blumer | November 25, 2012

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From what I can tell, a major scandal involving teachers in three states has received almost no national press coverage since CNN first broke a story about it in July. Among the non-participants or nearly non-participants (again, from what I can tell based on archived news search attempts) is the Associated Press, which decided early this morning on a slow news weekend when few are paying attention to publish Adrian Sainz’s 1,200-word story on the topic.

What follows are portions CNN’s original report, today’s AP item, and a “edu-blog” post, in wondering why the conspiracy hasn’t received more attention, identifies a sadly predictable likely reason.

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November 19, 2012 4 comments

(Hat Tip Sweetp for the forward. Thank You, Sweetp!)

People if we don’t stop the indoctrination and hijacking of our children we will have lost in the fight for freedom.  Please take a look at this website and 5 short videos to learn about the communist program taking over our schools called COMMON CORE CURRICULUM.
PLEASE Pass this along.

Make 2013 the year to fight indoctrination in our schools. NO COMMON CORE, NO IB, NO Race to the Top, NO Outcome Based Education. Lets get back to the 3 R’s instead of the 3 E’s.

“School” Uses Planned Parenthood Curriculum To Teach Elementary Children Oral and Anal Sex.

July 4, 2012 1 comment

[TWG Note: And just now the so-called “parents” are *shocked* that the so-called “public education system” (aka indoctrination camps} are teaching their children this trash. They’re teaching children how to VOTE for a living instead of WORK for a living.  The obama regime installs a homosexual pedophile, Czar Kevin Jennings, as their “safe schools” czar, and 6 year old children are given step-by-step fisting instructions (complete with glove and lube), anal sex instructions, condoms, birth control, piss and scat play and how to have anonymous sex in city parks and outside homosexual nightclubs.  Parents are just now “shocked” by this newest teaching….. yeah, ok.  Parents want to bitch and moan about the public schools and the thuggish, communist “teachers”, yet they won’t do a damned thing about it.  I don’t want to hear it anymore. You can learn more about Czar Kevin Jennings HERE  ]


School Uses Planned Parenthood Curriculum to Teach Kids Oral Sex

“I was just shocked because I trusted my little country school. I trusted my school—that’s the bottom line, and they crossed the line.”

Rita Diller

Parents could tell something was wrong with the children when they came home from school. They were quiet and withdrawn, embarrassed, and didn’t want to talk about what had happened. When Curtis and Jean Pannkuk began questioning their young daughter, they discovered that her elementary school principal had instructed her that day in how to perform oral and anal sex. The traumatizing instruction was delivered as a part of state approved sex education that was orchestrated, developed, pushed, and policed by Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, SIECUS, and a host of other agencies.

Though parents in the small town of Onalaska, Washington, are furious that their children have been violated and traumatized by the highly inappropriate sex instruction, the superintendent defended the principal’s delivery of graphic instruction in aberrant sex to the elementary school students, telling local media, “I think the principal handled it appropriately at the time; she only gave factual information, no demonstrations.” In another interview, he indicated that she “stuck to the curriculum.”

Curtis Pannkuk says if that’s the case, the curriculum needs to change. In an interview with Fox Radio News, Pannkuk said, “One of the other parents said it well—they raped the minds of the ten-year-old, eleven-year-old kids.”…

…The curriculum in use in the King County, Washington, school where children in fifth grade were recently taught how to have oral and anal sex, is the Family Life and Sexual Health (F.L.A.S.H.) state-approved curriculum. Planned Parenthood is particularly enamored with this curriculum, highly recommending it on its website, alongside lesson plans from the SIECUS Sex Ed Library. (Dr. Mary Calderone, a former medical director at Planned Parenthood, was the first director of SIECUS.)

The state of Washington OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction)—the agency that approves sex education programs for use in schools—recommends the Rutger’s-based Answer in its flyer as the resource for teacher training and staff development for state mandated HIV and state approved sexual health education…

The entire article is at

H/T Kevin Jackson, The Blacksphere

UpdatePBS: Re-Educating America’s Schoolchildren, Thanks to Your Contributions

When most people think of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s education programs, they remember the gentle Mr. Rogers welcoming children to his home, or documentaries offering exciting encounters with whales and other exotic creatures.

These shows still exist. But CPB today produces lessons that glorify the Black Panthers and riots and protests of the 1960s, present rocker Patti Smith as a “patriot” for singing songs that condemn President George W. Bush, vilify Wal-Mart, and sanctify environmentalist Rachel Carson. Although their educational materials claim to be objective, the truth is that their unrelenting ideological slant that promotes the politics of protest and civil disobedience is aimed at re-educating children into becoming far-left activists…

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San Francisco Schools toss hundreds of school text books. Apparently not enough islam, anal sex, fisting, piss play, homosexuality, pedophilia and beastiality in them for Czar Kevin Jennings and the teacher’s unions:


Care to see how the UN and Communists have hijacked our children in the so-called “public education system”?   Our youth have been brainwashed and dumbed down, all according to the plan.


Oakland second graders engage in nudity and sexual intercourse in the classroom while “teacher” watches:


Those so-called “teachers” need to be prosecuted and punished accordingly.  WHY aren’t parents DOING SOMETHING about this?

So-Called “Schools” Handing Out Free Birth Control To CHILDREN.

February 9, 2012 1 comment

[TWG Note: This is the kind of crap that makes my blood boil.  WHY are parents allowing this to happen? WHY aren’t parents filing charges against those so-called “teachers”, “professors” and “education” officials?  WHY are parents throwing their children at the mercy of a group of pedophiles and homosexuals like Czar Kevin Jennings, who hands out FISTING KITS and books on deviant sexual practices to third grade CHILDREN?  Allowing SECOND GRADE CHILDREN TO ENGAGE IN SEX IN THE CLASSROOM WHILE THE PEDOPHILE “TEACHER” WATCHES.. Every last one of them need to be tried, convicted and PUNISHED ACCORDINGLY for their crimes against our children and our society. This is just SICKENING. 



Fistgate: Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s 2000 Conference Promoted ‘Fisting’ to 14 Year-Olds

Fistgate II: High School Students Given ‘Fisting Kits’ At Kevin Jennings’ 2001 GLSEN Conference

Fistgate III: Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s ‘Black Book’ For Kids Included Tips on Fisting and Pi$$ing on Your Partner

Fistgate IV: Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Passed Out Gay Bar Guides to Teens at GLSEN Events

Fistgate V: Youth Fisting Instructor Claims Kevin Jennings Knew About Class Content in Advance

Fistgate VI: Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s Teen Conference Literature Pushed Anal S*x in Parks With Strangers

Media Matters Defends Kid Fisting Lectures and Children Sex Books as Non-Scandal

Merry Fist-mas Media Matters… No, We’re Not Finished Yet

Fistgate VII: Explosive… After Years of Silence Massachusetts Teacher Speaks Out About What She Saw at Fistgate (Audio)

Media Matters Responds To Fistgate VII: “Shame On Kevin Jennings And GLSEN”

Fistgate VIII: Safe School’s Czar Jennings’ Org Promoted Book Detailing Gay Sex Between First Graders

Fistgate IX: Kevin Jennings’ Suggested Reading Included Porn Books for Kids With Images of Men Having Sex While Boy Scouts Watch; Media Silent

12 National Orgs Co-Sign Letter to Congress; Demand Kevin Jennings Be Fired

Fistgate X: Kevin Jennings’ Suggested Reading For Kids Included Sick Book That Romanticized Rape of a 13 Year-Old – Media Silent

Fistgate XI: Kevin Jennings’ Suggested Reading For Kids Included Sick Book that Promoted S&M to Children- Media Silent

Fistgate XII: Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s GLSEN Conferences Included D*ld* Tips and Needle Instructions For Teens

Fistgate XIII: Safe Schools Czar Jennings ‘Recommended’ Book Describing Sex Between 1st Graders

Fistgate XIV: Jennings Personally Pushed Books That Encouraged Children to Meet Adults at Gay Bars For Sex

Democrats Push HR 4530, a Radical [HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE] Safe Schools Czar’s Dream Come True

Upward Bound Is Down… Radical Sexual Indoctrination of Kids Is In

Alright, enough of my rant for today.  Sure wish PARENTS would actually DO SOMETHING about this mess.  But they won’t, because it’s quite apparent they don’t give a DAMN.]


Kids, Schools, and Sex: Government Taking Over for Parents

By Nathan Harden

February 8, 2012 10:58 AM EST

Last month, the school system in New London, Conn., announced it would start distributing free birth control pills to high school girls. It’s another example of the government inserting itself into the private life of kids in order to do the work parents ought to be doing.


Imagine a girl of 14 walking into her school health clinic, without her parents accompanying her, to pick up a pack of pills. Parents in New London have to sign a general waiver for their kids to use the school health clinic. But does that mean that parents who sign are actually aware that the school will be giving the pill to their kids? Shouldn’t the sex lives of kids who’ve barely reached puberty be subject to the direct guidance of parents?

Not everyone agrees. “I think it’s a great idea because it’s better safe than sorry,” said one New London parent in regard to the school’s pill and condom distribution program. “With all the diseases going around it’s better safe than sorry.”

Advocates of this sort of thing say it’s all for the good of the children. But I say there is something wrong about outsourcing such parental responsibilities to the government.

Why stop at simply giving them the pill? Isn’t there more the government could do? Why not reserve some rooms in the school itself for safe, government-monitored sexual activity? Stock the rooms with cheap cologne, vibrating beds, and piles and piles of pills and condoms. A school health official should be posted at every bedside to monitor safe sex practices, and to be sure those 14-year-old girls aren’t so distracted by the Hannah Montana and Twilight soundtracks piping in on their iPods that they forget to take their morning-after pills on the way out the door.

There seems to be no such thing as invasion of privacy, or violation of parental authority, whenever government bureaucrats take it upon themselves to manage kids’ sexual health.

Over in England, prurient officials are even bolder. A few years ago, the British government sent out a memo to numerous cities, asking them to step up birth control efforts among teenagers. As a result, last year, more than 1,700 schoolgirls aged 13 and 14 were administered surgery to implant a hormone-releasing contraceptive device. Best of all, not one parent was notified. Not one parent gave consent for these surgeries.

All around the world, seemingly, officials who believe they know how better to raise your kids than you do stand at the ready, with a pill to hand out and a surgery to perform on your daughter. Never mind the emotional repercussions of sex at 13. Never mind the special role parents are supposed to have in providing moral guidance, or the right they ought to have to make healthcare decisions for their children. Increasingly, in these times, the government claims the right to make such decisions.

Is any government official worthy of such responsibility? Ask the parents at Miramonte elementary school in Los Angeles. The entire staff was replaced this week after two male teachers were charged with sexually preying on young students. Complaints of sexual misconduct related to one of the two men go back more than twenty years. Students who reported the teachers’ actions were allegedly told by school officials not to “invent stories.”

Incredibly, one girl, after being victimized and filing complaints with the school, was transferred from one predator’s classroom to the other. When these kids go on to middle school and high school, these same negligent officials will undoubtedly be waiting with a pocket full of pills, or maybe even offers of free contraceptive surgery without parental notification.

“My trust level is at zero,” said the mother of a third-grader at Miramonte.

When it comes to making sex-related decisions for our kids, zero is more trust than the government deserves.

Nathan Harden is editor of The College Fix. He writes about culture and politics every Wednesday for the International Business Times. Follow him on Twitter @nathanharden

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