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The obamacare Scheme: How It Robs Medicare And Hurts Seniors

August 28, 2012 Leave a comment

[TWG Note: It’s amazing to me that, after the deluge of lies obama and his klan have spewed for so long now, that ANYONE believes a thing coming out of their mouths.  Are Americans really THAT stupid? Apparently so.  The obama/pelosi squad not only STOLE Billion$ from the Medicare system, they also stole over $500 BILLION FROM VETERANS HEALTHCARE in order to pay for the obamacare schemes.  The obama regime has completely DESTROYED the future for our children,  decimating our Constitional Rights, our Freedom and Liberty, they continue to demonize our Veterans, arresting them SS style, detaining them, putting them in psych wards and stealing their guns and rights,  yet there are actually Seniors, Veterans and an overwhelming majority of our youth will still support those marxist, lying PIGS.   AARP makes dirty, underhanded deals with the obama regime in trade for their support of the obamacare scheme, selling out our seniors in trade for the right to offer their own insurance program, and PEOPLE DON’T EVEN GIVE A DAMN. Veterans from past wars will support those lying, marxist PIGS, betraying each and every American Veteran from all wars in the history of America who fought AGAINST fascism and communism – NOT FOR IT.  They betray this Nation and they dishonor the solemn oath they took to defend this Nation from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Instead, they support the enemies of this nation. Same goes for the police force.  “Just following orders”, MY ASS.  GO ROT IN HELL.  Americans, as a whole, are DISGRACEFUL MORONS.  This entire Nation needs a courtesy flush.  Just burn the whole damn place to the ground and start over.  Depopulation?  Suddenly that idea doesn’t sound so crazy, now does it?  With such a HUGE population of COMPLETE MORONS VOTING FOR AND SUPPORTING THEIR OWN DEMISE,  it’s time to clean house.  The rest of the world is either laughing at us or crying for us.   Today, I’m deeply ashamed to be called an “American”.  It means SHIT TO ME.  This once great nation is FINISHED, and I am FINISHED being proud of America.  Those so-called “educators” that did this to America belong hanging from the damned trees. I hope every last one of those a-holes ROTS IN A FIERY PIT FOR ETERNITY.   Stupid Americans.  Stupid, stupid, stupid Americans.]


Morning Bell: How Obamacare Robs Medicare and Hurts Seniors

Amy Payne

August 28, 2012 at 9:07 am

The rhetorical Medicare wars have heated up this week, after President Obama declared in his Saturday radio address that his proposed reforms “won’t touch your guaranteed Medicare benefits. Not by a single dime.”

This is incorrect. Obamacare cuts $716 billion from Medicare over the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and uses these “savings” from Medicare to fund other entitlement expansions mandated by Obamacare. Medicare becomes a cash cow for Obamacare, and the Medicare “savings” from payment cuts are not put back into making Medicare solvent. Such massive payment cuts do impact Medicare benefits, as well as seniors’ access to those benefits.

Heritage’s Alyene Senger explains how this hurts America’s seniors:

The impact of these cuts will be detrimental to seniors’ access to care. The Medicare trustees 2012 report concludes that these lower Medicare payment rates will cause an estimated 15 percent of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies to operate at a loss by 2019, 25 percent to operate at a loss in 2030, and 40 percent by 2050. Operating at a loss means these facilities are likely to cut back their services to Medicare patients or close their doors, making it more difficult for seniors to access these services.

The President also said on Saturday, “As President, my goal has been to strengthen these programs now, and preserve them for future generations.” But Obamacare imposes new taxes on present and future generations—including a new Medicare “payroll tax” that doesn’t even go toward Medicare. Senger details:

The payroll tax funds Medicare Part A, the trust fund that is projected to become insolvent as soon as 2024. Obamacare increases the tax from 2.9 percent to 3.8 percent, which is projected to cost taxpayers $318 billion from 2013 to 2022. However, for the very first time, Obamacare does not use the tax revenue from the increased Medicare payroll tax to pay for Medicare; the money is used to fund other parts of Obamacare, much like the $716 billion in cuts are.

The same set of dollars “saved” from Obamacare’s massive across-the-board Medicare payment cuts cannot be used to enhance Medicare solvency, reduce the federal deficit, and fund Obamacare’s entitlement expansions all at the same time. This is only a fraction of the dishonesty and budgeting shell games surrounding Medicare.

The Heritage Foundation advocates reforming Medicare into a premium support plan. What does that mean? Seniors would be given a choice between the fee-for-service Medicare of today or private plans. “Premium support” simply means that the government funding that goes toward their traditional Medicare plan now would be transferred directly to the plan of a senior’s choice, just as it is today in the Medicare drug program that already serves most senior citizens.

Not only would this change stimulate intense competition to control costs among private health plans, as well as the traditional Medicare program, but it would widen the scope of seniors’ options and give them greater control over their own health care.

Two important things to note:

Under all of the major premium-support proposals unveiled on Capitol Hill, traditional Medicare would remain. Seniors would have the right to stay in traditional Medicare or pick a better plan if they wished to do so. To quote President Obama, “If you like your plan, you can keep it”—truly.

Shifting to premium support would not take away seniors’ benefits. All major versions of premium support guarantee beneficiaries at least the Medicare benefits or the level of benefits they get today. In addition, they would have access to new plans with even higher levels of coverage at competitive prices tomorrow.

Some liberal opponents of Medicare reform pretend that reforms would suddenly bring private insurers into the mix. In fact, private health plans have been part of Medicare since the 1970s. The New York Times did a good job of explaining that private insurers are working very well within Medicare today—and they are playing a role in expanding benefit options while controlling costs. On August 25, the Times’s Robert Pear reported:

Even as President Obama accuses Mitt Romney and Representative Paul D. Ryan of trying to privatize and “voucherize” Medicare, his administration crows about the success of private health plans in delivering prescription drug benefits and other services to Medicare beneficiaries.

More than a quarter of the 50 million beneficiaries receive coverage through private Medicare Advantage plans, mostly health maintenance organizations, and Medicare’s drug benefits are delivered exclusively by private insurers, subsidized by the government.

Obama administration officials, lawmakers from both parties and beneficiaries have generally been satisfied with the private plans.

Medicare must be reformed. President Obama has a very different vision of what “reform” means. Join Heritage in debunking Medicare reform myths as this debate continues.

Saving the American Dream: Medicare

Quick Hits:

  • According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Isaac is forecast to become a hurricane today and to make landfall today and tomorrow.
  • The Democratic National Convention will host an Islamic prayer event, including leaders who have been tied to radical groups, after turning down a prominent Catholic cardinal’s offer to give a blessing at the convention.
  • Despite its official appearance of shutting down, left-wing activist group ACORN still has more than 170 active affiliates, under different names, reports the Washington Free Beacon.
  • A federal government website encourages Americans to apply for government assistance to help them through “difficult financial times,” reports The Examiner.
  • Heritage has a team in Tampa this week to talk about policy ideas and how we’re shaping the debate in Washington. Check out some of our photos on Instagram.


The obamacare Scheme…”Ending Medicare As We Know It.”

August 13, 2012 3 comments

Morning Bell
08/13/2012  Source:
Facing the Medicare Debate Head-OnQuick quiz: Who said this about Medicare? “With an aging population and rising health care costs, we are spending too fast to sustain the program. And if we don’t gradually reform the system while protecting current beneficiaries, it won’t be there when future retirees need it. We have to reform Medicare to strengthen it.”It wasn’t Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), Mitt Romney’s new running mate, who has been vocal about the need for Medicare reform. It was President Barack Obama, just last year.

As the debate reignites over the government’s health care plan for seniors, which has a long-term unfunded liability of nearly $37 trillion, two things are important to remember:

1. Obamacare has already “ended Medicare as we know it.”

2. There is bipartisan consensus for moving Medicare toward a premium support model, meaning that the government would make a fixed contribution toward each enrollee’s plan, but the enrollee would have the freedom to choose which health care plan he or she wants.

Medicare has been unsustainable for some time. The continued “plan” to deal with the entitlement’s runaway growth has been to cut payments to health care providers—but because that would harm patients by reducing the number of doctors available, Congress keeps putting it off. As Heritage expert Bob Moffit explains:

Physicians, under current law, also face Medicare payment cuts that are so draconian—31 percent in 2013—that Congress once again will likely stop them from going into effect. Yet the prospects remain profoundly unfavorable for physicians. More seniors plus fewer providers does not—and cannot—equal “guaranteed” benefits.

The President and other supporters have claimed that Obamacare would help protect seniors. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office just updated its estimate of the amount Obamacare steals from Medicare to fund itself—a whopping $716 billion between 2013 and 2022.

As Heritage’s Alyene Senger wrote, “With a raid on Medicare of this magnitude, President Obama’s assertion that his new law is protecting seniors and Medicare is astonishing. The truth is that Obamacare does the opposite.”

If anyone starts talking about “ending Medicare as we know it,” you can easily tell him that Obamacare already did that. In addition to robbing Medicare of its funding, Obamacare contains more than 160 provisions affecting Medicare.

The good news is that there are several strong plans for Medicare reform that could salvage the program for the next generation of retirees.

The Heritage Foundation has developed a Medicare premium support plan as part of its comprehensive budget reform, Saving the American Dream. With premium support, the government makes a fixed payment to a health plan chosen by an enrollee. If an enrollee wants to purchase a plan that is more expensive than the government payment, the enrollee may do so, paying the additional cost. If an enrollee wants to buy a less expensive plan, the enrollee may also do so, and keep the savings.

Under this model, health plans would compete directly with each other. Their ability to retain or expand their enrollment would depend solely on their ability to provide the best package of benefits and the highest quality of care at the most competitive price. The American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute, the National Center for Policy Analysis, and the Progressive Policy Institute have all endorsed this general approach to comprehensive Medicare reform.

Some Members of Congress also have been forging a powerful consensus on reforming Medicare. Senators Richard Burr (R–NC) and Tom Coburn (R–OK), and Representative Paul Ryan and Senator Ron Wyden (D–OR) have put forth plans that would improve on the experience of defined-contribution (“premium support”) financing that today characterizes the competitive private plan program in Medicare Part C and the Medicare drug program in Medicare Part D.

Without reform, Medicare is headed toward a crash landing, leaving America’s seniors in the lurch. Heritage’s Moffit asserts:

Medicare premium support, long a bipartisan proposal, is the best alternative to this unhappy scenario. It would improve the environment for medical practice, guarantee retirees better choices and broader access to quality care, encourage faster innovation in care delivery, and discourage waste and fraud in medical transactions. It would also deliver superior cost control. For the next generation of taxpayers and retirees alike, there is no better future.


Fact Sheet: Obamacare Ends Medicare As We Know It

To learn more about premium support financing for Medicare, see Premium Support: Medicare’s Future and Its Critics.

For a side-by-side comparison of The Heritage Foundation’s plan with the Ryan-Wyden plan, Burr-Coburn, and others, see Saving the American Dream: Comparing Medicare Reform Plans.

To see Medicare’s risks illustrated in visuals, see our slideshow, Medicare at Risk.


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