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SCAM ALERT: The “Second Amendment March”

I see Skip Coryell and his crew with the “Second Amendment March”  are cooking up another scam for all of us to donate our hard earned money to line their pockets this year.

Trying to work with them last year was an absoloute NIGHTMARE.  Let me tell you why…..

When I saw the announcement of their plan to hold a nationwide Second Amendment March I was excited about it and contacted them in the beginning of January 2010 in order to find out how I can assist their effort in my  State.  Being a strategist AND a Second Amendment Advocate, I felt I had a lot to offer to their effort.

I wrote numerous emails to their so-called “State Coordinator” and received no acknowledgement whatsoever.  After a few weeks of writing emails,  I decided to write to Skip Coryell and a few of the other “founders” of the event.  In my letter to them, I explained that I would be willing to do anything and everything required to hold the event in my state, but that I wouldn’t feel comfortable soliciting funds.  I don’t like asking people for money.   I was very clear in my emails to them that I was willing to do everything BUT raising funds.

After several days, I finally received a response to my email.  I was told that all they wanted me to do was SOLICIT FUNDS.   It was as if they didn’t even read my email.  I wrote back a few times asking what else I could do and if they had secured the permits and had the logistical planning done and received the same response. Solicit funds. That was all.

As someone who has coordinated several large events, I was nervous that they hadn’t done any planning and hadn’t gotten the necessary permits, but I went ahead and posted the event all over the internet on forums and my blog in order to ensure donations and attendance.

As we got closer to the date, I sent email offering to take the role of state coordinator and asking about logistics. My pleas for information were ignored by the people at the “Second Amendment March” organization so I just continued getting the word out, hoping that they we doing the proper planning.  The event in my state was originally scheduled for April 19, 2010 and I had a large Tax Day TEA Party on the 15th to help coordinate.  I was also in the process of moving out of state, so things were pretty hectic.

I was one of the speakers at two Tax Day TEA Parties in my state.  While at one of those events, I was approached by a very nice gentleman from asking me if I would help plan the Second Amendment March. Apparently it had been rescheduled for April 24th, so we had 9 days to plan everything, including securing the permit.

I begrudgingly accepted the challenge  and we got to work planning.  After several inquiries about how much money we would be alloted for our state event, we were told that we would receive NONE of the funds collected from our state and that we had to pay for everything ourselves.  Needless to say, this was quite upsetting to us because we had been working for months to help them collect funds. I am fairly certain some of the funds they received were from our state and I felt we were entitled to use those funds for our event.

One gentleman secured the permit and paid for it out of his own pocket.  The gentleman with secured funds from that group by posting a gunpal donation button on a few forums and we were able to collect donations of snacks, coffee, sodas and (really nice) free giveaways as well as a podium, sound system, tables and banners. We recruited help and an MC for the event.  All of this was done in less than NINE DAYS, with absoloutely NO HELP from Skip Coryell and the other people at the “Second Amendment March”.

By the way…. if you haven’t been to the forum, please take a look.  They’re a tight knit group and the forum is filled with very useful information related to open carrying.

Our event on the 24th went extremely well, even though the weather didn’t cooperate. It poured down rain and was extremely windy, and it was also scheduled on the same day as a major gun show in the area and some hunting events. In spite of those issues, we had a good turnout and logistically everything went very smoothly.

After the event, Skip Coryell and his crew tried to swoop in and take credit for all the work that WE did.

I decided to let it go because it was over and done with, but now I see they are sending out more emails to solicit money from everyone and that they are promoting another event, “America’s Victory Shoot”.  They’ve suckered a group called “Lucky Gunner” to co-sponsor them and they’re advertising a new scam.

Well, I’m here to tell you that these guys are SCAMMERS.  They seem to be in this only for the money, which makes them bad guys in my opinion.

Should you participate in their events?  I don’t know. Do what you want.  The efforts to protect our Second Amendment Rights are greater than our personal opinions.  Should you donate your hard earned money to these guys? HELL NO.

And to the people at the “Second Amendment March”…….  We’re onto you.  We know what you’re all about, and I’m not going to let you get away with your scam this time.

There are NO SECOND CHANCES with me.  Screw me once, shame on you. There will be no second opportunity to screw me again.  Bet on that.

That’s just how I roll.

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