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M3 Report: Gunmen Kills 7 in Cancun Bar as Thousands Of Our Youth Enjoy Spring Break

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WHY on earth would anyone go to Mexico anymore? And WHY would any “caring parent” allow their own kids to go there? It’s nothing less than DERELICT and DESPICABLE.

Gunmen Kills 7 in Cancun Bar as Thousands Enjoy Spring Break; Throats Being Cut At “Secure” Border; Sheriff Babeu Weighs in on I.C.E. Releasing Detainees


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Gunmen Kills 7 in Cancun Bar as Thousands of Students Enjoy Spring Break

Spring Break in Mexico: How Dangerous Is It?

Police probe Cancun taxi drivers’ link to drugs

Texans put aside fears of violence, flock back to Mexico for spring break

Is Drug War Violence Scaring Away Mexico’s Spring Break Tourists?

Throats Being Cut At “Secure” Border

Sheriff Babeu Weighs in on I.C.E. Releasing Detainees
“…a couple of the illegal immigrants released were charged with murder, while others are sex offenders.”

Border Patrol to Shift Focus from Arizona to Texas to Stop Mexican Gangs

‘They are facing a danger’: Sheriff says Arizonans not safe after detainee release

The Perfect Amnesty Storm
Confluence of actions by Obama administration may prompt flood of illegal immigrants, experts say

“…groups of illegal aliens…as large as three-hundred (300) have been spotted by Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector”

U.S.-Mexico Border: Hotspot for Drug-Resistant TB

Case from Mexico reminds MDs should be on lookout for measles in travelers

U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter, Blaine Sector February 28 – March 13, 2013

Immigration Reform Could Cost Social Security Billions

DHS’s Progress and Challenges in Securing U.S. Borders

Fast And Furious Negotiations See Disagreements

The Fundamentals of Immigration Reform
To begin fixing America’s broken system, we must be guided by both our highest values and our economic needs.

Amnesty Summit Organizer – Mexicans Own US Southwest (Aztlan)

Whistle Blowers Say Obama Releasing Violent Illegal Aliens

Release of immigrant detainees has set back immigration-reform effort in House

Feds recapture 4 immigrants released during sequester terror dump

Border patrol agents face pay cuts, furloughs following sequester

Was Mexican border firefight killing 40 real?

First Mexican extradited to US under Mexico’s new leader to face drug smuggling charges

“Beyond Walls and Cages”: Liberating the Immigration Debate
(Book review)

CBP in St. Croix Apprehend 18 Undocumented Migrants

Agents save occupants from house fire

Supreme Court looks at AZ as injured men, explosives found in desert

Oregon death becomes federal drug case for five

El Paso murder case could put ICE on trial

In Arizona, border security in spotlight amid immigration-reform efforts, sequester cuts

Judge approves settlement in lawsuit involving illegal immigrants

Poached Fish – Missouri Emerges as Caviar Smuggling Center

Two Vancouver men charged in Mexico-to-Washington drug ring

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Seize Thousands of Pirated DVD/CDs

CBP Rescues Lost Couple Suffering from Dehydration


There MAY BE VERY graphic photographs that accompany some articles in the body of this report. It is not our intention to sensationalize. We include these photos in order to give to you, the American public, a clearer understanding of the seriousness of the situation in Mexico and Central America.


**Asterisk denotes death involving a police officer or a member of the military serving in that capacity. Some items may be from, or Some incidents of violence may not be included here due to the large number of death reports.

A representative of the law has assured a U.S.-based newspaper that the clashes in the recent past is a result of a power struggle within the gulf Cartel (CDG), leaving at least 3 dozen dead. The factions are loyal to leader Mario Pelón Ramírez against groups of Miguel El Gringo Villarreal. The violence crossed the Texas border, and Villareal is behind a team of kidnappers operating in southern Texas. The Gulf Cartel is linked to several executions in the Rio Grande Valley.

A group of criminals torched a business named La Cabana bar with petrol bombs, resulting in a fire which destroyed the 2 story structure. Three persons were wounded.

The bodies of 3 young men executed with bullets to the head, were found Monday morning. None have been identified.

A joint operation of municipal officers and Mexican army seized a narcolaboratory near here. Two men were arrested, one driving a pick up with radio equipment. The location of the lab was the result of an anonymous tip to police.

The Mexican army seized a clandestine narcolaboratory making crystal meth. Chemicals and equipment were seized.

A man was leaving his home at about 9:50am Sunday when he was approached by a young person who shot him twice in the head.

A family of four was killed here on Sunday. It included a man of 27, woman 26, a 7 year old child, and a 1 year old. After, the gunmen burned the bodies along with 2 homes and 2 trucks. The fire fighting was hindered by a scarcity of water in this town on the border of Zacatecas.


Peña Nieto’s Challenge: Criminal Cartels and Rule of Law in Mexico

A Mexico Border Shootout Reveals Effort to Cover Up Violence

Mexico City launches smartphone app to geolocate nearest cop

Mexico Govt Announces Guadalajara Gang Truce

In Mexico, tweeting about the drug war to fill the void of traditional media

Sacred cows no more
Enrique Peña Nieto’s proposal to reform television and telecoms shows he is serious about shaking up the economy

Four Members of Family Murdered in Western Mexico

(included a ONE YR old baby)

Press violence in Mexico increases

Death toll in Mexico fireworks blast rises to 17

Mexican soldiers kill 3 gunmen, 2 gunwomen

Mob rule in Mexico as crowd lynches alleged child kidnapper who had to be rescued by federal police

Mexico investigates alleged school bullying death

Brutal attack in Mexico ends life of expat from Seattle

Mexican police seize 9 tons of marijuana, weapons

The Urgency of Wirikuta in Mexico
“The definitive cancellation of mining and agro-industrial contracts in the sacred territory of the Wirrárika is urgent due to the serious ecological, social and spiritual effects that are affecting the indigenous and communal [mestizo] farmers of the region.”

Passengers on Mexican domestic flights have tripled since 1989
(Point being, they’re poor no more.)

Monarch butterfly numbers drop ominously in Mexico

Mexico expands pension access to 2.5 million elderly

Fugitive Peninsula couple captured in Mexico

Mexico’s Coming Gas Crisis

Exiled journalist sued once again for her investigations of corruption at Mexico’s oil company

Mexico – Aztec Tiger On The Rise?

The Story of 2 Dead Costa Rica Cops, the Drug Cartels and America’s Insatiable Appetite for Drugs

America’s Drug Appetite Helps Make Honduras One of the Most Dangerous Places on the Globe

U.S. Citizen and Canadian arrested for selling marijuana brownies at farmers’ market

‘Rising Extortion’ Signals Trouble For El Salvador’s Gang Truce

Police Death Squads Contribute to Honduras’ High Homicide Rate

Costa Rican Police Rescues Trafficked Minors

Colombian Navy Seizes over Half a Ton of Cocaine

Money laundering suspects (19) detained by U.S. Federal Authorities

Bolivia Struggles Against Rising Tide of Crime

Colombian Army Destroys Huge FARC Drug Lab, Seizes 4 Tons of Cocaine

Peru landslide kills gold miners

President Fernández is the First to Meet the New Pope

Anthrax outbreak, Laprida, Province of Buenos Aires
This new outbreak is the 4th to have occurred in less than a month in
this district, in this instance in La Florentina, in the Partido of
Laprida, Buenos Aires Province. The epidemiologic characteristics are
similar, of “sudden death of the animals with blood extravasation from
natural openings.” The affected herd consists of 400 cattle with 4
deaths to date. A metatarsal bone was submitted for analysis and
Bacillus anthracis was cultured and identified.

The herd has no history of previous vaccination or of outbreaks of
anthrax. The animals are on natural grazing with access to water from
Las Sierras de la Ventana. Link below in Spanish.

More must be done to arrest Caribbean drug trade says US

Caribbean’s first gold refinery expected to earn billions

St Lucia police arrest Dominica nationals in major drug bust

Young woman’s death sparks fears of a killer TB strain on our doorstep
(In a recent M3 Report, I included an item on a Nepalese man caught coming into the US
that had this strain of TB.)


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