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Mothers Day 2012: What Is A Mother?




What is a Mother?


A Mother is made of kindness and sincerity, understanding and friendship. She is the epitome of Love and sympathy, a gift of grace defined only as a miracle of God.


To a small child, a Mother is the doctor who patches skinned knees and soothes broken bones. She is the maid who picks up clothes and makes the beds. She is the handyman who repairs broken toys. A Mother listens entirely to breathless tales told midst tears or laughter.


To an older child, Mother is a press agent who speaks up to Dad for that new dress or coat. She is on your side when you want to drive the Family car alone for the first time. She is the worrier, who trusts you completely, yet never rests until you are home safely.


To a child of any age, Mother is beautiful, whether she is dressed in her best or in her house dress.


A Mother is made of the softest and the hardest substances ever created. She is comforting and tender when her charges demand it, she is strong willed when she feels her charges need it.


Mothers suffer through homework, graduation, disappointments, dates and weddings. Her task is never done.


There are socks to mend, clothes to iron and tears to dry. There is noise to be hushed and arguments to settle.


Yet Mothers are the most taken for granted individuals on earth.


Mothers are such priceless treasures that God allow only one for each of us.


Whether your Mother is still with you or whether she is a priceless memory, she is yours forever.


What more could any child want?


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