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How Does a Federal Government Agency Donate Money To Politicians?

September 23, 2013 2 comments

While researching money given to certain anti-American terrorist politicians and groups, I see an interesting list that begs the question…….

Just HOW does a Federal Government agency and it’s employees, paid by the American Taxpayers, donate money to these politicians?  Here’s a list of some of obama’s major donors in the 2012 “election”.   I would very much like to know how some of these federal agencies and their taxpayer-funded grunts are getting away with this.  Or, rather, I’d very much like to know why the American Taxpayers are ALLOWING them to get away with it.

There is something very wrong with a system that allows this.

University of California $1,212,245
Microsoft Corp. $814,645
Google Inc $801,770
US Government $728,647
Harvard University $668,368
Kaiser Permanente $588,386
Stanford University $512,356
Deloitte Inc $456,975
Columbia University $455,309
Time Warner $442,271
US Dept of State $417,629
DLA Piper $401,890
Sidley Austin LLP $400,883
Walt Disney Corp $369,598
IBM Corp $369,491
University of Chicago $357,185
University of Michigan $339,806
Comcast Corp $337,628
US Dept of Justice $334,659
US Dept of Health & Human Services $309,956
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