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A Portfolio Of Companies Tied To Obama I Won’t Invest In…

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By Crista Huff, Townhall Columnist

While looking at a list of Fortune 500 companies — American companies ranked by annual revenues — I noticed something odd at the top of the list that made me shudder.

Five of the ten biggest companies in America are Fannie Mae, General Electric,  Berkshire Hathaway, General Motors and Bank of America.  Anything strike you as not-quite-right on that list?

These are companies which have become intimately tied to American government; either run by our government or in bed with our government.  And what do they call it when governments and corporations work hand in hand to control wealth and power, and pick winners and losers?  They call that fascism…..(Con’t)



Taxpayer money, and LOTS OF IT, was handed over to obama chronies in jaw-dropping fashion…

Citigroup: $2.5 trillion ($2,500,000,000,000)
Morgan Stanley: $2.04 trillion ($2,040,000,000,000)
Merrill Lynch: $1.949 trillion ($1,949,000,000,000)
Bank of America: $1.344 trillion ($1,344,000,000,000)
Barclays PLC (United Kingdom): $868 billion ($868,000,000,000)
Bear Sterns: $853 billion ($853,000,000,000)
Goldman Sachs: $814 billion ($814,000,000,000)
Royal Bank of Scotland (UK): $541 billion ($541,000,000,000)
JP Morgan Chase: $391 billion ($391,000,000,000)
Deutsche Bank (Germany): $354 billion ($354,000,000,000)
UBS (Switzerland): $287 billion ($287,000,000,000)
Credit Suisse (Switzerland): $262 billion ($262,000,000,000)
Lehman Brothers: $183 billion ($183,000,000,000)
Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom): $181 billion ($181,000,000,000)
BNP Paribas (France): $175 billion ($175,000,000,000)
and many many more including banks in Belgium of all places

This doesn’t even BEGIN to show the taxpayer funds he fed his chronies in the so-called “Green Movement”, his union thugs, his acorn beasts, the muslim brotherhood and the rest of his islamic terrorist pals. 

Makes you glad to work so hard to pay your taxes each year, doesn’t it?

EcoTerrorists Say BOYCOTT MONTANA!

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This is an excellent documentary about the wolf “situation”, including the “Biodiversity Treaty”.  It’s about an hour long, but well worth the time.


Wolf Advocates Boycotting Montana Products & Travel


MISSOULA, Mont. — Some animal advocacy groups are working together in an attempt to end wolf hunting, and they’re calling for a boycott.

International advocacy group Friends of Animals, is suggesting wolf supporters boycott tourism and products made in the wolf hunt states, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

“We’re going to put the economic side to all three states that are devoted to the idea of persecuting wolves,” said Friends of Animals President, Priscilla Feral….  (Con’t)


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Two Baby Killers Working For Abortion Chain Charged With Murder and Thrown In Slammer. FINALLY.

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[TWG Note: It’s about time those MURDERERS are brought to trial for their crimes against humanity.  Throw them in prison and/or put them in “the chair”. Better yet, give them a taste of their own “medicine”.] 


2 abortion providers charged with murder in Md.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Authorities say two out-of-state doctors who traveled to Maryland to perform late-term abortions have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder, an unusual use of a law that allows for murder charges in the death of a viable fetus.

Dr. Steven Brigham, of Voorhees, N.J., was taken into custody Wednesday night and is being held in the Camden County jail, according to police in Elkton, Md. Authorities also arrested Dr. Nicola Riley in Salt Lake City and she is in jail in Utah. Each is awaiting an extradition hearing.

A grand jury indicted the two doctors after a 16-month investigation, police said.

The investigation began in August 2010 after what authorities say was a botched procedure at Brigham’s clinic in Elkton, located near the border of Maryland and Delaware.

An 18-year-old woman who was 21 weeks pregnant suffered a ruptured uterus and an injured bowel, according to documents filed in a previous investigation by medical regulators. Rather than call 911, Riley drove her to a nearby hospital, where both she and Brigham were uncooperative and Brigham refused to give his name, documents show.

A search of the clinic after the botched abortion revealed a freezer containing 35 late-term fetuses, including one believed to have been aborted at 36 weeks, the documents show.

Brigham, 55, is charged with five counts of first-degree murder, five counts of second-degree murder and one count of conspiracy. Riley, 46, faces one count each of first- and second-degree murder and one conspiracy count.

The charges relate to the botched procedure as well as other abortions performed at the Elkton clinic or fetuses found there, authorities said.

Cecil County State’s Attorney Ellis Roberts declined to elaborate on the charges or the circumstances that led to them, saying it would be inappropriate to comment before Brigham and Riley, who were taken into custody on fugitive warrants, had seen the indictments.

Maryland is one of 38 states that allows murder charges to be brought against someone accused of killing a viable fetus. The 2005 state law has so far only been used for cases in which defendants were accused of assaulting or killing pregnant women.

“We are in uncharted territory,” Roberts said. “At some point in time,” he added, “you will hear our explanation” of the charges.

The state law allows for murder or manslaughter charges to be brought against a person who intends to kill or seriously injure a fetus or who wantonly disregards the safety of a fetus. It does not apply to doctors administering lawful medical care and does not impinge on a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy.

Brigham’s attorney, C. Thomas Brown, said in an emailed statement that he does not believe his client has violated any Maryland laws. He said he has not seen any charging documents or spoken with Brigham since the arrest.

“Dr. Brigham has fully cooperated with this investigation,” Brown said. “I had an agreement with the state’s attorney’s office that if Dr. Brigham was charged, he would voluntarily come to Maryland to surrender. For reasons unknown to me, the state did not honor that agreement. … It is my opinion that Dr. Brigham’s arrest in New Jersey was orchestrated to ensure that he remained in custody over this holiday weekend.”

An attorney for Riley also took issue with her client being behind bars.

“We believe the charges are without legal merit,” said attorney Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum. “We believe it’s inappropriate for her to be held without bond. She is not a flight risk and she should be released on her own recognizance.”

Krevor-Weisbaum said Riley’s legal team would comment further after they had seen the indictment.

A spokeswoman for the Center for Reproductive Rights, a legal advocacy group, said she was not aware of any cases in the United States in which an abortion provider had been charged with murder in the death of a fetus. A Philadelphia doctor, Kermit Gosnell, faces murder charges in the deaths of seven newborn babies but has not been charged with killing fetuses.

The botched 2010 abortion led regulators to order Brigham to stop practicing medicine in Maryland without a license, and Riley’s Maryland license was suspended. Brigham’s New Jersey license was also suspended, leaving him without a valid license in any state, and New Jersey authorities are pursuing revocation of his license there. New Jersey authorities have cooperated with the Maryland criminal probe, said Thomas R. Calcagni, director of the State Division of Consumer Affairs.

According to regulators, Brigham would begin abortions in New Jersey and have his patients drive themselves to Maryland to complete the procedures, taking advantage of Maryland’s more permissive laws. Brigham was not authorized to perform abortions in New Jersey after the first trimester, and regulators called his actions manipulative and deceptive.

In Maryland, licensed physicians can perform abortions before the fetus is deemed capable of surviving outside the womb, and abortions of viable fetuses are permitted to protect the life or health of the mother or if the fetus has serious genetic abnormalities. Doctors generally consider fetuses to be viable starting around 23 weeks.

Anti-abortion activists hailed the arrests of Brigham and Riley.

“These two individuals are now where they belong and should be in jail for the rest of their lives,” the Rev. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, said in a statement. “Even those who believe abortion should be legal can join with us to stop the out-of-control practices of people like Brigham and Riley.”


Associated Press writer Beth DeFalco in Trenton, N.J., contributed to this report.


Ben Nuckols can be reached on Twitter at .


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Today’s DUMBASS Comment and Threat….

December 30, 2011 4 comments

These vermin actually believe it is better that DHS watch Patriots like me, rather than going after the TERRORISTS amongst them….

Just remember that while they are watching ME, the terrorists are scheming their next coup and murderous attack.

Here’s today’s threat and harrassment from this blog…. Can’t wait to speak to her thugs.  They want to come after me, they’re going to have to prove I’m lying.  AND THEY CAN’T DO THAT….


 Cyber bullying is a Federal crime, and I am fed up with all the death threats. threats of rape, torture and terror and false accusations.

It’s time to start filing lawsuits against these vermin for their harrassment and threats.   I’m going to sick a pack of razor-fanged, communist-hating lawyers on her ass, and I’m going to report this harrassment.

This glassy eyed idiot needs to slither back into the putrid hole from which she came….

Cynthia Post
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 17:28

I just reported you into homeland security as a threat to our nation. They already have you and your websites on their watchlist. They have all kinds of info on you. It’s amazing the things they can find out. They have been monitoring you through your websites and on site. I guess they know where you live and they have been there. There are some people that shouldn’t have firearms. (unstable people)

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“Teaching For Change”….. Hitler Reincarnated.

December 30, 2011 1 comment

[TWG Note:  Nothing but crickets from the so-called “parents”.  IF YOU’RE NOT OUTRAGED ABOUT THIS, YOU’RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!]


Seeks to to transform America into a more “equitable, multicultural society” by implementing “social justice” education in K-12 schools

Founded in 1990, Teaching for Change (TFC) is an organization that seeks to turn K-12 schools into “centers of justice where students learn to read, write, and change the world.” Moreover, it aims to transform America into a more “equitable, multicultural society” populated with “active global citizens.”

Toward these ends, TFC’s Early Childhood Equity Initiative (ECEI) sponsors professional seminars designed “to develop leaders in early childhood education,” both in metro DC and nationwide. Proceeding from the premise that the United States is a country rife with racism and discrimination against nonwhite minorities, this Initiative “embrace[s] an anti-racism/anti-oppression approach” that promotes “curricul[a], environments, programs, policies and standards that are equitable, culturally-responsive and linguistically consistent with the diverse communities served by our profession.” Rejecting the notion that foreign-born immigrants should subordinate their own cultural practices and mores to those of the U.S., ECEI “promote[s] the principle of pluralism” which “embrac[es] the uniqueness and value of all cultures” and “incorporat[es]” each participant’s “native/home language into [the] curriculum.” The Initiative also places emphasis on environmental concerns, urging “the use of recycled materials” as one of numerous avenues toward the promotion of “social equity.”

Another TFC initiative is its Parent Organizing Program (POP), which features a “Roving Readers” campaign offering “grandparents, parents and friends” an opportunity to read—in both English and Spanish—to local schoolchildren in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. POP also oversees the Cross City Parent Leadership Initiative, which sponsors retreats, workshops, and onsite coaching sessions to help “parent coordinators and parent leaders … gain the tools and support they need to facilitate effective family-school programs at their schools and learn organizing skills.”

TFC’s Parent Organizing Program makes extensive use of the so-called “Tellin’ Stories approach,” which enables the organization’s activists to gain the trust of apolitical parents by appearing, initially, to be concerned solely with improving schools, encouraging greater parental involvement in the education of their children, and elevating student achievement. This approach is patterned on the community-organizing strategy pioneered by Saul Alinsky and the Midwest Academy, where activists seek first to connect with their target populations on non-controversial issues before gradually shifting their focus to more politically charged concerns.

TFC also co-sponsors the Zinn Education Project, which incorporates into classroom curricula the writings of the late historian Howard Zinn—especially his best-selling book A People’s History of the United States. This Marxist tract describes America as a predatory and repressive capitalist state that serves only the interests of wealthy white men who exploit workers, American Indians, slaves, women, blacks, and populists.

In addition, TFC operates the “progressive,” DC-based Busboys and Poets bookstore which regularly hosts public readings and presentations by leftist authors and activists. Since October 2009, these events have featured appearances by such luminaries as Ralph Nader, Cornel West, Amy Goodman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Naomi Klein, Phyllis Bennis, Eve Ensler, Alice Walker, Norman Finklestein, Tariq Ali, Ted Rall, Amiri Baraka, Eric Alterman, Bernie Sanders, Mark Danner, Mike Farrell, Gloria Feldt, James Zogby, and Julianne Malveaux.

TFC has published a number of books designed to influence teachers, parents, and students, including:

Beyond Heroes and Holidays, a reference guide inspired by the theories of the Marxist Brazilian educator Paulo Freire
Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching, which stresses social activism and, according to the publisher’s description, features the work of “such great writers, historians, and activists” as June Jordan, Malcolm X, Ward Churchill, Leonard Peltier, Thurgood Marshall, Eric Foner, Marcus Garvey, Manning Marable, and numerous others
Inside The Volcano, a 1990 publication which condemns U.S. policy in Nicaragua, particularly the Reagan administration’s support for the Contra rebels who battled the Marxist Sandinistas during the 1980s
Since its inception TFC has received funding from numerous large donors such as the Arca Foundation, the Caipirinha Foundation, the Fannie Mae Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, the Peace Development Fund, the Target Foundation, the Threshold Foundation, the Tides Foundation, and Working Assets. Scores of private donors have also contributed to TFC, including former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers.

TFC’s executive director is Deborah Menkart, who first became active in the antiwar, women’s, international solidarity, and labor movements in the 1970s. After years of participation in these crusades, she concluded that in order for any social justice movement in the U.S. to succeed, a change in school curricula and teaching practices would be essential. Thus she joined TFC when it was newly formed, and has remained with the organization ever since. 

History Proves It… The Last Thing To Happen Before A Nation Goes Down Is They Pillage The Treasury.

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If this doesn’t make your blood boil, you need an enema and a lobotomy.  Now GET TO WORK, slaves.  You, your children, your grandchildren and the rest of your decendants have got some big bills to pay.

(hat-tip Motorhommie for the forward.  Thanks motorhommie!)



The first ever GAO(Government Accountability Office) audit of the Federal Reserve was carried out in the past few months due to the Ron Paul, Alan Grayson Amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill, which passed last year. Jim DeMint, a Republican Senator, and Bernie Sanders, an independent Senator, led the charge for a Federal Reserve audit in the Senate, but watered down the original language of the house bill(HR1207), so that a complete audit would not be carried out. Ben Bernanke(pictured to the right), Alan Greenspan, and various other bankers vehemently opposed the audit and lied to Congress about the effects an audit would have on markets. Nevertheless, the results of the first audit in the Federal Reserve’s nearly 100 year history were posted on Senator Sander’s webpage earlier this morning.

What was revealed in the audit was startling:

$16,000,000,000,000.00 had been secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from France to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest. Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious – the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs.

To place $16 trillion into perspective, remember that GDP of the United States is only $14.12 trillion. The entire national debt of the United States government spanning its 200+ year history is “only” $14.5 trillion. The budget that is being debated so heavily in Congress and the Senate is “only” $3.5 trillion. Take all of the outrage and debate over the $1.5 trillion deficit into consideration, and swallow this Red pill: There was no debate about whether $16,000,000,000,000 would be given to failing banks and failing corporations around the world.

In late 2008, the TARP Bailout bill was passed and loans of $800 billion were given to failing banks and companies. That was a blatant lie considering the fact that Goldman Sachs alone received 814 billion dollars. As is turns out, the Federal Reserve donated $2.5 trillion to Citigroup, while Morgan Stanley received $2.04 trillion. The Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank, a German bank, split about a trillion and numerous other banks received hefty chunks of the $16 trillion.

“This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else.” – Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

When you have conservative Republican stalwarts like Jim DeMint(R-SC) and Ron Paul(R-TX) as well as self identified Democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders all fighting against the Federal Reserve, you know that it is no longer an issue of Right versus Left. When you have every single member of the Republican Party in Congress and progressive Congressmen like Dennis Kucinich sponsoring a bill to audit the Federal Reserve, you realize that the Federal Reserve is an entity onto itself, which has no oversight and no accountability.

Americans should be swelled with anger and outrage at the abysmal state of affairs when an unelected group of bankers can create money out of thin air and give it out to megabanks and supercorporations like Halloween candy. If the Federal Reserve and the bankers who control it believe that they can continue to devalue the savings of Americans and continue to destroy the US economy, they will have to face the realization that their trillion dollar printing presses will eventually plunder the world economy.

The list of institutions that received the most money from the Federal Reserve can be found on page 131 of the GAO Audit and are as follows..

Citigroup: $2.5 trillion ($2,500,000,000,000)
Morgan Stanley: $2.04 trillion ($2,040,000,000,000)
Merrill Lynch: $1.949 trillion ($1,949,000,000,000)
Bank of America: $1.344 trillion ($1,344,000,000,000)
Barclays PLC (United Kingdom): $868 billion ($868,000,000,000)
Bear Sterns: $853 billion ($853,000,000,000)
Goldman Sachs: $814 billion ($814,000,000,000)
Royal Bank of Scotland (UK): $541 billion ($541,000,000,000)
JP Morgan Chase: $391 billion ($391,000,000,000)
Deutsche Bank (Germany): $354 billion ($354,000,000,000)
UBS (Switzerland): $287 billion ($287,000,000,000)
Credit Suisse (Switzerland): $262 billion ($262,000,000,000)
Lehman Brothers: $183 billion ($183,000,000,000)
Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom): $181 billion ($181,000,000,000)
BNP Paribas (France): $175 billion ($175,000,000,000)
many many more including banks in Belgium of all places

View the 266-page GAO audit of the Federal Reserve(July 21st, 2011):

FULL PDF on GAO server:
Senator Sander’s Article:

“When something cannot go on forever, it has a tendency to stop.”

Economist Herb Stein 

B.O. Will Still Be President On January 19, 2017

December 29, 2011 4 comments


December 28, 2011 – 9:09 am – by Zombie

That is, unless we jettison this freak show of Republican so-called candidates.

Newt Gingrich? Newt Gingrich????? The guy peaked nearly 20 years ago. Compromised, corrupt, amoral. He has about as much chance of winning the general election as do Calvin Coolidge’s decomposing remains.

Ron F-ing PAUL?????????????? The most charitable thing I can say about him is: Joke candidate. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If he gets the Republican nomination, I would actually stay home on election day, as would most voters forced to choose between a communist and a madman.

Michele Bachmann’s vaccine conspiracies have doomed her as a viable mainstream nominee, unfortunately, even though she is the most likeable of all the candidates and I would have gladly voted for her, “crazy eyes” notwithstanding.

Rick Perry has already made far too many unforced errors, and his extreme social conservative activism has turned off many Constitutionally-minded voters like myself who worry that if he wins he’ll use his power not to shrink government but to meddle in Americans’ private lives. No thank you.

Herman Cain: Toast.

Rick Santorum: If we were all in hell, I’d put my money on the snowball.

Huntsman, Johnson and the rest: Who?

Which leaves us only with Mitt Romney. He’s the sole Republican in the current field who even has a ghost of a chance at beating Obama, but as many have noted, he’s an old-school-checked-pant-double-talking-insider-flip-flopping pseudo-Republican who looks, talks and acts like a phony. I’d still vote for him over Obama, but only out of desperation; I’d rather have a president with magic underwear than an emperor with no clothes. But the growing tide of anti-Mormon bigotry in this country means that I fear few would join me in this protest vote.

And that, to my (and everyone else’s) great chagrin, is it. The pitiable pantheon of declared Republican candidates ends there. I keep reaching around in the bottom of the bag, asking “Any more in there? That can’t be all of you.” But my hand comes back empty. And my heart sinks.

Unless something changes drastically, Obama will beat any of these people handily. Which means, as my title reminded everyone, that he’ll be president for the term between 2012 and 2016 — which actually lasts until January 20, 2017. Think about that: 2017. It’s still 2011, people, and if things keep going as they are, Obama will be in charge until 2017.


Motivated now?

A complaint yesterday from HotAir commenter “magicbeans” succinctly summarized the national mood:

“I hate this field. What we should have had was Christie, Palin, Ryan, Rubio, West and Jindal. That could have been amazing. Instead we got the second stringers….”

Oh, how true that is. Any one of those candidates would have a good chance at beating Obama, and would be guaranteed to stir up the excitement lacking from the current field.

But we have one big problem: All the exciting potential candidates have already declared that they’re not running. In yesterday’s essay which inspired the comment above, William Kristol subtly suggests, without naming names, that perhaps one or more non-candidates should change their minds and re-enter the race.

But the time for subtlety is over. Let me be blunt:


And Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, please join Allen’s posse.

I know what all six of you are thinking: “We publicly declared that we aren’t running. We can’t break our promise now!”

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Politicians change their minds all the time. In fact, the act of repeatedly “breaking promises” is the very thing that distinguishes politicians from normal people. Sure, a few voters may hold it against you for a week or two, but once you electrify the country and surge into the lead, the grudge will subside. And sure, the Democrats will try to use this broken promise against you in the general campaign, but trust me, that’ll be the least of their attacks.

But if you want something more official, here is an Absolution Coupon especially for you six:

I might seem lighthearted about all this, but I am actually deadly serious. A lame-duck Obama will have four years of not worrying about re-election to complete his conscious destruction of American capitalism and constitutionalism. It’s too hideous to even contemplate. And, aside from a long-shot chance by the slightly-better-than-a-crash-test-dummy Romney, none of the current candidates has any chance whatsoever to defeat Obama.

I know the public is waiting for an end to the unfunny charade known as the 2012 Republican Party nomination, so the real battle — between, for example, West, Palin and Rubio — can begin.

Let’s make it happen. You and I. Stop sitting on our hands waiting for a miracle.

Choose your favorite(s) from the six (temporarily) non-candidates above, and join the popular uprising to get some or all of them to change their minds.

First step: Vote in this two-part poll, so we can get some hard percentages to use as bargaining chips:

Should we stick with the current crop of Republican presidential candidates?

  • Yes: I am completely satisfied with the existing field of declared Presidential candidates: They are the best and the brightest our country has to offer.
  • No: I am sorely disappointed with the Republican field. New, fresh candidates would be welcome.
  • I want the Republicans to lose anyway, so yes, let’s stick with this crop of also-rans.
  • I’m too depressed to even vote in this poll, much less the real election.

View Results

Loading ... Loading …

Which of the undeclared Republican presidential candidates are your favorites? (Choose up to three.)

  • Allen West
  • Chris Christie
  • Sarah Palin
  • Paul Ryan
  • Marco Rubio
  • Bobby Jindal
  • Other (name your choice in the comments section below)
  • None; I prefer one of the existing Republican candidates
  • They’re all stinkers; I plan to vote for Obama

View Results


Merry Christmas, Second Amendment!

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment

OK, I know I’m late by a week, but I just found this short, lovely video for all our Second Amendment Advocates…. Especially the Ladies!




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Does Concealed Gun Give Cops Right to Search You?

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Submitted by The Volokh Conspiracy on Dec 28, 2011

By Orin Kerr

A recent decision of the District of New Mexico, United States v. Rodriguez, 2011 WL 6739498 (D.N.M. Dec. 8, 2011) (Browning, J.) , addresses an issue of Fourth Amendment law that touches on Second Amendment concerns: In a concealed carry state, does police observation that a person is in possession of a concealed weapon create “reasonable suspicion” justifying a stop and frisk for a potential violation of the state’s concealed carry law? The court concludes that it does, although that conclusion strikes me as incorrect…(Con’t)



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Marine Veteran Survives Craigslist Robbery Attempt After Being Shot Several Times

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment

[TWG Note: WHY didn’t that Marine have a sidearm?

Probably because he’s fallen into the obama regime’s trap of being labeled with “PTSD” before he steps foot on home soil, pumped up with pharmaceuticals they do not need, and DISARMED because of their so-called “illness”.

Sure do wish our Veterans were aware that they ARE being systematically disarmed by the obama regime. Not saying that’s the case here, but people need to understand that problem and help get word out. Our Veterans need to ensure they’re not labeled with something with which they are not afflicted, only to find out later they can no longer own, carry or use firearms.]

READ THE STORY: “Quick Thinking Saves Marine in Robbery”

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