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obama Regime’s Communist Cooperation Campaign…..

October 31, 2012 Leave a comment

TWG: The communist party overthrew the “Democrat” party a long time ago.  Those who refuse to admit that very simple FACT are either too ignorant to understand it or too dishonest to admit it.  Socialists, marxists, liberals, progressives, communists, terrorists, DEMOCRATS.  They’re all ONE massive, festering, blood-sucking pack of FASCISTS today. Birds of a feather flocking together for their common hatred of Western values and American Freedoms and Liberties.



October 31, 2012

Obama’s Communist Cooperation Campaign Proceeds Apace

By Daren Jonescu

America’s most prominent, dedicated communists support Barack Obama and are actively campaigning on his behalf.  If that sentence makes you uncomfortable, then you have two choices: continue reading and face your fear, or stop reading and get back to whatever activities you normally use to drown out disturbing thoughts.

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